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10 Modern Kitchens That Any Home Chef Would Envy

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With its sleek, reflective countertops and off-kilter angles, this kitchen is a vision of the future. Even the cooktop …

This Mega Yacht Features A Wealth Of Windows And A Walkway To The Water

It’s kinda tough to follow-up a 5,600-square-foot megayacht, but that’s exactly where freelance architecture and yacht designer Lujac Desautel has …

Luxury Yachts

Magnificent Faucet Swirls Water into Elegant Patterns

A London student recently designed this conservation-friendly faucet that swirls your water into captivating geometric patterns as soon as you turn on the tap. The faucet weaves small jets of water into intricate, cross-hatched designs that look like they belong on delicate crystal glassware. The …


How a spinning chair made virtual reality feel more real

When donning a VR headset, it's easy to be awestruck by whatever 3D world you find yourself in. It's a whole new medium that simply can't be replicated on a TV. Still, there are reasons the likes of Oculus and Sony aren't selling headsets to the masses just yet. While Samsung's Gear VR and other …

Virtual Reality

Splash Drone shrugs off water and launches rescue flares

When drone meets water, the videos can be amazing -- except that most drones hate water and can't even be flown in the rain. However, there's a new product on Kickstarter called the Splash Drone that isn't deterred by a little H20. The drone itself is waterproof, as are the circuits, wires and GPS, …


Sandringham House / Techne Architecture+Interior Design + Doherty Design Studio

Architects: Techne Architecture + Interior Design, Doherty Design Studio
Location: 23 Susan Street, Sandringham VIC 3191, Australia
Area: 83.0 sqm
Year: …


In Japan, People Are Flipping Out Over The Flip-Phone (Galapagos Phone): What's Old Is New Again

Everything that’s old is new again—and the flip-phone—the anti-smart phone & the Galapagos like replica of a time when Japan once dominated the world in mobile phones is making a comeback in this island country.

For those of you who don’t remember, once upon a time Japan was the world leader in …


11 Things You Need To Know About Organizing In A Small Space


Animada - Chair by Eduardo Benamor Duarte

Inspired by the literary work of Paulo Coelho, the Animada chair is the sculptural genius of designer Eduardo Benamor Duarte that channels the …


When is copying another artist legitimate? | Illustration

A huge, listing orc boat dwarfed by the Great Sea – waves barrelling, breaking over saw-toothed rocks. It's a painting meticulous in detail, right …


The Movo Wave is a reliable fitness tracker for people on a budget

I’m not a fitness buff by any stretch of the imagination. I loathe gyms, avoid diets like the plague and have no interest in sports. In a way, that makes me a solid candidate to review an activity tracker.

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been walking and jogging to see how well the Movo Wave …


NanoSteel expands material portfolio for metal 3D printing | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Mar. 5, 2015

3D metal printing uses fine metal powders to produce highly complex metal components. The powder's purities and how well it is ground …


DS21 Renaissance - Concept Car by Slimane Toubal

A tribute to the classic Citroën DS of yesteryear and its designer Flaminio Bertoni, the DS21 Renaissance captures the core styling of the iconic …

Space Age

Avegant's Glyph video headset will change how you see movies

Some products have a hard time ever getting to market. Some (seem to) come out of nowhere. Then there's the Avegant Glyph video headset. It initially launched on Kickstarter back in January 2014 (raising a cool $1.5-million). Along the way we've seen a ropey prototype. And then a less ropey one. …


8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes

With seemingly limitless plans, styles, and sizes, kit homes are an intriguing alternative for homebuyers. We’ve rounded up eight innovative companies whose products range from disaster relief housing to assemble-your-own studios.

The concept of the kit home is as old as Abraham Lincoln and his log …



We ran over this extravagance beachfront house arrangement designed by Florida based modelers Silberstein Construction modeling, and simply needed to …


Watch Ford engineers and designers gush over the incredible new GT

It'll be many months before we see the new GT on streets, but Ford's new supercar — which was just announced at NAIAS in Detroit — is going to get plenty of screen time leading up to the launch. That's thanks in part to Microsoft, which has partnered with Ford to make the GT its "cover car" for …


Inside The Home Of Moda Operandi's Indre Rockefeller

New York

40 Digital Paintings to Nurture Growing Artists

Digital painting is quite similar to traditional painting, except that instead of using some paint and canvas, you would create your masterpiece in a …


6 Space-Savvy San Francisco Renovations

With an eclectic intermingling of skinny Victorians, gritty warehouses, earthquakes, and impossibly steep streets, San Franciscans have much to contend with when planning their built environment. Here are 6 inspiring renovations that highlight the city's innovative architects, designers, and DIYers.

San Francisco

Omate's smartwatch is the first to be assembled in Africa

When Omate announced its $99 Racer last month, little did we know that this rugged, near-circular smartwatch will be heading to Africa -- Congo, Ivory Coast and Cameroon to begin with -- this coming June. According to today's announcement, this is all thanks to Congolese mobile startup VMK, who is …


Mind-Controlled Drone Scientists Work On Groundbreaking Flight

A company has successfully flown a mind controlled drone, a step that its scientists say will lead to passenger carrying airplanes steered only by pilots’ brains.

In a rather stunning demonstration yesterday, Portuguese business Tekever fitted a special cap to a pilot to measure his brain activity, …

Air Travel

Smart Rope by Tangram Factory

Tangram Factory is a subsidiary of Tangram Design Lab, an award winning multi disciplinary design company. This Seoul based design company introduces …


3D Printing At Home: XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Review

3D printing is close to magical. You start with an empty space and you end with a physical thing that you can pick up, hold, and use. Prices on 3D Printers and supplies have been coming down over the years, and there has been many projects looking to bring cheaper printers to the home. XYZpringing …


The Eternally Future-proof Smartphone!

This concept, by 91 Mobiles, aims to be the end-of-the-line for smartphones… and it really does leave little to be desired. Modular/replaceable …

Google Nexus

Funky LED lamp transforms to illuminate the room and spark conversation

Do you remember the Rubik’s snake? It was a fun, twisty toy made of wedges on spring bolts. You could twist the toy into a thousand configurations, …


5 affordable 3D printers for designers | 3D printing | Page 2

• Cost: $1,690
• Material Cost: $19.90 (1kg)

The Bq Witbox printer is nice and big. With a DIN-A4 (21x29.7cm) print area offering up to 20cm in height, …


A Decanter Evolved

Cleverly called “Incanter,” this hand-crafted hybrid decanter/infuser is made from lead-free crystal, with a borosilicate rod that capably holds your …

Bring the Rain In

With its open-air, vertical design, the Rain Soft Shower aims to mimic the feeling of natural falling water for an entirely new and refreshing …


nanoFlowcell Quantino is a saltwater-powered sports car that can drive up to 621 miles

Saltwater-powered cars may be the wave of the future. nanoFlowcell AG has announced plans to reveal a second concept car at the Geneva Motor Show …

Green Living