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Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench for More Organized Kitchen

Say good bye to dirty and cluttered kitchen, Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench offers you a great solution through its design. It’s a modern cutting …

Interior Design

Riding the $3,000 pickup truck of electric scooters

Scooters are known for having more storage space than the average motorcycle. Because the engine is actually connected to the rear wheel, that leaves a lot of room under the seat for stuff. It's convenient, but it still limits the utility of the bike when you want to buy more than some milk and …

Electric Bikes

Samsung's new monitor will wirelessly charge your smartphone

Consumer electronics makers have tried for years to make computer monitors more attractive by adding in things which few folks cared about, such as speakers. But a new monitor from Samsung has an added feature which we wouldn't mind seeing in more monitors from now on — integrated wireless charging …


Industrial Design Student Creates Simple, Ingenious Soft Drink Bottle Carrying Device

Up-and-coming industrial designer Sunny Su is part of a new generation of creators who use 3D printing to take product designs from concept to …

Industrial Design

Designer Turns A Konica Film Camera Into A Digital Shooter With 3D-Printed Parts

The Konica Auto S3 is considered by camera lovers to be one of the best low-cost rangefinder pocket shooters. Originally made in 1973 it features a 38mm f1.8 lens and internal leaf shutter. But it also shot 35mm film. A designer, Ollie Baker, gave the camera a new lease on life by pulling the back …


Sleek “Baselamp” Will Turn Almost Any Object into a Lamp

The ingenious Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. can transform almost any object into a lamp. A favorite glass bottle, flower vase, fish bowl - anything that allows light to pass through it - can now easily illuminate your room. Just set the item on the sleek, minimalist base and watch it instantly work.

To …


Real life 'Pac-Man' satellite will clean up space junk

The Swiss aren't big on littering, and that philosophy apparently applies to space, too. After the nation's EPFL Center for Space Engineering launched its first satellites (the tiny SwissCubes) into orbit, the very next mission planned was "CleanSpace One" to get them out of orbit. For one, the …

Space Debris

Turing Phone promises physical strength and secure communications like no other

Turing Robotic Industries recently took the wraps off a phone which — if it lives up to its promises — could be essentially indestructible and ridiculously secure. The Turing Phone is built from a “revolutionary liquid-metal” called Liquidmorphium which is stronger than steel and titanium. If that …


This 3D-printed walking tank is the world’s ultimate toy

When does a toy stop being a toy and become something altogether more impressive? It's a difficult distinction to make, but the HMC Boudicca — a 20-inch-tall scale model of a multistory walking tank — certainly crosses the line for us. Assembled from 400 hand-painted, 3D-printed parts and outfitted …


Montana Couple Develops American-Made 5-Axis Desktop CNC Mill that Retails for $3,300!


What do you get when a machinist marries a mechanical engineer? If you're Matt (the machinist) and Michelle (the mechanical engineer) …


These IIT graduates have built an electric scooter that charges faster than your phone

For four years, Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain slogged for hours in their dorm rooms, working on prototypes of devices ranging from clean combustion engines to efficient battery packs. By the time they graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in 2012, their dream of …


GoPro's Hero 4 Session is its smallest camera ever

Our raft hit a rock about one mile into the white water rafting trip down Colorado’s Eagle River. One of the groups in front of us had blocked the path, so our guide was forced to steer us into riskier waters. The rock wasn’t enormous, but our speed and the impact were enough to send me backwards …


Giant Japanese robot will fistfight America's MegaBot

Get set for a live-action version of Transformers, as the company behind giant Japanese robot Kuratas has accepted a duel challenge from upstart US challenger MegaBot. However, it'll only fight on one condition: Combat must be hand-to-hand with no guns. Kuratas has been around for three years and …


FormLabs Creates New "Tough Resin" for 3D Printing

Tough is durable, adaptive, and impact-resistant. Perfect for engineering challenges, this sturdy, ABS-like material has been developed to withstand …

3D Printing

Toyota’s crazy tilting EV underlines what’s wrong with US cities

"You're not going to topple over," I overhear a patient Toyota rep explaining to a nervous i-ROAD test-driver, "just have fun." Two minutes later, …


Tactile interface developed to navigate CAD environments

Graduate shows 2015: Royal College of Art graduate Ming Kong has created a conductive material and used it to make a haptic interface for …

Emerging Technology

Yea or Nay on These Edge-Guided Scissors?

More than a few press outlets have called this product design a "genius" invention, but it's left me scratching my head.

Inventor Tamas Fekete has …

Industrial Design

Apple interns can make almost $80,000 a year, report says

When you're Apple, it pays to be the largest company in the world (at least by market cap), so much so, even interns reap the benefits.

Apple interns can apparently fetch salaries approaching $7,000 a month, or $80,000 a year, according a Business Insider report. One former Apple non-engineering …


This Elegant Router Inspired by Eero Saarinen Will Declutter Your Desk

Elevating the world of wi-fi, in both function and appearance.

Style has never been paramount in the connectivity sphere. Just glimpse the shelves of clunky, unreliable routers that haven’t changed in 10-plus years. “They have been black boxes for so long, but now wi-fi is becoming a core …

The Arts

New 3D Printer Uses Molten Glass

Micron 3DP, a maker of extruders for 3D printing, has been exploring an exciting new area: 3D Printing with glass.

This exploration seems like a somewhat natural transition for the company. The “hot end” of the 3D printer is the part of the extruder assembly that literally melts the plastic which is …

3D Printing

Why you should buy Amazon’s Echo home hub

Amazon’s Echo — an odd voice-activated domestic hub — just went on sale to the general public. If you’ve got $200 to burn, I recommend it. It’s oddly great — and it gives you a glimpse of the future.

If Apple’s Siri-controlled HomeKit comes close, controlling your home by voice is going to be a lot …

What 10 Dieter Rams Products Reveal About The Principles Of Good Design

Even some of the lesser known work from Dieter Rams and his studio demonstrate his famous 10 principles of good design. Here's how.

The Paris gallery Espace 24b recently concluded the first retrospective in France of the venerated German designer Dieter Rams. Called Less but Better—taken from one of …

Dieter Rams

Recover Energy While You Race

From the designer of this ingenious energy recovering lamp comes the Pirelli La Cinetica Racing Bike which offers the same efficiency for serious …


Air : Future F1 Concept Car by Floren Loizaga

As part of “F1 of The Future” competition held by caranddriverf1, Floren Loizaga has submitted Air F1 Concept Car. Formula 1 cars have evolved …

Concept Design

CKIE Product of the Week – The Cube

You gotta catch em all! The Cube is a curious little piece of gadgetry that’s a color kleptomaniac. Built with some nifty tech, this little cube …


What If Your Furniture Could Make You Money?

The Aspirational Lamp concept collects solar energy, sells it back to the grid, then invests in itself and its owner.

What if your furniture had a day job, just like you? What if, when it wasn't being used, it worked to bring in money to pay for your quality-of-life upgrades? That's the idea behind …


The B-Unstoppable is the World’s First Camera Tank Quadcopter Drone

If quadcopters haven’t yet caught your interest then maybe the B-Unstoppable hybrid drone will be the first. A Kickstarter project created by a …


We finally got to find out if Facebook’s virtual reality headset is worth the crazy hype

Facebook's $2 billion purchase is almost coming to fruition: the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is coming in early 2016, and we've just used it. Good news: it's really, really good.

As seen above, we spent Tuesday morning putting the consumer version of the Oculus Rift through its paces at the …

Virtual Reality

The Solar Butterfly Clothesline Clip

When you’re hanging your clothes out to dry, why not harness some of the sun’s energy while you’re at it? This clever alternative to the classic …

Renewable Energy