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Will Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water Help Drought-Hit California?

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown made water conservation mandatory in the drought-stricken state of California. "As Californians, we have to pull together and save water in every way we can," he said.

But if the four-year drought continues, conservation alone — at least what's required by the …

Natural Resources

California Shatters Temperature Records



The effects of global warming are frequently projected decades into the future, but two recent …


Campaign begins in Arizona to make recreational marijuana legal

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Advocates for legalizing marijuana launched a petition campaign in Phoenix on Friday seeking a ballot measure that could make Arizona the fifth U.S. state to allow possession, cultivation and consumption of small amounts of pot for recreational use.

Supporters have until July of …


Calif. gas-line blast closes major highway, injures at least 11

FRESNO, Calif. – A large gas explosion closed both directions of a major highway in Central California and injured at least 15 people, four of them critically, authorities said Friday.

Four patients are being treated at Community Regional Medical Center's burn and trauma unit, spokeswoman Mary Lisa …


California Towns Shrink Amid Drought, in More Ways Than One

Tony Azevedo's a third-generation farmer in California's Central Valley. For decades, his family has grown cantaloupes. This year, he won't — and he'll leave a third of his 11,500-acre farm fallow.

"This field would have been cantaloupes, had we had the water," he explained, pointing to some of his …


Pot problem: Banks still don't want this cash

There's an empty bank in downtown Denver with a "Coming Soon" banner hanging above the front door.

The Fourth Corner Credit Union was created to serve the pot industry. It got state approval back in November, but is still waiting for a green light from the Federal Reserve. That typically takes …


The surprising backstory of Tinder for pot smokers

A safe space for marijuana users.

That's what co-founder Todd Mitchem hopes to create with High There -- "a social connection app for cannabis consumers."

Users can look for dates or simply other like-minded people. But for those used to dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, the questions will probably …


Hey, stoners! Boost your high with ... falafel?

Looking for the perfect "stoner" food that's healthy and could boost your high? In one word: falafel.

Washington D.C.- based Amsterdam Falafelshop has crafted a custom "pot-pairing" menu to enhance the high that marijuana smokers get from five popular weed strains.

It launched last week and has …


Her student debt was wiped after someone heard her story

Rhea Shannon is the kind of girl who is passionate about telling stories, and is quick with a smile.

Her resilient personality has gotten her through a lot.

But what really grips you is her story. Last month, Shannon shared the story of her father, who died while on active duty in Afghanistan during …

JPMorgan Chase

Gap between richest universities and the rest got wider

The wealth gap between the nation's 40 richest colleges and universities and the rest is getting wider.

That's thanks to strong investment returns and a tremendous fundraising advantage, according to credit rating agency Moodys.

Eighteen of the wealthiest schools have Aaa credit ratings -- that's a …


Her mission: To wipe out student debt for fallen soldiers' kids

For Ashlynne Haycock, it's personal.

As an orphan of military parents, 23-year-old Haycock's mission is to make sure that no child of a fallen service member should struggle with student debt.

Just this past month, Haycock jolted into action after she was touched by a CNNMoney story of Rhea Shannon, …


Here's the only pot stock worth owning

The marijuana business is attracting a lot of interest from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists -- and consumers -- in states where pot is legal for recreational and/or medicinal use.

There are even dozens of publicly traded pot stocks. But should you buy any of them? Probably not ... unless you …


First White House Tech Meetup: You are creating opportunity

From her perch in the White House, Megan Smith is trying to merge the worlds of Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.

Formerly a vice president at Google, Smith joined the Obama administration last fall as the Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

On Friday, in jeans and a blazer -- a look she …

White House

Mother Fighting for Custody, Son Taken by Police After Classroom Comments About Marijuana's Benefits

A mother already suffering from a debilitating medical condition now must fight the state of Kansas to maintain her parental rights.

Shona Banda, a well-known activist, published a book "Live Free or Die" detailing how she found relief from Crohn's disease after using cannabis oil. Banda's primary …


Higher education isn’t in crisis

Janet Napolitano is the president of the University of California. She is a former secretary of Homeland Security and a former governor of …


California’s drought probably won’t make your food prices rise

Californians are hurting from the drought. Water bills are rising, green lawns are fading and cars aren’t getting washed. California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered unprecedented statewide mandatory water cuts Wednesday.

Perhaps hurting the most? Farmers.

“It’s a dire situation,” said UC Berkeley professor …


The environment, agriculture and urban consumers drink up California’s water

With California entering its fourth year of drought, the question takes on new urgency: Where does all of the state’s water go?

The answer can vary …

Natural Resources

Lake Tahoe water clarity in 2014 the best in more than a decade

Annual average clarity readings since 1997201477.8'200572.4'201370.2'200473.6'201275.3'200371.0'201168.9'200278.0'201064.4'200173.6'200968.1'200067.3'200869.6'199969.0'200770.1'199866.1'200667.7'199764.1'

Clarity levels at Lake Tahoe in 2014 showed the biggest improvements in more than a decade, …


Support for same-sex marriage is rising in all 50 states, UCLA study shows

The report from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law shows that permitting same-sex couples to marry leads to more social acceptance of …


4 UC campuses ranked in Princeton Reviews top 50 green colleges

UC Santa Barbara is the third “greenest” college in the country, and UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis are among the nation's top 50, according to new rankings by the Princeton Review.

In fact, all nine UC undergraduate campuses merited inclusion in the 2015 edition of the Princeton Review's …

College & University

10 influential celebrities who support marijuana legalization

Marijuana is now legal or decriminalized to some degree in over half of the U.S.

But in our TMZ-fueled era of celebrity worship, we didn’t get there without a few familiar faces to influence the voting public. Notable figures from music, film, and comedy have always been the most outspoken supporters …


Indiana's RFRA May Help End Bigotry

The latest news out of Indiana shows Governor Mike Pence's popularity taking a big hit, with a recent poll conducted by Bellwether Research putting Pence's approval rating at 45 percent, down from 62 percent in February. The decline has been linked to the state's implementation of the controversial …


What O'Malley Believes He Can Do that Clinton Can't

Former mayor and governor pitches data-driven, can-do liberal leadership.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Martin O'Malley wants to slip the Democratic presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton's grip. That will come in time, he says, but for now O'Malley's hands are full. His fingers splayed across three …

Hillary Clinton

No Clear Indications About Ruling On Immigration Actions Case At Arguments

The three judges gave no indication of their eventual ruling in the challenge over last year’s immigration executive actions as the Obama administration and state officials square off.

NEW ORLEANS — The Obama administration and a coalition of 26 states squared off in a federal appeals court Friday …


Ryan and Murray’s Next Big Project: Better Use of Big Data

The budget wunderkinds want the federal government to use data to improve its efficiency.

House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray, who forged a major bipartisan budget deal in 2013, are on a new quest: harnessing Big Data to make the federal government run more efficiently.

The …

Paul Ryan

Popping the question: Which GOP candidates would go to a gay wedding?

When it comes to attending a gay wedding, not all presidential aspirants say “I do.”

It sounded at first like a simple, if unusual, question to ask a potential leader of the free world: Would you go to a same-sex wedding?

But it is fast becoming a kind of conservative litmus test for potential GOP …


San Francisco Catholics beg Pope Francis to replace their ‘intolerant’ archbishop

In an unprecedented move, city's Catholics have written to local paper to call on the pope to remove Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone over his 'intolerant' views on gay marriage and abortion

In an unprecedented move, more than 100 Catholic leaders in San Francisco have called on Pope Francis to …

San Francisco Bay Area

Georgia governor signs law legalizing medical marijuana

ATLANTA (Reuters) - People with seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses will be allowed to use a non-smoking form of medical marijuana in Georgia after the state's Republican governor signed a measure legalizing the drug on Thursday.

But patients still may find it difficult to …


Judges raise doubts over challenge to Obama's climate change rules

Two out of three judges on a federal appeals court panel expressed doubts Thursday about a legal challenge to the Obama administration’s far-reaching plan to address climate change.

The comments came during nearly two hours of argument before the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia …

Climate Change

Christie would 'crack down' on pot as prez

Chris Christie would "crack down and not permit" legalized marijuana if elected president, he told conservative Iowa radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday.

The pledge from New Jersey's Republican governor, who is openly teasing a bid for the White House, would be a departure from President Barack …