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San Francisco mayor bans publicly-funded travel to Indiana

San Francisco prides itself as a tolerant place, but it is closed off to one thing: Indiana.

On Thursday, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, a Democrat, directed all City Departments under his authority to bar publicly funded travel to the Hoosier State.

The decision followed Indiana Republican Gov. Mike …

San Francisco Bay Area

California drought: Most say neighbors could do more to conserve

SACRAMENTO — Two-thirds of Californians say their neighbors aren’t doing enough in response to the drought, and they are fearful that their regional water supply will be inadequate in 10 years, according to a Public Policy Institute of California survey released Wednesday.

Those living in the …


Stages of a Downtown Comeback: Fresno Begins the Long Climb

Urban revivals require a shared narrative, private-sector partners, and a public official championing a far-sighted plan.

I've been warming up to do a big report on what is interesting, and uncertain, about the big push underway in Fresno to rebuild and revitalize what is now its very troubled …


The Economics of California's Drought

What happens when the country's largest state runs low on water?

As the U.S. Northeast emerges from yet another snowstorm, California has just concluded its hottest winter ever, registering average temperatures 4.4 degrees warmer than the state's 20th-century average. Warm temperatures and clear …


End-of-Day Wrap-Up: California Dries Up

Americans shy away from the negotiating table, a former prosecutor renounces the death penalty, and more

What's Happening: California's Running Dry

The state's historic drought continues as its warmest-ever winter draws to a close. California Governor Jerry Brown has been raising relief funds for the …


California bill that would allow assisted suicide passes Senate panel

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Physician-assisted suicide would be legal for terminally ill patients in California under a bill passed on Wednesday by a committee of the state Senate.

The bill, passed by the Senate Health Committee, would allow patients who are mentally competent and have fewer than …


California forced to take signatures for horrifying “shoot the gays” ballot initiative

One opponent of the measure has filed the "Intolerant Jacka** Act" to counteract the egregious anti-LGBTQ proposal

Unfortunately for a select group of bigots but fortunately for humankind, no state could constitutionally (or conscionably) enact a law requiring that LGBT people be executed with a …


California's push for clean energy has a problem: no place to store it

On a quiet Sunday morning last April, power plants were pumping far more energy into California's electricity grid than residents needed for their refrigerators, microwaves and television sets.

So officials made an odd request in a state that prides itself on leadership in renewable energy: They …


Is California Running Out of Water?

NASA's senior water scientist warns that if drastic conservation measures aren't taken, the state only has about a year's worth of water left.


California's $1-billion emergency drought relief is tiny drop in bucket

No matter how much longer California’s drought lingers, politicians don’t have the power to make it rain. So on Thursday they tried the next best thing – they proposed showering the state’s parched landscape with money.

Gov. Jerry Brown and top lawmakers from both parties unveiled a $1-billion-plus …


Sugar Bowl ski resort to close early amid drought

Sugar Bowl Resort has become the latest ski mountain to announce it’s closing because of an utter lack of snow.

Snowpack in the Sierra is at a near-record low as California faces a fourth year of drought amid warming temperatures.

“Due to deteriorating conditions and no snow in the forecast, Sugar …


California Water Anxiety Syndrome: Feel it yet?

If you live here, you already know: The feeling is inescapable, palpable, more than a little scary.

I’m talking about California Water Anxiety Syndrome (CWAS), of course, that sinking feeling to trump all sinking feelings, that sour knot in the pit of the collective stomach, unnerving and strange …


Property rights battles threaten to further slow California's costly, long awaited bullet train project

California’s quest to build a $68 billion high-speed rail system is facing more potential delays and costs as the state haggles over property rights with Central Valley farmers and land investors -- and more legal cases are just around the bend.

The state broke ground just after New Year’s on the …


South America's largest city is almost out of water

Imagine this: São Paulo, South America’s largest city and economic hub, running out of water by June. That's what Brazil's federal government predicted just weeks ago.

The region is in its worst drought in 80 years. The reservoir that supplies half the city is just over 10 percent full. The …


Xavier Becerra's Stress Test

The Californian could run for Senate or compete for a top leadership job. Is he tough enough for either race?

With the House Democratic bench getting thinner by the day, Rep. Xavier Becerra has a decision to make. He could jump into a contested primary for a rare open California Senate seat. Or he …


Exclusive: California pension reform measure targets Calpers with May launch

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A ballot measure campaign to cut California's public pensions will be launched in May by a coalition of politicians and business people led by former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, with the state's largest retirement system a prime target.

The measure would take aim at …


Talking With Dan Richard About High-Speed Rail

The chairman of California's costly and controversial infrastructure project explains why (in his view) it actually will get built—and whether its champion, 77-year-old Governor Jerry Brown, is likely to be able to take a ride.

For the past 10 days my wife Deb and I have been mainly on the road in …

Jerry Brown

California again slams Kaiser for delays in mental health treatment

For the second time in two years, California regulators slammed HMO giant Kaiser Permanente for causing mental health patients, including some who were severely depressed or suicidal, to endure long delays for treatment.

The state Department of Managed Health Care said in a report Tuesday that some …

Mental Health

Port labor deal may be too late for California citrus, almond growers

An end to labor strife at West Coast ports should speed up cargo operations, but it may be too late to help California's drought-weary nut and citrus farmers.

Citrus took the hardest hit. Oranges, many bound for Chinese New Year celebrations, sat decaying on ships, at docks and on the ground as a …


California May Shut Down Baseball's Tobacco Habit

The familiar image of baseball players chewing tobacco may soon be history in California, where state lawmakers are considering outlawing tobacco use in all baseball parks to set a better example for young fans.

The Tobacco-Free Baseball Act was introduced Tuesday by California Assemblymember Tony …


California train crashes: Two people die in three Bay Area collisions

A major Southern California commuter train derailment made headlines Tuesday, but in Northern California, three people were hit by trains in less than 24 hours. Two of those struck were killed.

The string of collisions began about 4:45 p.m. Monday when an SUV became pinned between the railroad …

Train Stations

A rare sighting: Republican presidential prospects come to California

California has stood as a bright-blue bulwark against conservative political surges for years now, blocking at its border a series of national Republican sweeps and giving President Obama historically huge victories.

So it was with no little optimism that Republicans here gathered Saturday under the …

2016 U.S. Elections

Can California Textbooks Criticize Slave Traders?

A quirk in the Golden State's anti-discrimination law

In California, the state laws that govern education require very specific kinds of diversity. For example, the curriculum must include "a study of the role and contributions of both men and women, Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican …


California’s snowless winter worsening; Oregon also in trouble

WASHINGTON — California’s unusually high temperatures and shortage of precipitation — especially snow — will probably continue into the spring, federal scientists said Thursday.

And it isn’t just California that is experiencing growing problems, the scientists said: An unusually warm winter in …

Why Hundreds of Starving Sea Lion Pups Are Washing Up in California

It's getting so bad that many rescue networks are at capacity

There are now so many young sea lions being stranded on the West Coast that federal officials say they can’t keep up. As a result, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued some brutal advice Wednesday: If you see …


California Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Law Would Make Riding Less Safe, Advocates Say

Legislation that would make California the first state requiring adult bicyclists to wear helmets has some biking advocates worried the mandate would discourage people from becoming bike commuters.

A bill introduced last week by state Sen. Carol Liu (D-La Cañada Flintridge) would extend California’s …


For Boxer’s California Senate Seat, the Fight Is Brown vs. Black

Latinos are seething that state and national Dems are blocking Antonio Villaraigosa from seeking a Senate seat. Tradition trumps demography.

African Americans know well the humiliation of being sent to the back of the bus. So it’s ironic that in a U.S. Senate race in California, at least one …


Polluter fees in California could boost state budget, analysts say

California could generate much more revenue from fees on polluters than Gov. Jerry Brown expects, legislative analysts say in a report released Thursday.

Administration officials have estimated $1.7 billion in revenue from the fees by June 30, 2016, the end of the state's next fiscal year. But …


Hahn picks California politics over Congress

Rep. Janice Hahn won't run for re-election to a "broken" Congress where there's "virtually zero cooperation," choosing instead to seek a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The California Democrat, who first won her seat in a 2011 special election, announced her decision on …