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California Voters Want Policing Reforms That Politicians Won't Deliver

The public overwhelmingly favors safeguards that law-enforcement unions oppose—and the unions are winning.

On Wednesday, the ACLU of Southern California released the results of a statewide survey that it commissioned to gauge the attitudes of likely voters toward policing reforms.

The results were …


Column: Meet the man who wants to make California a sovereign entity

Louis J. Marinelli is putting his money where his Golden State heart is, by way of the initiative process. The candidate for Assembly (from San Diego) has paid $200 a pop to try to get nine initiatives on a statewide ballot, all of them about making California not an entirely separate country but a …


Drought costs California agriculture $1.8B, 10,100 jobs in 2015

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, according to the latest drought impact report by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.

In 2015, the state’s agricultural economy will lose about …


The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, according to the latest drought impact report by

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014, …


Majority Of Voters In Iowa, New Hampshire Want Feds To Respect State Marijuana Laws

Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Voters in the two earliest presidential voting states overwhelmingly agree: states should be able to set their own marijuana laws without federal interference.

Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling asked voters in Iowa and New Hampshire if states should be …


Congress' threat to end sanctuary cities' funding involves very little money

As part of the growing outcry this summer over cities that limit cooperation between law enforcement and U.S. immigration officials, Republicans on Capitol Hill threatened to cut off funding to bring those municipalities in line.

But an examination of some of the federal dollars in play shows that …


Immigration Activists Renew Focus On Local Battles After National Disappointments


WASHINGTON -- The immigration reform movement has had a disheartening year.

Activists succeeded in persuading President Barack Obama to expand deportation relief to millions of undocumented immigrants, but a judge stalled the policy. Deportations have slowed, but not stopped. And …


Here's What Happens When Two Gay Men Hold Hands In Lisbon

Well, this is a pleasant surprise!

YouTube personalities Lorenzo and Pedro, who hail from Portugal, decided to conduct a "social experiment" to see how locals in their capital city of Lisbon would react when they held hands on the street.

The pair, who are best known for their "Sexy Funny Kitchen" …

Gay Pride

Hyperloop startup adds partners — and inches closer to launch

Skeptics tend to view Elon Musk’s proposed “hyperloop” high-speed transportation system as a beautiful dream, unlikely to become real.

But apparently, it’s a dream many share.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of two startups formed to pursue the concept, announced today that its core team …


Seed bugs swarm California communities, invade homes, cars

LONE PINE, Calif. (AP) — The gas station's ground was covered with the small winged bugs. Piles of carcasses, inches deep, sat swept to the sides.

On the road, they rained onto car windshields. They flew by the thousands toward even the smallest sources of light, and crept along windows and kitchen …


Carly Fiorina Trolls TSA With Scathing One-Star Yelp Review

This might be the best presidential ad campaign yet.

Rock up to airport security and you're more likely to see someone getting busted for transporting a samurai sword than you are to see a sticker boasting "People love us on Yelp!"

So when it was recently announced that you can now rate the …


Global Warming Has Worsened California Drought By Roughly 25 Percent

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Yale Environment 360


Climate Change Deepening California Drought Crisis: Study

Dried mud and the remnants of a marina surround the remaining water at the New Melones Lake reservoir in California, now at less than 20 percent …


Scientists say global warming has made California’s drought 25 percent worse

California’s drought was spawned by natural weather variations that have bedeviled the West throughout recorded history.

But a new study released Thursday says human-caused global warming is worsening the natural phenomenon. The study by Columbia University’s Earth Institute isn’t the first to say …



Governor Brown Issues Statement on New Scientific Research Linking Climate Change and California's Drought


SACRAMENTO – As wildfires burn …

California Drought

Climate Change Increases the Odds of Epic California Droughts

There’s a drought in California. Perhaps you’ve heard a few things about it.

Like the fact that it’s cost the state $2.7 billion in losses, helped …

Climate Change

To Slow Climate Change, Stop Drilling on Federal Land: Study

Up to 450 billion tons of greenhouse gases would be kept out of the atmosphere if the U.S. government stopped leasing federal lands to fossil fuel companies, according to a study released on Wednesday.

The government currently allows energy companies to lease federal lands for drilling, and …

Climate Change

Hottest Month On Record Portends Global Warming Speed Up

Last month was not just the hottest July on record. Since July is “the warmest month of the year globally,” NOAA’s latest monthly State of the …

Global Warming

Corporate Welfare in California

Corporate welfare is often camouflaged in taxes that seem neutral on their face but give windfalls to big entrenched corporations at the expense of average people and small businesses.

Take a look at commercial property taxes in California, for example.

In 1978 California voters passed Proposition 13 …


It's Official, July Was Earth's Hottest Month On Record

Credit: Matej Divizna/Getty Images July was the hottest month on record.

July 2015 was officially the Earth's hottest month in recorded history, government scientists confirmed Thursday, following up on preliminary data published earlier this week by NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The …

Earth Science

Why the Drought Has Led Some Parts of California to Sink

Some areas are sinking 2 in. each month

Some land in California’s Central Valley is sinking as by as much as 2 in. per month as water is pumped out of the ground to serve the state during its historic drought, according to new research.

The land sinking, known as subsidence, has occurred in …

California Drought

India launches world's first solar-powered airport

Indian government to start incorporating solar energy into their daily operations at airports countrywide.

The world's first ever fully solar-powered airport has been launched in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The Indian government has already directed other airports around the country to start …


Does Going to a Selective College Matter?

For many majors, not so much.

It’s a familiar scene, a high-school student anxiously opening an email or letter that hopefully contains good news: admission to his or her college of choice. The ritual has become a recognizable part of American culture, one that plays out in movies and …

College & University

The Rise of a Colorado Cannabis Entrepreneur

Wanda James describes herself and her husband, Scott Durrah, as "serial entrepreneurs." They've owned restaurants, consulting companies, and they are the first African American dispensary owners in Colorado. However, the goal is more than just bringing pot to the people. In the mid-nineties, James …


Researchers: Ongoing Drought to Cost California $2.74 Billion

California's ongoing drought will cost the economy in the most populous U.S. state an estimated $2.74 billion in 2015 and lead to the loss of 10,000 seasonal farm jobs, despite overall health in the state's agricultural sector, researchers said.

Agricultural economists at the University of …

California Drought

Yelp Wants You to Review the Government

They can now respond to your feedback, too

Reviewing federal agencies on Yelp may soon feel more like a two-way dialogue rather than a shout into the wind, the company announced on Tuesday.

Under a new agreement with Yelp, federal agencies can now claim their existing Yelp pages or launch new ones to …


Is the Gay Locker Room Curse Finally Over?

Two athletes came out and made history over the weekend. But after Michael Sam said he was ‘stepping away’ from football, can professional sports stars be openly gay and thrive?

On Monday, David Denson was attempting to return to daily life, after the warm and welcoming frenzy that followed his …


Hillary Clinton: Arctic Drilling 'Not Worth The Risk'

The 2016 Democratic front-runner voices opposition after Shell gets approval to drill in icy waters.

A day after the Obama administration gave Shell the green light to search for oil in icy Arctic waters, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to voice her disapproval.

The Arctic is a unique treasure. Given …

Hillary Clinton

This Is Another Major Blow for NCAA Athletes Looking for Compensation

Northwestern University football players' effort to unionize has been shut down.

In April of 2014, the Northwestern University football team held a vote to decide if they wanted to unionize or not. Today, over a year later, the National Labor Relations Board ruled unanimously that regardless of the …

College Sports

10 best cities in the world to be a student

What factors make a city desirable for students? According to QS Best Student Cities Index, which highlights the world’s top 50 cities to study in, …