Education in Emergencies

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As quake-prone Asia urbanises, shoddy construction raises disaster risk

More than half a million people killed, 1.4 million injured, and 80 percent of buildings damaged in Bangladesh’s three largest cities: That’s the …

Schools reduced to rubble and ruins by conflict – in pictures

From Yemen to Syria, South Sudan to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children are missing out on education as schools are destroyed by war


Darkness and fear in Aleppo as the bombs rain down

The Syrian government has dropped two chlorine bombs in the past month on the besieged, rebel-held city.<p>Images from inside the Syrian city.<p>BEIRUT — The bombings at night are the worst. There is no electricity in the rebel-held portion of eastern Aleppo, and the warplanes flying overhead target any …



Teacher's Corner<p>Teacher's Guide to Earthquake Education<p>Summary<p>Summary<p>Subjects<p>Natural Hazards (NH)<br>Seismology (SM)<br>Tectonics and Structural Geology …

In South Sudan, A Struggle To Get, And Keep, Kids In Schools

When South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011, hopes were high that the world's newest country could finally be free of decades of violence that had afflicted the region. Instead, a civil war broke out two years later, killing thousands and displacing more than 2 million people.<p>A peace …


What's the best way to recover from conflict? Education! #PeaceMali #EveryChildCounts

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

<b>‘‘Bolt heavy objects</b> to the wall,’’ says Ross S. Stein, a geophysicist who teaches at Stanford University. Loose things cause many earthquake injuries; broken bottles cut feet, falling armoires and flying televisions break bones. So fix your bookshelves in place and hang framed art with …

2.3m people are displaced by #Yemen conflict, many of whom live in schools. @UNICEF_Yemen

All In School | All In School

23 January 2017 – an op-ed by Tanya Chapuisat “In Syria, I only saw numbers in my mathematics book. Now, my tent is number 19, my camp is number 007 …