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Why Everyone’s Talking About ‘Initial Coin Offerings’

For early stage companies, venture capital isn’t the only name in town these days.<p>Startups built on blockchain technology—distributed ledgers that …


Google’s Untrendy Play to Make the Blockchain Actually Useful

For Silicon Valley, the headline was sweet nectar: Google DeepMind, the world’s hottest artificial intelligence lab, embraces the blockchain, the …


Betting on Blockchain

As a graduate student in international economics at the University of California, Berkeley, in the early 1980s, Chris Ballinger sometimes found …


ConsenSys explains self-sovereign identity on Ethereum at the United Nations

Joseph Lubin and Samuel Cassatt were presenting at the Fifty-Fifth Session of the Commission for Social Development.<p>ConsenSys, the Ethereum …


22 Companies Leveraging Blockchain for Identity Management and Authentication

February 13, 2017  By : Elena Mesropyan<p>Among the variety of non-financial use cases, blockchain technology can be applied to identity …

Blockchain Will Completely Revolutionize How We Run the World

I recently traveled to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, and was surprised to find blockchain on the minds of many of the leaders …


Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World

Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World<p>Large swaths of your digital life will soon run atop a blockchain foundation just …

"Blockchain is Coming and It Could Save Lives," Says Davos Video

The World Economic Forum, the international organization best known for its annual meeting of academics, intellectuals, capitalists, and policy …


Blockchain Angels Invest $1 Million in Bitcoin-Ethereum Hybrid Qtum

A new public blockchain that would seek to merge requested design aspects of both the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains has raised $1m in …


Blockchain Could Be A Force For Good. But First You Have To Understand It

It's been used to buy drugs. Guns. Child porn. And to launder money.<p>But high-profile institutions like the World Bank, UNICEF and USAID think it could be a force for good, helping the poorest of the poor.<p>It's a technology called blockchain — a global, online ledger that's free for anyone to use and …


Swift is Building a Blockchain App to Optimize Global Cash Liquidity

Swift's newest blockchain project is aimed at improving the management of its so-called nostro accounts for cross-border payment.Source


Why Etherium is the most promising Blockchain technology

With so much expectation placed on the impact of Blockchain technology, which platform is going to help the industry deliver on those expectations?<p>If …


4 Reasons 2017 Will Be Blockchain's Banner Year

Peter Loop of Infosys gives his overview of why blockchain is poised to be more widely tested, deployed and adopted in 2017.Source


The Truth About Blockchain

Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in our economic, legal, and political systems. They protect assets and set organizational boundaries. They establish and verify identities and chronicle events. They govern interactions among nations, organizations, …

Why 2017 Will Take Blockchain to New Heights

Coinplug CEO Ryan Uhr looks at how blockchain technology has fared in Korea over the last 12 months and makes some predictions for 2017.Source


IDG Contributor Network: IBM blockchain in healthcare rallies for patients

Which industry is the most progressive? Healthcare won’t appear on most lists. A recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value revealed that, …


This Blockchain Thing Is Really Happening, Time To Learn What It Is: 2016 In Review | Fast Company

Next up in our 2016 year in review: <b>Renewables Are Winning, But The Fight Just Got Harder: 2016 In Energy</b>. You can see all of our end-of-year stories here.<p>In case you’re still scratching your head, don’t worry, many parts of our current internet technology also seemed totally alien before we fully …

Why Blockchains Has The Potential To Revolutionize The World Economy

What is the blockchain? If you don’t know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don …

Ethereum Classic Price Surges By Over 30%

Ethereum classic (ETC) made a comeback this week, enjoying a surge in both price and hashrate after successive roadblocks.Source


Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Should Embrace Blockchain Technology

<b>Virtually every business around the world can benefit from adopting blockchain technology. Right now, the majority of focus is on the financial</b> …

Overstock Raises $10.9 Million in First Blockchain Stock Issuance

The first blockchain-based Series A has closed, and is on the verge of beginning trading on its blockchain platform.Source


Blockchain: Encouraging collaboration since 2016

Blockchain enables computers globally to communicate by building information technology in a truly pioneering way. This disrupted technology is …


BlockChain CEO: Tech Rebuilding Financial Services

Antony Jenkins, board member at BlockChain and former chief executive officer at Barclays, and Peter Smith, chief executive officer at BlockChain, …

Ethereum Classic Forges New Path; Revamped Monetary Policy Could Be Next

Born as a rebellion against Ethereum’s hard fork to retrieve funds from The DAO after it was "hacked" last summer, Ethereum Classic has increasingly …


Deloitte Survey: Blockchain Reaches Beyond Financial Services With Some Industries Moving Faster

"This diversity may be a testament to the versatility of the technology," said Schatsky. "But it is likely also a reflection of the fact that, …

Ethereum Classic Forges New Path; Revamped Monetary Policy Could Be Next

Shutterstock photo<p>Born as a rebellion against Ethereum 's hard fork to retrieve funds from The DAO after it was " hacked " last summer, Ethereum …

Bitcoin soars to nearly three-year high in wake of China volatility

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Digital currency bitcoin on Tuesday surged to its highest in nearly three years as investors bought the asset in a supposedly safe-haven bid in the midst of volatility in the Chinese stock market.<p>On Tuesday, bitcoin climbed as high $793.27 <BTC=BTSP> on the BitStamp platform, …

Blythe Masters Talks 'Tipping Point' for Business Blockchain Adoption

A new white paper signals Digital Asset's increased efforts to take blockchain tech mainstream.Source