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5 Incredibly Simple Secrets for Finding a Great Job After Graduation


Do what everyone else does and you won't stand out from the crowd. Be prepared, be different, and land the job of your dreams.

Although my daughter doesn't graduate from college for another year, we're already starting to think ahead to the kind of job she'll try to get after she does graduate, …


Why Recent Graduates Don't Negotiate

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Graduation season—replete with lengthy ceremonies and their (sleep-inducing) commencement speakers—is in full swing. Across the country, recent grads have traded in their anxiety about getting their diplomas on time for new kind of stress: finding employment. And for the …

Salaries & Wages

Please, Please Stop Asking Me Questions About My Post-College Plans

Confessions of a recent graduate

I missed the window to buy the cap and gown for graduation.

I don’t know when this period of time started or ended, simply that the time started and has already ended, and I am no longer able to get a cap and gown. As it turns out, all of those emails that read …

College & University

Northern California child prodigy gets college degrees at age 11

Last year, Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school. Nothing unusual -- except that he was 10 years old.

Now, one year later, the Sacramento boy is celebrating another milestone.

On Wednesday, the 11-year-old earned three associate degrees -- in math, science and foreign language studies from …

Northern California

UC regents endorse Brown's funding plan, but look to lawmakers for more

The UC regents, in a meeting marked by feelings of relief and uncertainty, on Thursday embraced Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal, which would significantly boost university funding, freeze in-state undergraduate tuition for two years, and require the 10-campus system to reform its pension plan …

Jerry Brown

Rape Is Common Among Female College Freshmen, Study Shows

Sexual assaults and rape have reached "epidemic levels," researchers say

A new study of first-year women at a large private university in the Northeastern U.S. reveals that many freshman women have suffered some form of rape.

The study looked at 483 women (a relatively small study size) who were a …

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Ben Stein opposes “free college” movement: For poor kids, it’s just a chance to get high for four years!

"Look at the time, Ben!" a desperate Cavuto replied

On “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Tuesday, Ben Stein complained about recent remarks by Hillary Clinton about the cards being “stacked” against poor people, saying that she really means “she’s going to stick it to the rich.”

He claimed that “there’s …

Ben Stein

How digital technology is changing the university lecture

The idea that teachers should teach and students should listen presumes that teachers know more than their students.

While this was generally true …


What do successful students have in common?

Earning that spot at the top of the class wasn’t a fluke, but you might have achieved it for unexpected reasons.

Your innate understanding of …


UC president, governor agree to freeze tuition for 2 years

SACRAMENTO — University of California students would not face the tuition hikes that UC regents planned over the next two years under a much-anticipated deal announced Thursday that settles a dispute between UC President Janet Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown.

But UC would begin raising tuition …


The Colleges Whose Students Almost Always Repay Their Debts


Should My Kid Have A Job During College?

Dear Liz,

I am a big fan of your writing, and so is my wife, so we have agreed to consult you on a matter that divides us. Our oldest son will begin college next year.

He’s worked part-time for our local rec center off and on since his sophomore year of high school, but as his extra-curricular …

3 reasons why Finland is first for education

Finland at the top of the class again? Finnish people will be sceptical: How can this country fare so well in spite of a deep economic recession and …


Why More of America's Students Are Finishing High School

Education reform, not the improving economy, explains rising graduation rates.

The nation’s students are graduating from high school at record rates and the reasons can be attributed to school-reform efforts, not improving economic trends, argues a new report released by several organizations, …


Will Rick Santorum's Stance on Student Loans Benefit Borrowers?

This is part of an ongoing series by Credible about how the 2016 presidential candidates would affect student loans and the financing of education for students and borrowers.

Rick Santorum, who is gearing up to launch his second bid for the Republican presidential nomination,famously labeled President …

Rick Santorum

How Liberals Ruined College

College should be a place of new ideas and challenging views. Instead, liberals have made it a place of fear and intimidation.

The root of nearly every free-speech infringement on campuses across the country is that someone—almost always a liberal—has been offended or has sniffed out a potential …

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Campus Debates on Israel Drive a Wedge Between Jews and Minorities

LOS ANGELES — The debates can stretch from dusk to dawn, punctuated by tearful speeches and forceful shouting matches, with accusations of racism, colonialism and anti-Semitism. At dozens of college campuses across the country, student government councils are embracing resolutions calling on their …

Middle East

Obama Administration Improperly Denies Student Loan Debt Relief

Federal law allows students who were defrauded by their colleges into taking out federal student loans to have their debts forgiven. The Obama administration has said repeatedly it will ensure aggrieved borrowers get this form of relief, a commitment that Education Undersecretary Ted Mitchell …


Immigrant students heckle UC president during summit speech

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — University of California students living illegally in the United States have disrupted a speech by UC President Janet Napolitano at a summit on undocumented students.

The San Jose Mercury reports (http://bayareane.ws/1ImPadQ) that dozens of undocumented students suddenly stood …


The Corninthian Scam: Education For Suckers

In which we learn what "for profit" really means.

There is no finer guide through the moneyed swamps of what our politics has become than Lee Fang, now writing at The Intercept. This week, Fang produced a monumental piece of reporting about the out-and-out long con that was the Corinthian Colleges …


Now Is The Time To Go Into Education 'If You Want To Make A Difference,' Says Teacher Of The Year

The 2015 National Teacher of the Year said she thinks now is a great time to into education, even though she acknowledged many challenges educators today face.

"It's sort of depressing because you don't go into [teaching] for money, at all," Shanna Peeples of Amarillo, Texas, said. "But there's a …


Liberal ears perk up as Hillary Clinton aide floats debt-free college

Robby Mook’s declaration sends a message to progressive activists.

Updated 5/7/15 11:22 AM EDT

When Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager said the words “debt-free college” in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday morning, liberal ears perked up.

Robby Mook’s declaration — “what voters are looking for in …

Hillary Clinton

A college that just announced bankruptcy has a long history of political lobbying

Corinthian Colleges filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware on Monday. The move followed its abrupt announcement last week that it was shutting its doors for good, a decision that will affect the 16,000 students enrolled in the schools around the US.

The bankruptcy filling provided a …

College & University

The Meltdown of a For-Profit College Behemoth

Corinthian's abrupt closure was devastating for thousands of students. But the demise is ultimately good news for higher education.

Corinthian Colleges, Inc., was once one of the largest for-profit higher-education companies in North America. The 20-year-old company owned well-known subsidiaries …


Arizona Dems push for debt-free college

Two Arizona Democrats are pitching a plan that would ensure debt-free college -- though the likelihood of passing such legislation remains slim.

Reps. Raúl Grijalva and Ruben Gallego are helping lead the charge in Congress.

Their proposal has snagged the support of influential Democratic Sens. …


Families Are Saving Less For College, Investing Poorly

A majority of Americans believe college is an investment in their child's future, but it's one they're not adequately preparing for.

Only 48 percent of parents are saving for their child's education, down from 51 percent last year, according to Sallie Mae's new "How America Saves for College 2015" …

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Troubled For-Profit Corinthian Colleges Shutting Down As Education Department Faces Bill

Corinthian Colleges Inc., once one of the nation's largest chains of for-profit colleges, announced Sunday it is abruptly shutting down after failing to find buyers for its roughly 30 remaining campuses, leaving up to 16,000 students in the lurch and potentially costing the U.S. Department of …


Abuses at Corinthian Are Mirrored at Other Big For-Profit Colleges

An education technology executive who previously worked with the for-profit college industry told me last year, "The biggest misconception about for-profits is that they are schools. They are call centers that happen to have a school built around it."

That is a deadly accurate insight.

Numerous …

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How MOOCs are taking local knowledge global

Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng is widely considered a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. Along with Daphne Koller, he is the co-founder …