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‘The Force Awakens’ Has Crossed Yet Another Historic Milestone

To the surprise of no one, Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to rake in the dough. Even though Star Wars fans were burned by the prequel trilogy, they have welcomed the series back with open arms (having an excellent cast and compelling story tends to help with that). To show their thanks/fealty …

Star Wars

غدًا.. البرلمان يناقش طلبات رفع الحصانة عن 3 نواب

كتب- أحمد علي:

يعود مجلس النواب، غدًا الأحد، لمواصلة جلساته العامة لمناقشة عدد من الأمور المتعلقة بعمل المجلس منها التصديق على محاضر الجلسات الماضية …

استكمال محاكمة 739 من عناصر الإخوان في قضية الاعتصام المسلح برابعة

القاهرة - (أ ش أ):

تستكمل محكمة جنايات القاهرة، محاكمة 739 متهما من قيادات وعناصر جماعة الإخوان الإرهابية، في قضية الاعتصام المسلح بميدان رابعة …

القبض على شخصين يُشتبه في تورطهما بحادث الشاب الإيطالي

القاهرة - (د ب ا):

قالت مصادر أمنية، شاركت في تحقيقات حادث مقتل الطالب الإيطالي جوليو ريجني، إن الحادث جنائي وليس إرهابيًا.

وأضافت المصادر، أن أجهزة …

Everything You Can Do on Your Apple Watch Without Your iPhone

Your Apple Watch relies on your iPhone to get notifications, view data, and even send messages and make calls. However, your Apple Watch is not …


50 Happiness Quotes To Change The Way You Think Forever

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
―Abraham Lincoln

It usually isn’t what you have, where you are, or what you’ve been …

It is now easier than ever to have an affair - and get caught, relationship expert says

Online dating has made infidelity effortless, but surveillance apps are also simple to download, explains the chief executive of Relate

It is now easier than ever to have an affair – and get caught, according to the head of the UK’s oldest and biggest relationship guidance service.

Advances in …


See the trailer for David Lynch-produced Netflix doc My Beautiful Broken Brain

David Lynch is bringing a story about the complexities of the human mind to Netflix this March.

My Beautiful Broken Brain follows Lotje Sodderland, a woman who suffered a severe stroke in 2011 and afterwards began seeing the world in an altered and sometimes beautiful way.

“I started seeing flashes …

The Brain

Johnny Depp on working with Leonardo DiCaprio, "I tortured him"

Johnny Depp has reflected upon his time working with Leonardo DiCaprio on 1993 film What's Eating Gilbert Grape?.

The Black Mass actor starred as the …

Johnny Depp

A Meditation for Beginners With Deepak Chopra

By Deepak Chopra

Take a few minutes of peaceful contemplation to lay the groundwork for deeper practice. In this video Deepak Chopra, M.D., asks you to simply focus on your inner self and notice your breathing. This practice is designed to be a meditation for beginners, but it's also helpful for …

Deepak Chopra

The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Wiz Khalifa’s Shirts Are as Cool as His Pants!

While Wiz Khalifa’s much-buzzed-about cool pants didn’t come up on our Instagram feed this week, his equally enviable selection of shirting did. Blending in with the verdant surroundings while on tour in South America, the rakish rapper—who is quickly becoming a red carpet dynamo—slipped a custom …

Wiz Khalifa

19 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Audition Horror Stories You’ll Ever Hear

“I sharted and then proceeded to vomit all over the stage and the person I was auditioning with.”

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their audition horror stories. Here are the crazy results.

1. The belting surprise.

A director friend of mine likes to talk about a woman who came …

Performing Arts

Writing a fantasy novel: 34 must-visit websites

Writing a fantasy novel involves many considerations: Worldbuilding, avoiding clichés of the genre, using popular elements such as magic originally …


6 Apps That Make You a More Productive Freelance Writer

As a writer and an active blogger I understand the importance of efficiency, speed, and productivity. There are deadlines to meet, an interesting …


The Fundamentals of Writing a Scene

by Trina Alexander | via FlickrNote from Jane: Today’s guest post is excerpted from the recently released Writing Deep Scenes by Martha Alderson and …


10 Books Every Writer Should Own

How many times have you made a purchase, felt confident you knew all you needed to know about it and tossed the owner’s manual?

Chances are, if you …

Edgar Allan Poe

What All Writers Can Learn From Mitch Hedberg

When I first started performing stand up comedy, I emulated larger than life characters. I wanted to carry on full conversations alone on stage. I …

The Ten Most Important Books to Expand Your Brain

Books suck. No question about it, almost everyone who writes a book is a crappy writer.

And this is a good thing.

It's because the writer spent his life getting GOOD at what he was writing about. He didn't spend his life being good at writing.

He didn't spend his life typing. He ran a country. Or …

The Brain

How to Transform Your Writing Into Easy Reading

Writing that reads effortlessly takes great pain to create. Here are a few principles for making each word count.

By Gregory Ciotti, writer at Help Scout.

"As for how to write well, writes Paul Graham, heres the short version: Write a bad version 1 as fast as you can; rewrite it over and over; cut …


7 Simple Hacks to Get Writing When You Just Can’t

by Kellie McGannWhat writing questions do you have? Ask us on Snapchat! Last month we introduced our new Snapchat account. So far, we’ve had a great …


12 Productivity Hacks For Authors

Becoming a productive author takes practice and using certain habits. Today’s author faces demand to write books, create blog posts and other …


12 tips for writing fast – or at least faster

Don’t separate the reporting and writing process. Integrate them. Begin writing it in your head from the moment you get the assignment and all during …

The 15-Minute Routine This Man Used to Write More Than 40 Books

Beginning with his first novel in 1847, Anthony Trollope wrote at an incredible pace. Over the next 38 years, he published 47 novels, 18 works of non-fiction, 12 short stories, two plays, and an assortment of articles and letters.

Trollope achieved his incredible productivity by writing in 15-minute …


What I learned from writing over 800,000 words in two years

Jason Zook is best known for being the guy that made over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for a living and selling his last name (twice). Now, he’s selling his future.

Writing didn’t come naturally to me, therefore I had to set daily intentions.When I decided I wanted to write more consistently, I sat …

8 Ways to Write and Finish a Work of Fiction

Like any endeavor, writing a work of fiction requires learning how to manage those nagging self-doubts each time you sit at a computer and think to yourself, "I can't write!"

Writers are notorious for getting stuck in their own heads which often causes them to give up. Starting a work of fiction …

Popular Fiction

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better

As I travel around the Internet reading blogs, watching interviews, and listening to podcasts on writing, I’ve noticed that much of the focus is not …


Unique Writing Resources: Helpful Checklists and Tip Sheets

It’s hard to believe we’re only

two(only 1 now!) short days away from opening the doors to the One Stop library. This is going to sound a bit …

NaNoWriMo Prep: 30 Tips for Writing a Book in 30 Days

Sometimes it’s a lone writer who’s been putting off a story idea for too long, and decides it’s now or never. Sometimes it’s a pair or a group …


If You’re A Writer, You Need To Follow These 12 Twitter Accounts

A lot of writers are still undecided when it comes to Twitter. It’s not nearly as personal as Facebook, but it’s a surprisingly great tool for …


Books on Building Great Sentences (Advice for Writers)

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, our language has more than 100 synonyms for verb forms of “to be wordy,” a detail I find beautifully …