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Good news: Chile is going to cover climate change in its curriculum

At the end of last month, the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, said that climate change would become an obligatory subject for students to learn …


Malala Says Educating Girls Is Key to Slowing Climate Change

<i>By Christina Kwauk and Amanda Braga, The Brookings Institution. Originally published here</i><p>Last week, as Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for …


Teaching Climate Change

Climate has changed in the past — sometimes slowly, sometimes abruptly — but now it is changing because humans have become a force of nature and are …


Mary Robinson: climate change 'very likely' to increase radicalisation

Former Irish president Mary Robinson is one of the world’s leading voices on climate justice. Appearing at the UN climate summit in Paris, Robinson …


19 VIPs Who Get Climate Change Better Than Congress

"Now will you take the wool out of your ears, the blinkers off your eyes, and act?"<p>As the United Nations' 21st Conference of the Parties is underway in Paris until Dec. 11, we've heard a number of world leaders -- from President Barack Obama to Pope Francis -- speak out about curbing climate change.<p>…


How to teach ... climate change

Climate change is a rich topic to explore in the classroom. From science and geography to politics, it's an area with roots in a range of subjects and can be a great source for debate<p>Climate change takes on added significance this week as thousands of people across the UK take part in Climate Week, …

Teach Climate Change — Teach Climate Change

Share List Although there are some people in the world today that believe climate change is a farce, scientists are clearly showing that there are …

Climate Change

Climate Change Is Not Just About the Climate, It Is About Our Lives

As representatives from more than 195 governments around the world come together in Lima, Peru this week to work on drafting a global treaty on climate change, they should heed the words of Peruvian farmer Marisa Marcavillaca: "Climate change is not just about the climate, it is about our …


Climate smart villages help female farmers in Nepal


Funding to ease climate change falls as the earth warms

Climate Change

UN Climate Conference in Lima: what's happening and why it really matters in 6 questions

Without a serious commitment to fighting climate change, the world is set for “<b>severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts</b>”. The impacts of an …


The Collapsing Climate on Flipboard

By jim burton | ➡️Look at this "magazine" as a knowledge base to be passed on to the misinformed masses, not just to flip into other Flipboard …

An MIT project crowdsources local solutions in the fight against climate change

When people talk about ways to turn back climate change, many think about grand solutions like geoengineering and carbon capture. Others, like Stephen Osero, talk about ideas that are a bit grittier.<p>"We use human waste [and] turn it into energy,” says Osero, an environmental scientist at Kenyatta …