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12 mindsets for creating innovative classrooms

Education Week

The digital learning tools flooding schools come with a tantalizing promise: real-time feedback on what children know, combined with fingertip access …


Denver teacher’s lesson plan goes viral, launches movement

A Denver teacher’s lesson plan has gone viral after it revealed the inner workings of her students’ minds.<p>Kyle Schwartz, 28, is a third-grade teacher …

Children in Charge: Self-Directed Learning Programs

In the ever-changing demands of today's economy, even children with a solid knowledge base in reading, writing, math, and science are not guaranteed …

The Coming Era of Personalized Learning Paths

Personalized learning paths, designed to meet the needs and goals of each learner, can lead to a redefinition and a new understanding of lifelong …

A Beginner's Guide To Personalized Learning

10 Games, Apps, and Sites for Personalized Learning

It's Top-Pick List Friday! This week, we are featuring games, apps, and sites for personalized learning. We live in an age of personalization. Log …

Personalized Learning Vs Traditional Learning

January 22, 2015<p>One of the biggest affordances of technology is towards the enhancement of the concept of personalized learning. Internet and more …


Individualized and Personalized Learning

Listening to Dr. Yong Zhao recently at a conference, he talked about the idea of “”individualized” and “personalized” learning. This is how I …

Personalized Learning

Focus on Teachers: Teacher Strategies for Personalized Learning

BetterLesson is making effective blended practice available to every educator in the world.

Personalized Learning

The Power of Personal Relationship in Personalized Learning

<i>Cara Thorpe</i><p>Personalized learning, a concept gaining momentum and credibility in the education field today, shows great potential as a catalyst for student learning. Schools across national borders are revitalizing their curriculum through this approach emphasizing student choice and learning to …