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Smooth Operator: Vagabund’s sleek BMW R100R

For some people, building a minimalist motorcycle simply means stripping off as much stuff as possible. And practicality be damned. But there’s a higher path: one that uses complex solutions to achieve maximum simplicity, without sacrificing an iota of functionality.<p>That’s the philosophy behind …

The Yamaha Runway Scooter Is Beyond Stunning

Home » Cars & Bikes » The Yamaha Runway Scooter Is Beyond Stunning<p>Looking like a bat out of hell, the <b>Yamaha Runway Scooter</b> is ready to seduce us all …



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10 magnificent minimalist GIFs by Florian de Looij

GIF:<p>Here are some of my favorite very simple animations by artist and GIF-master Florian de Looij.<p>More from him: portfolio, and GIF …

GIF Animations

A Single Father

LWoryKw.jpg (624×936)

We think Stephanie Seymour is hot as hell

We think Stephanie Seymour is hot as hell.

Motorcycle Design: The State We're In

<i>This week we’re kicking off a new occasional series: The Bike EXIF Panel. With each edition, we’ll pitch five questions to leading personalities in the custom scene and motorcycling industry at large.</i><p>Today we’re asking our panelists to weigh in on the state of the new wave custom scene and …

Making Homemade Corned Beef Is Easier Than You Think

The feast day of St. Patrick, the legendary fifth-century English missionary to Ireland, has become a convenient excuse for Americans to party. Even if they aren't of Irish descent, on March 17, it's time to break out the brogue, the beer, and the beef—corned beef, that is.<p>So how did beef brisket …

Kseniia Cherniavska

Подерв'янський: Майдан в Конституцію!

Ducati custom by Corse Motorcycles

Anthony Warnock is an ex-WSBK/MotoGP mechanic and now runs Corse Motorcycles in Perth, Australia. His specialty is late model Ducatis, having worked in Europe on the racing scene for 12 years, and for the factory itself in 2003. When he returned back to his home town, he was given the opportunity …


Yamaha SR400 by Deus

The man behind the kick-ass customs coming out of Deus’ Sydney headquarters is Jeremy Tagand. Although he’s had a huge impact on the modern-day custom scene, relatively little is known about Jezza himself. So here goes—he’s from Annecy, France; he’s an avid surfer and snowboarder; and his nickname …

Yamaha Bolt by Chappell Customs

Yamaha has embraced the new wave custom culture by giving its new Bolt to eight builders in North America—and giving them carte blanche to rework the bike. We’ve already seen Roland Sands’ tracker-inspired Bolt, and now it’s the turn of Chappell Customs.<p>Rob Chappell is based in Ontario, Canada and …

We are thirsty

We are thirsty.

We look at Emily

We look at Emily.

We would like to spend a few days here

We would like to spend a few days here.

Suzuki Thunder 125 custom

In 2012, just over seven million new motorcycles were sold in Indonesia. To put that into perspective, it’s around <i>fifteen times</i> as many bikes sold in the USA. But Indonesia’s 240 million inhabitants are still poor by Western standards: most earn less than US$2 a day. They just happen to be crazy …

Heroku mobile lead: ‘Mobile is not different’

There’s a pervasive myth that traditional web development is dead and that it’s all about mobile, but this simply isn’t true. Web development is <i>not</i> dead, and mobile holds no smoking gun.<p>Mobile is not that different or special. It is part of an overall trend where we have access to any app we want, …