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By Gavin Newsom | Our final steps in the long march towards justice.

Indiana GOP Leaders Say They're Totally Shocked 'Religious Freedom' Law Is Seen As Anti-Gay

WASHINGTON -- Indiana's Republican leaders said they were shocked, confused and completely caught off-guard by the backlash to their new "religious freedom" law, telling reporters Monday that they had not expected criticism calling the measure anti-gay.

"I don't think anyone anticipated that the …

Gay Rights

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out against discriminatory anti-LGBT laws

In a straightforward WaPo op-ed, Cook calls Indiana's recent "religious freedom" law discriminatory and "dangerous"

Apple head Tim Cook published a to-the-point op-ed in the Washington Post on Sunday, criticizing the spate of discriminatory so-anti-LGBT measures that have been introduced and passed …

Tim Cook

How Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law Could Fail

The debate over same-sex marriage isn’t actually over yet, but opponents are already turning their attention to state non-discrimination laws.

New state laws opening the door to discrimination against same-sex couples are here to stay—but that doesn't mean they'll work.

Even if (and likely when) the …

U.S. State Supreme Courts

Indiana Governor Says Religious Objections Law Is ‘Not About Discrimination’

"We're not going to change this law"

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended the new state law that’s garnered widespread criticism over concerns it could foster discrimination and said Sunday it wasn’t a mistake to have enacted it.

Pence appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George …


Four States Defend Same-Sex Marriage Bans At The Supreme Court

“Michigan’s definition of marriage is based, as the public institution has been for millennia, on the fact that children are born only to opposite-sex couples,” lawyers for the state tell the justices. Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee lawyers also filed briefs defending similar bans on …


Pence signs bill allowing biz to reject gays

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's decision to sign into law a measure that could allow businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of "religious freedom" has left the NCAA fretting ahead of next week's men's basketball Final Four in Indianapolis.

"We are especially concerned about how this …


Indiana is poised to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination

GOP governor plans to sign legislation allowing denial of services to LGBT people

Indiana will soon allow individuals and businesses to deny services to LGBT people, joining a growing movement to permit anti-LGBT discrimination on the grounds of “religious liberty.”

In a mostly party-line vote on …


Two Years After His Husband’s Death, Jim Obergefell Is Still Fighting For The Right To Be Married

After two decades together, Jim Obergefell and John Arthur married in 2013, as Arthur was dying from ALS. Ohio doesn’t recognize their marriage. Next month, the Supreme Court will decide if it must.

CINCINNATI — The plane was only on the ground a matter of minutes. Just enough time for wedding vows …


Russia moves to stop same-sex spouses receiving UN staff benefits

Russia is attempting to stop the United Nations extending staff benefits to same-sex spouses.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, announced in July 2014 it would recognise same-sex marriages among its 43,000 staff worldwide, allowing them to receive the same benefits as their heterosexual …

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Puerto Rico Will No Longer Defend Gay Marriage Ban

SAN JUAN, March 20 (Reuters) - The Puerto Rican government will no longer defend a law that bans same-sex couples from marrying and does not recognize the validity of such marriages performed in other jurisdictions, the U.S. commonwealth's attorney general announced on Friday.

The announcement …


Marriage Equality Advocates Stall On Decision About Who Will Argue At Supreme Court

While state officials have announced who will be presenting the defense of same-sex marriage bans to the justices, lawyers for the plaintiffs have proposed splitting the arguments among the four legal teams. The marriage equality side also has not named who will be arguing on April 28.



Ted Cruz: Same-Sex Marriage Rulings Are 'A Real Danger To Our Liberty'

Court rulings upholding marriage equality are "a real danger to our liberty," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in a radio interview Monday.

In response, Cruz told WHO radio host Jan Mickelson, he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to allow states to ban same-sex marriage.

"We have seen judges, …

Constitutional Law

A Record Number Of Voters Support Gay Marriage, New Poll Finds

While more than 70 percent of U.S. states now allow same-sex marriage, the waves of change have yet to reach America's far-flung and socially conservative territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.

Of the five territories, only Puerto Rico has faced a lawsuit seeking the right for gay and lesbian …


At 59%, Support for Same-Sex Marriage Hits New High

Almost six in ten Americans say they favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into same-sex marriages, the highest level of support ever recorded in a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

In the new survey released Monday, 59 percent of Americans said that they favor same-sex marriages while …


Why More Americans Accept Gay Marriage Than Ever

Jo Becker offers perspective on surging acceptance—and continued obstacles—in the fight for marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage remains a hot-button issue for fictional politicians. House of Cards, for example, recently inserted a testy exchange between actor Kevin Spacey's President Frank …

Same-Sex Marriage

Former Republican Chairman Back With New Supreme Court Brief For Marriage Equality

For the second time, Ken Mehlman is leading a Supreme Court brief in support of marriage equality. The signatories include a number of officials from Romney’s 2012 campaign.

WASHINGTON — For the second time, Ken Mehlman — the one-time head of the Republican National Committee — is gathering notable …


Jeb Bush Reaffirms He Does Not Support Marriage Equality

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) stood by his opposition to same-sex marriage Friday, despite some speculation in recent days that he may be warming to the idea of marriage equality.

If Bush runs for president, some of his closest aides will be individuals who are strong …


Biological Same-Sex Parent Babies Could Be a Reality by 2017

A scientific breakthrough could offer new hope to same-sex couples and anyone suffering from infertility issues.

Babies with two biological same-sex parents could be a reality in just two years.

Pioneering stem cell research undertaken at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. and Weizmann Institute …


The Man Who Defended Sodomy Bans At The Supreme Court Now Believes Everyone Needs Love

Mike Bowers says he is a different man today than he was 30 years ago, when he went to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep Georgia’s sodomy ban alive. Bowers talks with BuzzFeed News about religious liberty bills, marriage equality, and the 1986 sodomy ban case that bears his name.


Constitutional Law

Texas lawmakers celebrate 10 years of anti-LGBT bigotry with cake

Legislators had a little party at the capitol to honor the anniversary of the state's same-sex marriage ban

Texas officials are already trying their damnedest to un-marry the state’s first-ever legally married same-sex couple, but it seems that for several lawmakers, it’s simply not enough to make …

New Hampshire Republicans Put Married Gay Man In Party Leadership

Dan Innis ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2014.

WASHINGTON — Dan Innis, the married gay man who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in New Hampshire, was confirmed to be a member of the state Republican Party’s leadership on Monday night.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn appointed …

New Hampshire

Texas attorney general argues gay couple's marriage is void

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — As a newlywed lesbian couple in Texas celebrate defying a statewide ban on gay marriage, the state's Republican attorney general is preparing to tell a court Friday why it should rule their nuptials invalid.

The marriage license given to two Austin women — who succeeded by …

Texas Has Legally Married One Gay Couple

An Austin couple tied the knot Thursday after getting an emergency license—but the state supreme court quickly blocked any more nuptials.

Forget the Lone Star State—as of Thursday, Texas is the lone-marriage state, with a single, legally wed gay couple.

It's a strange turn of events, and it's unclear …


Fresh Challenge to Gay Marriage Increases Confusion in Alabama

Though most county probate judges in Alabama are now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the fight over the matter continues to simmer in state and federal courts, fueled by two conservative groups that have asked the state’s Supreme Court to halt the practice.

The groups’ emergency …


Gay Couple Becomes First to Wed in Texas

"We'll be making history"

Two women were legally married in Austin, Texas Thursday morning, becoming the first gay couple to wed in the state.

Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant, who have been together almost 31 years, said their vows outside the Travis County Clerk’s Office, the Austin Statesman


Washington florist who rejected same-sex wedding broke law, judge rules

A florist in Washington state who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding plans to appeal a judge’s ruling that she broke a state anti-discrimination law.

Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit advocacy group, said the ruling threatened the financial ruin of …


Texas Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriage After First Wedding

The Texas Supreme Court late Thursday imposed a stay on county court rulings striking down the state's gay marriage ban hours after a lesbian couple became the first to wed in the Lone Star state.

A short statement on the state supreme court website said the justices had issued a special order.

"The …


Texas county issues marriage license to same-sex couple

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas county issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple on Thursday in what may be the first legal certification for a gay couple in the state, which has a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only being between a man and a woman.

A Travis County clerk said …

Texas issues first-ever same-sex marriage license

The Lone Star state could be next up to embrace marriage equality

History has been made in the Lone Star state: A Texas county clerk issued the state’s first same-sex marriage license on Thursday, following a Travis County court ruling earlier in the week that declared the state’s ban on same-sex …