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A devastating look at the California drought

California's ongoing drought has really taken its toll. Here's a look — through photos — at the state's devastating predicament.

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California Drought

‘All about the money’: Motorists plagued by sky-high Calif. traffic ticket fines

Casey Campbell served two tours in Iraq, but the fight of his life is in California.

After driving without a seat belt and no front plate, he got a $25 traffic ticket that jumped to $300 with assessments and surcharges. Unable to pay in full, the ticket rose to $600, and then $819 when he missed a …


San Francisco ordered to stop taking water from river during drought

California water regulators told San Francisco Friday to stop taking some of the river water it stores in the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

Officials said the cutback orders don’t apply to water already stored in the reservoir, which has enough water to last through two more dry years.

The State Water …

San Francisco Bay Area

Some water agencies in California consider defying state cuts

A handful of Central Valley water agencies that have been warned to stop pumping water from rivers to farms, in light of the drought, say they’re considering running their pumps anyway.

The defiance comes after state officials this week presented a legal case for their conservation crackdown — a …

Natural Resources

Mandatory vaccination bill for public schools passes California legislature

Four months after a measles outbreak that began at Disneyland ran its cross-country course, the California general assembly on Thursday approved a bill that would require all children in public schools to be vaccinated.

The bill, which lays out what would be one of the strictest vaccination regimes …


Drone grounds firefighting aircraft in California

A recreational drone grounded a firefighting aircraft battling a massive wildfire in Southern California on Wednesday evening, according to fire officials, who warned that flying such machines in the middle of a disaster zone dangerously gets in the way of emergency operations.

The Lake Fire, …


California governor signs $115.4 billion budget

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown signed a $115.4 billion budget package on Wednesday in a compromise with the Democratically controlled legislature that expands some social programs but holds back on funding for others.

Brown, a fiscally moderate Democrat, has …

Earned Income Tax Credit

Fire threatening Sierra town now uncontained due to winds

Strong winds were whipping a 16,500-acre wildfire Tuesday along the California-Nevada border, prompting officials to declare that the blaze — which is threatening the historic Sierra community of Markleeville south of Lake Tahoe — was completely uncontained.

The Washington Fire was burning about 10 …


8,000-acre blaze near Lake Tahoe threatens town of Markleeville

Firefighters along the California-Nevada border were working Monday to protect the small Sierra community of Markleeville from a fast-growing wildfire that consumed 8,900 acres over the weekend.

Gusty, hot winds whipping through tinder-dry forest helped push the blaze within about five miles of the …

Lake Tahoe

This California Raisin Grower Just Got His Day In The Sun

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Depression-era federal program aimed at stabilizing raisin and other commodity prices.

Until now, the way the system has worked was this: a board of private raisin producers met each year to determine how much, if any, of the producers' crop would be set …

San Francisco Politics

Uncharted Waters: Drone Used to Spot Sharks Off California Coast

A drone sent up over the ocean off the California coast is providing more than scenic views: It's giving lifeguards startling insight into just how many sharks circle only feet away from their beach.

A month ago, looking for a more efficient way to detect sharks, Seal Beach in Orange County decided …


California's Stand on Behalf of Uber Drivers

The state rules that the ride-sharing company must treat one worker as an employee.

Bad news for Uber: On Tuesday, the California Labor Commission filed documents ruling that a driver for the popular ride-sharing company—which was recently rumored to have a $50 billion valuation—is an employee, not …


California orders large water cuts for farmers

California regulators ordered farmers and others who hold some of the state’s strongest water rights Friday to stop pumping from three major waterways in one of the country’s prime farm regions.

The order involving record cuts by senior water rights holders in the Sacramento, San Joaquin and delta …


These maps break down the cities that would benefit most from a Hyperloop system

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept is still very much in its nascent stages, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating on where or how the tubular system should be implemented.

Earlier this week a white paper was published by SupraStudio, a studio at UCLA’s architecture school, that explored where …


Highly logical California lawmaker says abortion causes drought — which means it could probably cause these other bad things!

State Assemblywoman Shannon Grove thinks God is smiting states with pro-choice laws. Here's what else might happen!

There have been a lot of very logical right-wing explanations for California’s horrific drought: It’s because of environmentalists. It’s because of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. …


Drought-ravaged California orders record water cuts on farmers

Drought-stricken California has ordered the largest cuts on record to farmers holding some of the state’s strongest water rights.

State water officials on Friday announced the decision to tell more than a hundred senior rights holders in California’s Sacramento, San Joaquin and delta watersheds to …


California moves to restrict water pumping by pre-1914 rights holders

For the first time in nearly 40 years, state regulators are telling more than 100 growers and irrigation districts with some of the oldest water rights in California that they have to stop drawing supplies from drought-starved rivers and streams in the Central Valley.

The curtailment order, issued …


California drought: Odds of an El Niño rising

Chances of an El Niño bringing a badly needed wet winter to California have gone up, the National Weather Service said Thursday.

According to scientists, there’s a better than 90 percent chance the weather pattern often associated with plentiful rain will hit in the fall, and an 85 percent chance it …


Jon Stewart Mocks California’s Water Conservation Efforts and ‘Jurassic World’ (Video)

Jon Stewart mocked California’s water conservation efforts in wake of the serious drought the state is facing, and took a shot at “Jurassic World” in the process on Wednesday night.

“California as you know is going through a historic, unprecedented dry spell, and I’m not talking about original movie …

California Drought

California May Copy Colorado, Oregon And Washington With All-Mail Election System

California could become the fourth state to mail all registered voters a ballot ahead of Election Day if Secretary of State Alex Padilla's wishes are granted.

On Wednesday, Padilla and a handful of Democratic California lawmakers announced a state Senate bill that would create a system in which the …


The rain wasn't much, but it broke records for June

Tuesday’s particularly wet bout of June Gloom, brought on by remnants of Tropical Storm Blanca, broke rainfall records for the date around Southern California.

While the totals were small, the band of showers brought much-needed moisture to the dry region.

The Santa Barbara airport got .30 inches of …

Los Angeles

California elections chief proposes making voting easier

California's top elections officer on Wednesday expanded his proposed overhaul of the way citizens vote, aiming to make it easier for them to cast ballots.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla wants the state to mail all voters a ballot and allow them to use it at any of several voting centers during a …


What’s killing forests in California?

More than 12 million trees have died in California. A combination of drought, heat, and insects may be to blame.A new study is the first to examine …


Did Police in Salinas Use Excessive Force?

The California community is grappling with a beating that raises questions a video of the incident can’t fully resolve.

A brutal police beating has seized the attention of Salinas, California, where locals are debating whether a flurry of baton blows meted out to a man who resisted arrest were …


Drought spurs sports to look at water use on fairways and fields

That spot down the fairway, just past the dogleg, might be perfect for a new bunker. Jack Nicklaus imagines a hazard that would force golfers to choose.

Lay up short or try to hit over?

"Heaven forbid somebody would have to think," Nicklaus says with a smile. "Especially a golfer."

It is a cool Friday …

Jack Nicklaus

Californians cite drought as state’s biggest problem

The gravity of the drought is sinking in for Californians — and just in a nick of time.

A survey released Wednesday found state residents for the first time put the water shortage ahead of jobs, housing and state finances as California’s most pressing issue, with a large majority thinking that they …


Ruptured oil pipeline was corroded, federal regulators say

Corrosion had eaten away nearly half of the metal wall of a pipeline that ruptured and spilled up to 101,000 gallons of crude oil along the Santa Barbara coast last month, federal regulators said Wednesday.

The preliminary findings released by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety …


Volunteers scour Long Beach shoreline for tar balls

The volunteers stood several feet apart, like a police line on the sand.

Members of the Community Emergency Response Team, they were armed Thursday morning in green vests, green helmets and goggles making a sweep of the Long Beach shoreline, looking for a sticky culprit that had invaded the night …

South Bay

Steamed: Californians critical of neighbors' response to drought, poll finds

Most Californians don’t believe others in their region of the state are doing enough to respond to the four-year drought, with the harshest criticism being dished out in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

Statewide, …