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Light Up The Room With Your Dance Moves In These LED Shoes

Light-up sneakers shouldn't just be for kids.

Time for a little dancing in the dark? A new shoe design by Tokyo-based studio No New Folk takes light-up soles from mid-'90s kids' wear to hip accessory for the 21st century. Almost 100 LED lights wrap around the sole of the all-white shoes. The colors …


Stunning Posters Merge Famous Movie Directors' With Their Iconic Films

Hamburg-Germany based illustrator Julian Rentzsch has teamed up with Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein at Stellavie, an independent design studio, to create a unique set of posters featuring movie directors merged with their famous films. So far, the team has released three posters - Alfred …


Patkau Architects designs chalet with steep angled roof beside a Whistler ski slope

This timber-clad ski chalet has a crystalline form designed to "shed snow" from the roof and an elevated living room that optimises views across …


Industrial Designer Explains Production Methods Shown in Apple Watch Manufacturing Videos

When your average consumer watches any of Apple's "how it's made" videos, they likely have no idea what they're seeing. But even first-year ID …


The 3-D printed TV with a tiny 2-inch screen that really works

About the only thing you can’t print on a 3-D printer is a time machine. However, the creators at Formlabs have managed to bring forward a staple from many 1950s living rooms.

OK, so 3-D printing a miniaturized replica of a Philco Predicta television isn’t exactly time travel, but you can ignore …


Stitch Without the Kitsch

The Stitch chair transforms a 2D single sheet of aluminum into 3D situational seating with a simplistic yet sophisticated system of folds and …


FlyingJACK - Bottle by Franky Leering

We often think of water bottles as being somewhat gender-neutral, but there’s no denying the FlyingJACK’s masculine appeal. Crafted from stainless …

Stainless Steel

First Carbon-Positive Prefab House Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

Characterized by Australian modular building expert ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefab living unit, the Archi+Carbon Positive House

Green Living

A Twist on the Folding Bike

Unlike other folding bikes with multiple sideways hinges, this innovative concept features one simplistic rotary mechanism that makes it possible to …


Frank Howarth's Self-Assembling Table Saw

If you've got a milling machine and some imagination, ketchup spills are no longer a problem

Jeffrey Nelson runs Maryland-based Macpod LLC, which does …

Table Saws

Ice Ice Baby

Making ice cubes is a childish yet fun chore. The chore is the part where you fill up the ice tray. You always have to wipe up afterwards. Not only …

Ice Ice Baby

Honda Unveils A Motorcycle For People Who Don’t Ride Motorcycles

Who's in?

Motorcycles are inherently intimidating. The require grit, leather, helmets, special licenses, and whole suite of riding skills to properly handle. But a new concept from Honda, called the Bulldog, is a friendlier, more accessible motorcycle aimed specifically at people who don’t normally …


The Minimalist Time Projector

Most wall clocks are held up with some sort of pin or screw… but what if the most inconsiderable part of the design was the design itself?! No larger …


Hands-on with RideON's AR skiing goggles

Google Glass may currently be on hiatus, but wearable tech for your face -- whether virtual or augmented reality -- isn't going away any time soon. One of the best use cases so far is sports, particularly those in which people already wear glasses or goggles for safety. Israeli startup RideOn wants …

Augmented Reality

Remarkable Design Shaping Modern House in Portugal

Flaunting its surprising architecture on a triangular plot in the city of Leiria, this modern house in Portugal defines its owner’s happiness. …


Organized Chaos in the Office

If you’re trying to figure out the pattern of the Ishi desk’s many legs… don’t waste your time! The algorithm: randomness. Unplanned is IN! First, …

Office Spaces
Wearable Tech

+Mfg Multiple Metal +1000k 3D Printer Announced

+Mfg has this week unveiled a new 3D printer they have created that is capable of printing with multiple metals in a single run.

There are a number of …


A Battery Pack That’s Powered by Your Bike

If you bike often, then it might be a good idea to take all that extra energy you’re creating and put it to good use. Perhaps with the Siva Cycle …


Behind The “Wheel” Of The Mercedes Driverless Car

LED touchscreens and laser projections promise a safer, more luxurious commute.

It’s the year 2030 and your daily commute begins with the press of a button. Using a smartphone app, you summon an autonomous car — the Mercedes F015. The car starts, exits a parking garage, and drives itself to your …


American Over-Engineering FTW: The Macpod Gooper Scooper

This product is inaccurately named "Hot Lips"

Titanium's a good choice for a camping mug. You can use it to create a super-strong single-walled 600mL …

Wing Chun

Folded Dish Sponge by Yoon Naera

It’s not rocket science, but doing dishes right can get a bit annoying, especially when they are super greasy. I love this Folded Dish Sponge concept …

What it Takes to Build the World's Best Bicycle Wheel

If you're having a bike race with a sibling and you lose, you know what to do: Blame the bike. That's what Yutaka Kondo did when older brother Nobuo …


ODii - The Ultimate Grab-It Gadget by Kenn Buxton

Dropped your phone between the seats in the car? Money down a drain? A ring in the sink? Sooooo f#^%*$@ frustrating, right?! Don’t sweat it! Designed …


Interview: 2015 TED Fellow eL Seed: The nomadic street artist on creating human connections through his distinctive Arabic calligraphy-based graffiti

Born and raised in Paris to Tunisian parents, graffiti artist eL Seed has left his mark all over the world (from the Jara Mosque to canyons to Louis Vuitton scarves), by spray-painting universal messages that funnily enough, the majority of viewers will not be able to decipher without a little …

Louis Vuitton

Mercedes One Class Revenge by Alfonso Nuñez Perea

In a training specializing in Advanced Industrial Design in Córdoba, Argentina; a “Revenge” 2030 year, Mercedes Benz motorcycle concept was proposed. …

Industrial Design

4 Reasons Why Design Is Taking Over Silicon Valley

VC design partner John Maeda says that the most successful tech companies of the future will really be design companies. Here's why.

Are the fortunes of design on the rise in Silicon Valley? A resounding yes, says John Maeda, design partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. …

Silicon Valley

8 Ultra-Efficient Nesting Furniture Designs

While it may look like an alien spacecraft landed in your yard, the Obelisk by Janus et Cie is actually a space-saving stackable patio set. The …

Interior Design