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Progress Eagle concept imagines zero-emissions air travel

We’ve seen a number of vehicular concepts, but some have turned their sights to the sky and envisioned what the future of traveling amongst the …

Luxury Lifestyle

Boil-O - The Electric Kettle by Aditya Kolhatkar

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, chances are you’ve forgotten about your boiling water a time or two. Boil-O was designed to ensure you never …


Hate Needles? This 3-D Printed Device Makes Injections Pain-Free

Three college freshmen invent a disposable, 3-D printed device that numbs the skin around an injection site.

No one likes being jabbed with a needle. Some people can't stand it at all. According to research in the Journal of Family Practice, at least 20% of Americans have needle phobia, and as a …


Vistula River Beach Pavillion

The design won the 1st prize in the twelfth edition of the national competition organized by Sanitec KOLO in 2010. Since then, the utility has been extended by a café and land development between wybrzeże szczecińskie street and the Vistula River in Warsaw. After its completion the building …


Microsoft Invents A Better Way To Sense Hand Gestures

Handpose promises the holy grail of motion detection: fast, accurate hand recognition.

Imagine strapping on a virtual reality headset, then using your hands to pick up a sword and swing it around your head. Imagine a hazard team able to defuse a complicated bomb from a mile away, just by controlling …

Virtual Reality

Handycam for the Mummy’s Tummy

It’s very difficult to envision proper medical care in poverty stricken places. The Mobile Ultrasound is a portable device to help expectant mothers …


Roll Tube Flotation Device by Chanyeop Jeong

The Titanic would have been a very different film if the ship had a Roll Tube. The device is a pretty inconspicuous looking contraption that holds …

Deep Sea

Palette 3D Printer Upgrade Takes Your 3D Printing To The Next Level (video)

If your 3D printer could do with a little enhancement or a few new features, a new external upgrade may be worth more investigation called the …

Fab Lab

Concrete House

The site lies adjacent to the shore of Mjøsa, with a north-western view of the large lake extending to Hamar and Domkirkeodden. Although the grand view played an important role in the design, the façade is not fully glazed, but rather “masked out” with varying openings located in relation to …


Help Us Name Our Brand New 3D Printer!

Image via

Over at the VICE offices in Brooklyn, in The Creators Project section in the back, we write about 3D printing a lot. It should come as little surprise that we've decided to take a hands-on approach to the burgeoning medium. Thankfully, the folks over at XYZprinting were kind enough to send …

3D Printing

The New York Times Invents A Conference Table That Takes Notes For You

It's called the Listening Table, and it not only transcribes meetings, but knows when they're important.

Like most offices, the New York Times holds a lot of meetings. Editorial meetings, ad sales meetings, design meetings, you name it; all centered around a table seemingly for no other purpose than …


5 Light-Filled Dining Rooms

These bright dining spaces will almost make you think you're eating outside.

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Timber-lined roof perches at an angle on Chilean seaside home

A slanted roof with a timber underside is elevated above this top-heavy house on the Chilean coast, designed by architects Alvaro Arancibia and …


UNX2 Shoe by UNStudio

With footwear like this, it’s obvious that you want to make a grand entrance. Not just visually, because with heels like these, I doubt you could …


12 Faces of Structure – Potholder by iAN Yen & Design YxR

It sounds a bit complicated, but the explanation is worth the effort – apparently there are only five regular polyhedrons in the world, and the …


Why living in small spaces is making people happier

Intentionally small home: urban living in North Carolina 4:06

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Nicole Alvarez grew up in a typical American suburban neighborhood: spacious …

Sustainable Design

This Experimental Time-Lapse Imagines Life Without Light Pollution

What kind of nighttime time-lapses could you shoot in cities like Los Angeles if light pollution weren’t a problem? A couple of time-lapse …

Time-lapse Photography

La Chasse-Galerie

The design of this residence was principally driven by the desire to bring it into harmony with its environs. Located on a plateau in the heart of the Laurentian forest, the house benefits from natural light despite its north-facing aspect and its inverse orientation to the lake. The refined …


Astropad now features deep integration with FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus for creating art on the iPad and Mac

Artists and designers who like to seamlessly switch back and forth between their desktop and tablet can appreciate an app like Astropad, which syncs your Mac’s screen with your iPad so you can work in the app of your choice directly on the touchscreen.

Astropad for iPad, launched in February, …


A new way to drink water

Why should a faucet for drinking water look the same as the faucet in your bathroom or garden? Here’s a defiant and different design for a faucet …

Drinking Water

Results: A’ Design Award & Competition 2014 – 2015

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Steve Jobs is long gone, but his words echo true …


NASA Develops a Car for Earthlings Living in Cities

When we think of NASA-designed vehicles, the Mars Rover comes to mind. We picture the eggheads at Johnson Space Center developing buggy-like vehicles …


BestiaNera Concept Hybrid Bike to Meet Your Busy Lifestyle

BestiaNera from T°RED is a concept hybrid bike that was born out of combination of design, innovative, and research. Everyone has their own …

Hybrid Vehicles

Half The Workout

Taking its redesign a step further, we have here the Dumbbell 1/2 – a pair of multi-functional dumbbell for home exercise. Thanks to the new shape …


These Clever Lamps Roll Up Like A Window Shade

Bina Baitel's OLED fixtures give you total control over your lighting.

French designer Bina Baitel is releasing a collection of lamps during Milan Design Week that will give owners ultimate control over how they light their spaces. The Recto-Verso lamps are super thin OLED devices, divided into …

Fashion Design

Galactic Gadgetry

What would computers look like twenty years from now? Holograms? 3D projections? Or just really sexy looking gadgets? The Neptune gadget suite has …


BMW's R&D Reportedly Yields Functioning AR Goggles

Those eyeglasses were designed by BMW Designworks, and they're not just for fashion. The folks over at BMW's R&D division tapped the design branch to …


The Smartwatch Killer

If you’re not ready to sacrifice your favorite timepiece for a smartwach yet, then Digitocks is for you! This retrofitting watch attachment that …

Wearable Tech