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Vets snared in for-profit college collapse want GI Bill money back

Updated 7/2/15 10:49 PM EDT

The collapse of for-profit Corinthian Colleges has been a calamity for Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who not only lost their chance at a college degree from the shuttered schools but also can’t get back tens of thousands in tuition covered by the GI Bill.

Now there’s a …

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UC admits record number of out-of-state freshmen

More University of California freshman applicants from outside the state were invited to attend this fall than ever before, while the number of Californians admitted continued to drop, UC said Thursday.

The university accepted 30,490 first-year applicants from other states and other countries, a 13 …


How one memo from 2002 may have helped launch the for-profit college boom

In recent years, many for-profit colleges have become known as "diploma mills" that earn huge profits at the expense of vulnerable students.

But for-profit schools haven't always been so prevalent in the US. That change came in 2002 at the hands of President George W. Bush's administration, the …

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Arne Duncan 'Thrilled' To Close Corinthian Colleges, Not So Ready To Help Its Former Students

The Department of Education was “thrilled” to shut down the for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges Inc., Education Secretary Arne Duncan declared Wednesday -- a claim that stands in sharp contrast with his department's frantic efforts last year to save the company.

In fact, the Education Department …

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Peter Thiel Compares Elite Education to a Night Club With a Long Line

Top universities claim to benefit everyone, but the value of the degrees they confer is inextricably tied to exclusivity, he argues.

ASPEN, Colo.—Tech investor Peter Thiel, who founded PayPal, told an Aspen Ideas Festival crowd Wednesday that while highly regarded institutions of higher education …

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Education Department To Miss Obama Deadlines On Helping Student Borrowers

The U.S. Department of Education is about to miss its July 1 deadline on three key directives from President Barack Obama regarding fair treatment of borrowers struggling with federal student loans.

The deadline was set in a March presidential memorandum on the implementation of a "student aid bill …

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Dave Eggers Wants To Help Low-Income Students Discover Their Dream Schools

With ScholarMatcher, students can search for colleges with strong academics and fair financial aid.

Author Dave Eggers taught a high school course on "The Best American Nonrequired Reading" (also a popular anthology) for over a decade. Each year, the same pattern would repeat: He'd write college …

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California's best values in 2-year colleges

Every year when college rankings are released by sites like U.S. News, Forbes and Money, the same highly selective universities always seem to appear near the top.

These include Stanford, MIT, Ivy League schools, small liberal arts colleges like Williams and Amherst — all fine institutions, but out …


3 women sue UC, say sex assault complaints were ignored

Three women who said they were sexually assaulted as UC Berkeley students sued the University of California on Monday, accusing officials of failing to adequately respond after they came forward.

Sofie Karasek, Aryle Butler and Nicoletta Commins said in the suit filed in Alameda County Superior …

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Scott Walker is Drowning Students in Debt

The Agenda Project Action Fund, One Wisconsin Now and Wisconsin Jobs Now have launched "HOLD YOUR BREATH," a graphic ad depicting an individual drowning to symbolize the plight of Americans burdened by student debt.

By proposing to slash the budget for Wisconsin's public university system by nearly …

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When High School Means a Build-It-Yourself Education

A charter school in Oregon encourages students to shape their own learning.

Jon Bullock was the principal of Redmond High School, in Redmond, Oregon, when he sat down at his kitchen table with colleagues eight years ago to hatch the beginning of an idea for what would become Redmond Proficiency …


The (Accidental) Power of MOOCs

Massive open online courses looked like they were on their way out—and then researchers discovered something curious about who’s participating.

Back in 2013, the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that MOOCs—massive open online courses—were about to change everything:

Nothing has more …


The for-profit college industry just got dealt a blow

A federal court ruled on Tuesday that the Department of Education (ED) has the right to require colleges to demonstrate college graduates make enough money to repay their student loans, The Associated Press reported.

That ruling was a blow to the for-profit college system and will force programs to …

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Will I Be Stopped at the Border for My Old Student Loans?


Dear Steve,I live in France. I have lived in France for over 20 years. Last year I did my first income tax return for the United States using the amnesty program. This year I had a tax refund of $1000.94 well I have a student loan debt I knew I would not get the thousand dollars and I did …


When It Comes to Getting a Job, Americans Believe Skills Trump College

People see social intelligence and computer knowledge as more important than a four-year degree in preparing for the workplace, according to a new poll.

Earn a college degree, and you’ll set yourself up for life: a stable job, salary, and mortgage. That was the old adage for generation after …

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Forcing Students to Graduate ‘On Time’

Denmark is cracking down on people who overstay their time in college, echoing similar efforts in the U.S. It’s causing a lot of anger in a country known for its educational equality and happy citizenry.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—Lanes of bicyclists commute along broad boulevards from comfortable homes to …


Chris Christie to college students: It would be morally “wrong” for you not to go into debt for your education

Could he have chosen an audience less likely to be receptive to his message than college students?

New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie made a bold decision today, using a speech at Iowa State University to declare that the idea of debt-free college is morally “wrong,” …

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Christie blasts teachers unions, colleges 'drunk on cash'

AMES, Iowa (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday proposed withholding federal aid to colleges that refuse to provide more transparency in their finances and endorsed letting students pay down their loans with community service.

Speaking at Iowa State University in Ames, the potential …


Christie wants colleges to be more open about their spending

AMES, Iowa (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says colleges should be more open about their finances, or lose federal aid.

The Republican presidential prospect argues for more transparency in higher education in a speech in Ames, Iowa.

He says colleges should be forced to be more open about costs …


Clinton student loan reform plan has Warren stamp

On a litmus test issue for liberals, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sought out policy experts with ties to the Massachusetts senator.

Updated 6/11/15 7:14 AM EDT

In weekly calls and in meetings over the past few months, Hillary Clinton’s policy team has been soliciting input from policy experts with …


Government will erase debt for Corinthian Colleges students

New York (CNN) —The Department of Education will relieve much of the remaining student debt for those who attended the now shuttered Corinthian Colleges. If all eligible students take advantage, the price tag could cost the government up to $3.5 billion.

Corinthian, the for-profit education company …


Editorial: Don't drop the high school exit exam

California's high school exit exam is certainly due for revision. The test, which requires high school graduates to demonstrate reasonably proficient reading and math skills to graduate, is out of step with the newly adopted Common Core standards, and aligning it with the new curriculum is …


Tenure, Fairness, and Fear(lessness)

Tenure is supposed to make people bold, but this summer it seems to be making them shy.

Wisconsin's move to strip tenure protection for state university professors from its statutes (and put it in the hands of the university's appointed political overseers) has stirred a muted and ambivalent …


College Board says printing error won't affect SAT scores

WASHINGTON (AP) — The College Board acknowledges that test booklets for hundreds of thousands of students taking the SAT college entrance exams last Saturday carried an error, but says it won't affect test scores.

The board's website on Tuesday says the error appeared in test books provided to …

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Massive endowments, massive tuition, massive debt: Our colleges are out of control and crushing students

Become a prostitute or drop out: That's the choice one NYU student faced. Administrators get rich, students overpay

Prostitution comes in many forms. Consider the story of a New York University student, who finds that her school — the most expensive in the country — has raised prices yet again, and …


The Highest-Paid Public University Presidents

According to a report just released by The Chronicle of Higher Education, the nation’s three highest-earning public college presidents are no longer in their posts. Often university presidents reap the greatest rewards when they leave their jobs because they receive severance, deferred compensation …

2 public college presidents paid over $1M in annual ranking

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fewer public college presidents hit the $1 million mark in earnings in 2014 compared with the previous year, according to a new survey.

The Chronicle of Higher Education study found that two college presidents at public universities received more than $1 million in total …

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They really are the party of stupid: The real story behind Scott Walker’s war on higher education

The new GOP war on universities is just the next step in an anti-intellectual struggle against critical thinking

At the turn of the last century, the “Wisconsin Experiment” led the nation as a way to develop government policies that would promote the greatest good for the most people. Gov. Robert La …


Unions Subdued, Scott Walker Turns to Tenure at Wisconsin Colleges

CHICAGO — Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who began building a national profile four years ago by sharply cutting collective bargaining rights for most government workers, has turned his sights to a different element of the public sector: state universities.

As Mr. Walker takes steps toward …

Scott Walker