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Eddie Vedder Calls Grunge Singer ‘The Greatest’

According to PearlJamOnline, Eddie Vedder had high praise for former Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan at his third show in Amsterdam on Monday. …

Eddie Vedder

Watch Mr. Big Discuss Their New Single, "1992"

These are exciting times in the world of Mr. Big. The band, which was formed almost 30 years ago in Los Angeles, will release their ninth studio …


Dad Diaries : Father's Day? - The Blogging Musician

Father’s Day! I’d been given the all clear, this was to be MY weekend. I could do whatever I liked! The plan was kept deliberately simple, go to …

In Search of the Perfect Guitar Tone - The Blogging Musician

<b>Setting up your guitar:</b> The first step to better, more inspiring tone, is to have your guitar set up properly so it plays, remains in tune and sounds …


Guitar Lessons with Tune in, Tone up! by Dan and Gary on Apple Podcasts

Guitar Lesson 16a: Get better tone using the volume and tone controls on the guitar

<b>Guitar Lesson 16:</b><p><b>TITU’s mini-series on dialling in better tone using your guitar controls</b><p>By Dan Davies and Gary Shilladay of TITU<p>This is very much a …

Guitar Lesson 16a: Getting better tone with only the controls on the guitar

Bass guitarist Jake Serek finds new rhythm as designer of instrument

Jake Serek makes basses, going about his task in a manner as focused and unconventional as the path to his brief brush with musical fame, touring with Smashing Pumpkins, Kiss and Slash.<p>The Humboldt Park resident is a custom bass artist/designer. Now instead of asking, "What musician do I want to …


Talking Technique: Why Practice Technique?

As musicians, wouldn’t it make sense to focus exclusively on musical applications and learn by practicing mainly songs? Why isolate technique drills …


Fretboard Motion: Horizontal Scales

If you take a closer look at John Scofield’s playing, you’ll see him play lines up and down the fretboard using scales based on pairs of strings. …


Gary Clark Jr. on Jimi Hendrix Comparisons at Monterey Pop: I'll 'Soak It Up'

Blues virtuoso admits "it did kind of stress me out" playing the festival 50 years after Hendrix made history<p>"Whether you know it or not, if you're …


Integrating Alternate-picked Arpeggios Into Your Solos [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In this lesson, we will go through some arpeggio-based ideas that you can start incorporating into your playing, regardless of the genre you …


Do You Need To Learn The Notes On The Guitar Fretboard? [Lessons]

<b>Music Theory Tips</b>: Very often I hear the question from new students like: “Is it necessary to learn the notes on the guitar fretboard?”


Great Mixes Come from Great Arrangements: How to Craft a Mix-Friendly Song Arrangement

It an be argued that the making or breaking of a mix is really determined by the quality and strength of your song’s arrangement.<p>Shortcomings in a …

Get your head around time signatures with this easy guitar lesson

<b>Guitar tabs always have a ‘time signature’ at the start. If you find yourself glazing over and ignoring it, then you’re missing out on crucial</b> …

How to Use EQ in Music Production

Music Production

Learn Paul McCartney’s Ripping Guitar Solo from the Beatles’ “Taxman”

Joe at Reverb.com teaches McCartney’s ripping solo.


Kick Out The Jams: One-Chord Monte

Soloing over one chord can either be the most freeing musical experience or the most terrifying. When it’s just a single chord that you’re jamming …


28 of the best budget guitar amps under £500/$800

What are the best budget guitar amps? What are the best guitar amps for beginners?<p><b>From tiny desktop amps to do-it-all modelling machines and tasteful</b> …

Unlocking the Mysteries of Open G Tuning with Slide Guitar — Video

!--paging_filter--pOpen tunings have been exploited for use with slide guitar since the earliest days of Delta blues. /p pThe most commonly used open …


Revolutionise your songwriting with these 9 alternate guitar tunings

Introduction<p><b>ACOUSTIC WEEK</b><b>: There’s so much music to be discovered simply by retuning your guitar. Here’s a guide to some great open and alternate</b> …


21 of the best guitar amps under £1,000/$1,300

Introduction<p><b>If you're forking out between £500/$650 and £1,000/$1,300 on a guitar amp, you expect great tones and the reliability to keep them</b> …


How To Play Guitar With Authority | Make Listeners Listen [Lessons]

<b>Practice Tips</b>: Confidence and Delivery are two crucial aspects of playing an instrument.


Guitar Lord TONY IOMMI: What It Felt Like to Play Final Show With BLACK SABBATH

Guitar lord <b>Tony Iommi</b> was asked by <b>Eon Music</b> on what it felt like to play the last show of <b>Black Sabbath</b>‘s final tour back in February in Birmingham, …

Man Plays Guitar Nonstop for 114 Hours to Beat World Record

Idaho guitarist Jeff Waschbusch successfully played guitar nonstop for more than 114 hours to reach a new Guinness World Record.


Learning Guitar Solos Note for Note: A Proper Method

You have two options when learning guitar solos.<p>You can either get "close" and sorta fudge the rest, or you can learn guitar solos note for note, …

Guitar Lesson 15c: Using the Lydian mode to create floaty and fantastical solos over a droned note

In episode 15c, there follows an in-depth study of the Lydian mode. We use a modal drone and play over this one note. This is one of the main points …

Guitar Lessons Podcast

Guitar Lesson 15c: Using the Lydian mode to create a floaty fantastical feel