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Republican healthcare bill faces biggest test yet: GOP defectors

With the bill due to face a vote in the House, Donald Trump and GOP leaders remain confident it will pass – Paul Ryan, however, is committed to changes<p>The Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has survived a damning report from the Congressional Budget Office, …

15 pictures of best living rooms from Indian homes

Living rooms are the highlight of every home. Whether you are building a home or renovating an apartment, it’s always nice to see beautiful, …


Goldman Sachs launches GS Bank, an Internet bank with a $1 minimum deposit

Goldman Sachs has traditionally functioned like a run-of-the-mill investment bank. Minimums to open an account were in the range of $10 million, and returns were not guaranteed.<p>While that will still remain true for the firm’s wealth management arm, Goldman is opening its doors to the masses with …

New functional programming language can generate C, Python code for apps

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Computer Science recently unveiled Futhark, an open source functional programming …

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Google Now 创始团队几乎全员出走,这背后究竟发生了什么?

本该是团结应敌之际,自己后方却沦陷了。<p>据国外多家媒体报道,Google 旗下的智能助理 Google Now 团队几个月来经历了一场人事震动。Google Now 团队的两位创始工程师今年 3 月就离开了 Google,接着几位员工也相继离职。目前创始团队成员只剩下一位还呆在 Google。也就是说,Google Now 最初的团队几乎全员离职了。<p>这边自己后院着火,那边敌军汹涌。微软今天刚刚在 Google Play 上进行 Android 版 Cortana 的公测。时间再推移前几天,微软升级了 Android 版的 Bing。升级后的 Bing 可以实现类似 Now on Tap 的功能。<p>…



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