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The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

Wow, such animals.

Cute Animals

Becoming Antifragile: Beyond "Sissy" Resilience | The Art of Manliness

What’s the opposite of a person or organization that’s fragile?<p>If you ask most people this question, they’ll likely say “robust” or “resilient.” But …

The Most Stylish Celebrities of 2013

Ranking the "most stylish" celebrities is always tricky. Beyond the obvious aspects of subjectivity, influence, and pushing boundaries, there's also …

Graffiti You'll Only Find In Canada

Stop being so nice, Canada, it's pissing us off.


Finally, There's A Way To Watch Your Favorite Movies In Under Two Minutes

And thats by watching the entire movie as a gif. Spoiler alert obviously, because these gifs are of the whole movie. From Start to finish. The endings are in there too.<p>All the gifs were created by reddit user Matt01ss. You can see more here.

15 Times Batman Was 100% Done With The Justice League

Superheroes are assholes.

Comic Books

How to Become a Successful Blogger During Your Full-Time Gig

Thomas Anderson led a double life in <i>The Matrix</i>. By day, he was a pedestrian computer programmer. In his free time, he was an experienced hacker who …

23 Things That Look Just Like Chris Bosh

Someone crown him the NBA Doppelgänger Champ.

24 People You Desperately Wish You Could Be

There go our heroes. Watch them as they go.


Listen To Kurt Cobain's Haunting Interview About Alienation And Identity

"I’m always in pain, too, and that really adds to the anger in our music...I'm kind of grateful for it."

Kurt Cobain

The Scary Awesome Ads Of 13th Street

The European horror/suspense TV channel has produced some superb advertising in recent years.<p><b>See it here</b>.

TV Stations

23 Famous Authors' Last Words

Authors spend their lives expressing life's intricacies. Their last words capture this elegance.


Enormous Giant Baseball Player Bellyflops Spectacularly

Prince has fallen. Long live Prince.


Five Things You Didn't Know About Tyler, The Creator

He reveals all in the exclusive premiere of his new animated short. Spoiler: He brushes his teeth with his chains on.<p>Tyler, The Creator has an imagination that's probably unparalleled by most people in this world, so it only makes sense that some of his most intimate confessions are best portrayed …

New Jersey

Skills Every Young Man Should Know | The Art of Manliness

<i>Editor’s note: An AoM reader recently wrote me a letter recommending I look up this old essay, which originally appeared in Harper’s Magazine in</i> …

Snoopybabe The Cat Has Taken Over The World

And honestly, I can't think of anyone better for the job.

Social Media

The Most Iconic Banksy Works Of All Time

Earlier this week Banksy revealed he would spend the month of October putting up art around New York City.<p>In honor of his NYC takeover, we're taking a look back at some of his most iconic works.


Adventures of a Serial Trespasser

Bradley Garrett, a photographer and researcher with a background in anthropology and archeology, has spent the past five years of his life exploring hidden and forgotten parts of cities all over the world. Sneaking into sewers and bunkers, through metro tunnels and up skyscrapers, Garrett calls his …

Wall Worthy Superhero Cubist Art by Liam Brazier

Minimalist posters for every episode of Breaking Bad

First airing back in 2008, Breaking Bad has gone on to become one of TV's best loved and most successful shows. Clever storylines, snappy dialogue …

1975 "Welcome To New York City" Pamphlet

"You should never ride the subway for any reason whatsoever."<p>This wonderful, bitterly sarcastic artifact of a bygone New York City was put out by the City's Council for Public Safety (police and firefighter unions, mostly).<p>As you can read, New York's Finest and Bravest weren't too thrilled with …

New York City

Street Goth Style Tips From '90s R&B Groups

The street goth movement now extends its shadowy tendrils from the biggest rappers in the world to the pimply teenage nerd on page 145 of Hypebeast's …

23 Pieces Of Evidence That Punk Is Dead

R.I.P. Sorry punx.

Chris Brown

30 Awkward Moments From Your Creative Writing MFA

"We met at AWP. Can I email you my short stories?"


22 Reasons Krysten Ritter Is The Girl Crush To End All Girl Crushes

Go ahead, trust the b****! She's a total goddess.

Little Big Town (Band)

27 Times "Descriptive Noise" Subtitles Were Pure Poetry

Adverbs. Adverbs everywhere.


32 Ways To Tell You Grew Up In The Golden Age Of Pop Punk

And with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

Pop Punk

21 Most Laughably Ineffective American Drug PSAs

Since 1988, the U.S. government has spent well over $1 billion on anti-drugs advertising. These are the best of the worst ads from the "War On Drugs."<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement<p>Advertisement


29 T-Shirts You Must Never, Ever Wear

Too many tees scream "douchebag". Here's a guide to how to avoid them.


Manvotional: Fighting | The Art of Manliness

<i>Editor’s Note: This week’s post on thumos brought to mind this Manvotional.</i> Tom Brown’s School Days <i>was a popular nineteenth-century novel that</i> …