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California Voters Want Policing Reforms That Politicians Won't Deliver

The public overwhelmingly favors safeguards that law-enforcement unions oppose—and the unions are winning.

On Wednesday, the ACLU of Southern California released the results of a statewide survey that it commissioned to gauge the attitudes of likely voters toward policing reforms.

The results were …


Column: Meet the man who wants to make California a sovereign entity

Louis J. Marinelli is putting his money where his Golden State heart is, by way of the initiative process. The candidate for Assembly (from San Diego) has paid $200 a pop to try to get nine initiatives on a statewide ballot, all of them about making California not an entirely separate country but a …


Drought costs California agriculture $1.8B, 10,100 jobs in 2015

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, according to the latest drought impact report by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.

In 2015, the state’s agricultural economy will lose about …


The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, according to the latest drought impact report by

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, …


Hyperloop startup adds partners — and inches closer to launch

Skeptics tend to view Elon Musk’s proposed “hyperloop” high-speed transportation system as a beautiful dream, unlikely to become real.

But apparently, it’s a dream many share.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of two startups formed to pursue the concept, announced today that its core team …


Seed bugs swarm California communities, invade homes, cars

LONE PINE, Calif. (AP) — The gas station's ground was covered with the small winged bugs. Piles of carcasses, inches deep, sat swept to the sides.

On the road, they rained onto car windshields. They flew by the thousands toward even the smallest sources of light, and crept along windows and kitchen …


Global Warming Has Worsened California Drought By Roughly 25 Percent

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Climate Change Deepening California Drought Crisis: Study

Dried mud and the remnants of a marina surround the remaining water at the New Melones Lake reservoir in California, now at less than 20 percent …


Scientists say global warming has made California’s drought 25 percent worse

California’s drought was spawned by natural weather variations that have bedeviled the West throughout recorded history.

But a new study released Thursday says human-caused global warming is worsening the natural phenomenon. The study by Columbia University’s Earth Institute isn’t the first to say …



Governor Brown Issues Statement on New Scientific Research Linking Climate Change and California's Drought


SACRAMENTO – As wildfires burn …

California Drought

Climate Change Increases the Odds of Epic California Droughts

There’s a drought in California. Perhaps you’ve heard a few things about it.

Like the fact that it’s cost the state $2.7 billion in losses, helped …

Climate Change

Corporate Welfare in California

Corporate welfare is often camouflaged in taxes that seem neutral on their face but give windfalls to big entrenched corporations at the expense of average people and small businesses.

Take a look at commercial property taxes in California, for example.

In 1978 California voters passed Proposition 13 …


Why the Drought Has Led Some Parts of California to Sink

Some areas are sinking 2 in. each month

Some land in California’s Central Valley is sinking as by as much as 2 in. per month as water is pumped out of the ground to serve the state during its historic drought, according to new research.

The land sinking, known as subsidence, has occurred in …

California Drought

Researchers: Ongoing Drought to Cost California $2.74 Billion

California's ongoing drought will cost the economy in the most populous U.S. state an estimated $2.74 billion in 2015 and lead to the loss of 10,000 seasonal farm jobs, despite overall health in the state's agricultural sector, researchers said.

Agricultural economists at the University of …

California Drought

Big blazes under control, fire officials redeploy crews in state

Firefighters have contained enough of the big Jerusalem Fire in Lake County to allow fire officials Sunday to begin relieving or redeploying firefighters who have been battling blazes in the area for three weeks.

The 25,156-acre blaze, which has destroyed nine homes and 18 other structures, was more …


The Middle Ages: Ah, New York in summer. Oh, New York in summer. Oh, no, New York in summer.

Like a boatload of Portuguese sailors, we arrive in New Amsterdam grimy and a little confused about how we got here. I think we came through Newark International, the modern traveler's version of stormy seas. With worse signage. And bathrooms you would never use.

But we're here; that's the important …

New York City

Why California's Wildfires Won't Be Getting Better Anytime Soon

Thanks to the state’s unprecedented drought, fire season has seemed especially dire this year. But federal records show that these trends are now fairly normal.

On Friday, California’s wildfire season turned deadly, when Forest Service firefighter David Ruhl, 38, became the first wildland …


Firefighters making progress on two massive Northern California fires

Firefighters made significant progress overnight on two massive blazes scorching thousands of acres north of Napa.

The Jerusalem fire grew by 3,000 acres to 23,500 acres Thursday, but firefighters were working aggressively to stop the flames from moving forward, according to the California …


As El Nino grows, drought-stricken California braces for wild winter weather

For months, scientists have been saying that the El Niño weather pattern this winter could finally put a dent in California's four-year drought.

Given the stakes, there is likely going to be much focus Thursday when the latest El Niño forecast is released.

The forecast is scheduled to be announced …


California will soon have toughest shower head requirements in nation

The flow of water from shower heads and bathroom faucets in California will be sharply reduced under strict new limits approved Wednesday by the state Energy Commission.

Current rules, established in 1994 at the federal level, allow a maximum flow of 2.5 gallons per minute from a shower …


L.A. is warned of possible suit against homeless sweeps law

When controversial legislation cracking down on homeless encampments took effect last month, Los Angeles appeared to have settled on a strategy for dismantling unsightly tent cities that have formed in neighborhoods around the city.

But at a meeting of the City Council’s homelessness committee …


Heat wave heightens danger in an already epic summer of fire

Northern winds that siphon moisture from the air. Flames that run rampant at night after aircraft have been grounded. Flying embers that spark more blazes. And now, rising temperatures are expected throughout the state.

The obstacles are only intensifying for crews fighting wildfires across Northern …

Heat Wave

California Bans Use Of Grand Juries In Police Shooting Cases

California will no longer use grand juries in cases involving police shootings of civilians after Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill Tuesday banning the secret deliberations.

SB 227, authored by state Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), makes California the first state to ban the use of grand …


Jerry Brown says ‘California is burning’ and climate change is to blame

CLEARLAKE, Lake County — The devastating Rocky Fire in Lake County is showing signs that the imminent danger is diminishing, but the state faces an even bigger threat, Gov. Jerry Brown warned on Thursday.

Brown traveled to the scorched hillside at Cowboy Camp, just off fire-ravaged Highway 20, and …

Jerry Brown

A government agency is paying suspected criminals in a California city not to shoot guns

In the Bay Area city of Richmond, a government agency pays several dozen men a monthly stipend between $300 and $700 to stay away from guns in an effort to help the city reduce gun violence.

The office that runs the program, Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS), targets young men suspected …


California governor challenges GOP candidates on climate change

(Reuters) - Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday sent a letter to all Republican presidential candidates pressing them to discuss their plans to deal with climate change.

The letter, sent a day ahead of the Republican primary debate in Cleveland, attributed California's raging …

Climate Change

California to drop appeal of court ruling allowing felons to vote

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California will drop its challenge to a court ruling allowing thousands of newly released felons to vote, an official said on Tuesday, the latest example of the success of a criminal justice reform movement that is gaining steam among Democrats as well as some …

2016 U.S. Elections

California Rocky Fire: why it fits a global trend

As California grapples with the fast-moving Rocky Fire and 21 total blazes, a new study shows that the area of landscapes affected by wildfires …

California Drought

Lake County fire leaps firefighters’ line at Highway 20

CLEARLAKE, Lake County — Firefighters made a dramatic stand Monday against the massive Rocky Fire, using Highway 20, north of the city of Clearlake, as a natural break to stop the advancing flames, but the largest of more than a dozen blazes in California jumped the highway anyway, forcing state …