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FormLabs Creates New "Tough Resin" for 3D Printing

Tough is durable, adaptive, and impact-resistant. Perfect for engineering challenges, this sturdy, ABS-like material has been developed to withstand …

3D Printing

Toyota’s crazy tilting EV underlines what’s wrong with US cities

"You're not going to topple over," I overhear a patient Toyota rep explaining to a nervous i-ROAD test-driver, "just have fun." Two minutes later, …


Ming Kong develops tactile interface to navigate CAD environments

Graduate shows 2015: Royal College of Art graduate Ming Kong has created a conductive material and used it to make a haptic interface for …

Emerging Technology

Yea or Nay on These Edge-Guided Scissors?

More than a few press outlets have called this product design a "genius" invention, but it's left me scratching my head.

Inventor Tamas Fekete has …


Apple interns can make almost $80,000 a year, report says

When you're Apple, it pays to be the largest company in the world (at least by market cap), so much so, even interns reap the benefits.

Apple interns can apparently fetch salaries approaching $7,000 a month, or $80,000 a year, according a Business Insider report. One former Apple non-engineering …


This Elegant Router Inspired by Eero Saarinen Will Declutter Your Desk

Elevating the world of wi-fi, in both function and appearance.

Style has never been paramount in the connectivity sphere. Just glimpse the shelves of clunky, unreliable routers that haven’t changed in 10-plus years. “They have been black boxes for so long, but now wi-fi is becoming a core …

The Arts

New 3D Printer Uses Molten Glass

Micron 3DP, a maker of extruders for 3D printing, has been exploring an exciting new area: 3D Printing with glass.

This exploration seems like a somewhat natural transition for the company. The “hot end” of the 3D printer is the part of the extruder assembly that literally melts the plastic which is …

3D Printing

Why you should buy Amazon’s Echo home hub

Amazon’s Echo — an odd voice-activated domestic hub — just went on sale to the general public. If you’ve got $200 to burn, I recommend it. It’s oddly great — and it gives you a glimpse of the future.

If Apple’s Siri-controlled HomeKit comes close, controlling your home by voice is going to be a lot …


What 10 Dieter Rams Products Reveal About The Principles Of Good Design

Even some of the lesser known work from Dieter Rams and his studio demonstrate his famous 10 principles of good design. Here's how.

The Paris gallery Espace 24b recently concluded the first retrospective in France of the venerated German designer Dieter Rams. Called Less but Better—taken from one of …

Dieter Rams

Recover Energy While You Race

From the designer of this ingenious energy recovering lamp comes the Pirelli La Cinetica Racing Bike which offers the same efficiency for serious …


Air : Future F1 Concept Car by Floren Loizaga

As part of “F1 of The Future” competition held by caranddriverf1, Floren Loizaga has submitted Air F1 Concept Car. Formula 1 cars have evolved …

Concept Design

CKIE Product of the Week – The Cube

You gotta catch em all! The Cube is a curious little piece of gadgetry that’s a color kleptomaniac. Built with some nifty tech, this little cube …


What If Your Furniture Could Make You Money?

The Aspirational Lamp concept collects solar energy, sells it back to the grid, then invests in itself and its owner.

What if your furniture had a day job, just like you? What if, when it wasn't being used, it worked to bring in money to pay for your quality-of-life upgrades? That's the idea behind …


The B-Unstoppable is the World’s First Camera Tank Quadcopter Drone

If quadcopters haven’t yet caught your interest then maybe the B-Unstoppable hybrid drone will be the first. A Kickstarter project created by a …


We finally got to find out if Facebook’s virtual reality headset is worth the crazy hype

Facebook's $2 billion purchase is almost coming to fruition: the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is coming in early 2016, and we've just used it. Good news: it's really, really good.

As seen above, we spent Tuesday morning putting the consumer version of the Oculus Rift through its paces at the …

Virtual Reality

The Solar Butterfly Clothesline Clip

When you’re hanging your clothes out to dry, why not harness some of the sun’s energy while you’re at it? This clever alternative to the classic …

Renewable Energy

This Robot Can 3-D Print A Steel Bridge In Mid-Air

Autodesk and MX3D have teamed up on a robot that can actually "draw" city infrastructure, on location and without human intervention.

In 2017, Dutch designer Joris Laarman will wheel a robot to the brink of a canal in Amsterdam. He'll hit an "on" button. He'll walk away. And when he comes back two …


What's Next For Apple Design, From The Guy Who Hired Jonathan Ive

Robert Brunner, who gave Ive his first Apple job, discusses the designer's new C-suite role—and why it matters.

Earlier this week, we reported that Apple created a new senior management position for esteemed designer Jonathan Ive, freeing him up to pursue big-picture projects while cementing his …

Jonathan Ive

A Camera Bag with Camera-Inspired Hardware

As a product designer, it seems crazy to me that no one's really figured out the SLR camera lens cap thing. Which is to say, where do you put the cap …


A ladder to make neighbors jealous

You’ve probably played the board game Snakes and Ladders before. Here’s a ladder with a new personality. It can coil up like a snake.!
Now luckily it …


Students Transform Italian Furniture Scraps Into Stylish Accessories

Parsons students reinterpret Poltrona Frau leather scraps into bike seats and headphone holders.

Italian furniture makers Poltrona Frau recently launched an initiative to cut down on waste. The company, known for its sleek leather furniture, has asked students at Parsons School of Design to create …


Watch a pro racer do real-world drifting wearing an Oculus Rift

As publicity stunts go, Virtual Drift is a pretty complicated one. Here’s how it works: start with a driver from Formula D, a professional drift racing league. Build him an absurdly heavy custom helmet with an Oculus Rift instead of a visor. Wire his car up with a directional sensor and a server. On …

Old Coffee Grounds Turned Into Mugs (For Drinking More Coffee, Of Course)

Use your old coffee grounds to drink more coffee.

We drink 500 billion cups of coffee globally each year. Think of how many coffee grounds that entails—and how many of those grounds end up in a landfill.

German designer Julian Lechner has invented a new strategy for keeping grounds out of the trash. …

Coffee Brewing

The New Camaro Features a Clever Design for HVAC Controls


I haven't owned a car in nearly ten years, so everything I drive is either a rental or a ZipCar. And when you get into an unfamiliar car for …

Chevrolet Camaro

These Incredibly Thin, Simple Headphones Don't Use Any Wires

Headphones using printed electronics, designed by Maxime Loiseau, are made of only eight parts.

Traditionally, making headphones is a complex process. The devices are commonly made up of at least 50 parts, and the production process is lengthy. But a new kind of headphones, created using a technique …


Mercedes and Lufthansa create ultimate luxury airplane

Flying in style for most people means an upgrade to first class. But for the super rich, flying in style means plush white leather seats, where the term "leg room" has lost its meaning.

In a collaboration between luxury car company Mercedes-Benz and airline Lufthansa Technik, the two German …


Your Kitchen Could Soon Have an Affordable 3D Food Printer

3D printing has rapidly been growing and becoming more accessible to any ol’ average or curious user of the machines. The latest step in the three-dimensional production world is the introduction of an affordable and easy-to-use machine called Bocusini. This device could turn any novice chef into a …

Leano Portable Chair by Nik Lorbeg

We zip-line through life stopping only to click pictures of nature’s abundant beauty for our Instagram. No one pauses to stare at the sunset anymore. …