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Apple announces creative education events around the world on March 27

Apple is sending out invitations to an education event on March 27. Using the tagline ‘Let’s take a field trip,’ Apple says that the event will focus on ‘creative new ideas for teachers and students’ …<p>We’ve seen two invitations so far, in the USA and UK, both inviting people to local schools.<p>More …


Google, OK Go Partner to Get Students Excited About STEM

Together, they just unveiled the OK Go Sandbox, a collection of free design challenges, guides, worksheets, and other materials for K-12 …

Education Technology

Cardboard Spider (DIY Quadruped)

Hello again and welcome to my new project.In this instructable I’ve tried to make a simple Quadruped made from materials accessible to everybody. I …


Touch-sensitive LED Lantern

Twenty five years ago, my grandfather made me a flashlight by soldering a light bulb to the bendy terminals of a flat, 4.5V battery. As a device, it …



So you need a resistor in series with an LED or two or five to avoid runaway current overload.. What often confuses beginners, is that resistor in …


Here’s how you access the super creepy data Facebook has on you

Since 2010, Facebook allows you to download an archive file of all your interactions with the network. It’s a 5-click easy process that your grandmother can do (more details below).<p>Inside the .zip, lies an ‘index.html’ page that acts as a portal to your personal data. Visually, it looks like an …

Personal Data

Build a Kickass Robot Arm: The Perfect Arduino Project for Beginners

The Arduino is a cheap, fun way to get into building your own electronics. It can also be daunting to get started. Here, we’ll show you how to get a …


Allie Weber Interviews Limor Fried from Adafruit

Allie Weber, an up and coming star, got a chance to visit Adafruit toward the end of last year to do an interview with Limor Fried. It is always refreshing to hear Limor’s straight forward answers when she’s interviewed. One part that really stands out to me is Limor’s advice to beginners with …

Thomas Edison

Limor Fried’s Artful Electronics

In 1880, Giovanni Morelli, a sixty-four-year-old critic and historian from Italy, caused a sensation in the art world. In a book published under the pseudonym Ivan Lermolieff, an anagram of his own name, Morelli argued that the authorship of dozens of paintings then hanging in the great galleries …

New York City

Open Source RFID System Keeps Untrained Members Off Dangerous Machines

A huge recurring problem I see at makerspaces is how the spaces handles machine access for people. Many of the machines we use are dangerous and require at least a bit of safety training. You can’t always be in the shop to monitor who is using what, so what do you do? There have been a few …


A tinyLiDAR Sensor for Your Arduino

I’ve always been a fan of the MaxBotic ultrasonic sensors. I’ve used them extensively, written about them a lot, and over the years they’ve been my …


The Six Must-Have Elements Of High Quality Project-Based Learning

Elizabeth Vega teaches pre-kindergarten at Loma Verde Elementary in Novato, California. Her school and district leaders want to do more project-based …


Adafruit Trinket M0 | Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

We have already covered a good number of Adafruit’s line of boards designed to support their new CircuitPython system. While these boards still interact with the Arduino ecosystem that we all love (or don’t), they shine while running the custom built python distribution that they were designed for. …


How to combine folders in macOS using the hidden Merge options and the Ditto command

Tips<p>If you ever need to combine two identically-named folders together, but they contain a mix of old, new, and duplicate files, it's likely you will …

Operating Systems

He fooled an entire nation with a fake Facebook profile. Then I tracked him down.

This is the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but in the world of social media and fake news.<p>Have you met every single friend you have on Facebook in …

Social Media

The Bright Ideas Challenge

Introducing The Bright Ideas Challenge<p><b>Title: Introducing The Bright Ideas Challenge</b><p>Duration: 4:13 minutes<p><b>Description:</b><p>[Background music plays]<p>Rhythmic …

Future Cities

This online game could be a 'psychological vaccine' for fake news

<b>Making fake news to spot fake news</b><p>Researchers think an online game in which the goal is to produce convincing fake news can act as a kind of …


Teens have one key agenda when using social media

A new study looks at how teens construct their online identities.<br>Read More

Social Media

10 Arduino projects for beginners anyone can make

Building Arduino projects can give you a great sense of satisfaction, but many times beginners aren’t sure where to start. There are lots of things …

#0054 Bird House

Skillbuilder: Design for CNC Joinery


Learning Microcontrollers and Robotics in the DroneBot Workshop

I’ve been on the lookout for a while now for great maker channels on <i>YouTube</i> that cover electronics, microcontrollers (MCUs), and robotics with the same accessibility, usefulness, and panache as DiResta, Wilkerson, Bob Clagett, and the many other more traditional shopcraft makers. I have just added …


10 Arduino-Based Robo-Critters

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s delightful discovery of Vorpal, a lovable scamp of a hexapod, I decided to poke around to see what other Arduino-based robot projects there are out there these days. I found this YouTube video rounding up ten robo-critters. These include a robo-dog, a robotic cat, …


How accurate are common particle counters? Air quality monitor comparison test

When I started Smart Air in 2013, I wanted to buy an air quality monitor. I had basically two options. I could buy a US$260 Dylos or spend thousands …

Molecular Biology

How Computers Work: Binary & Data


Introducing Ardublockly for Arduino

The humble Arduino has powered many projects across the globe. Created in the early 2000s, the Arduino’s goal was to provide a cheap development …


There's a Reason Roaches Love Banging Their Heads Into Walls

If you were running at top speed, you would probably slow down or stop to avoid bashing into a looming obstacle. But scuttling cockroaches careen …


Three Wires = One Motor

Here’s a quick build to show off fundamentals of electric current to new makers — or a cool party trick that might earn you a buck. [Jay] from the …