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The Inspiration Walk

<b>Step 1: Make sure you have what you need</b><p>The Inspiration Walk is a guided audio experience that takes place outdoors, preferably in an environment …

Stanford University

How to disagree well: 7 of the best and worst ways to argue

A classic essay defines different ways to disagree, from the worst to the best, with lessons that ring true in our divisive times.<br>Read More

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How to Grow Your Culture Career with Design Thinking

“I want to work in culture.” Vanessa Shaw hears this statement every day. She is the founder of Human Side of Tech, and is a learning designer and …

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System Diagram

A system diagram is a visual model of a system, its components, and their interactions. With supporting documentation, it can capture all the …

Data Visualization

Designing Learning Experiences

Why do we call them lessons? Or units? Or trainings? Or PD sessions? When what they really are is <i>learning experiences</i>. And we, as teachers, are</i> …


Are you going beyond connecting? #sketchnote by @woodard_julie #PLN #edchat

Does the EU prevent a re-nationalisation of the NHS? Nope.

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Information to the BizMOOC project | bizMooc

Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business<p>BizMOOC – BizMOOC – Knowledge Alliance …

Labor Economics

How to Reform Welfare and Taxes to Provide Every American Citizen with a Basic Income

A detailed funding plan for cross-partisan implementation of universal basic income in the United States<p>Some of the most common questions ever asked …

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Mød dem, vi taler om: De arbejdsløse indvandrerkvinder fortæller

Embedding and Assessing Compassion on the University Curriculum


How knowledge about different cultures is shaking the foundations of psychology

The academic discipline of psychology was developed largely in North America and Europe. Some would argue it’s been remarkably successful in …


The Group That Got 4,000 Advertisers to Bail on Breitbart Talks About How Activists Can Take Down the NRA

One of the anonymous proprietors behind Sleeping Giants talks to GQ about their campaign's effectiveness and the parameters of free speech.<p>Like the millions of Americans who watched in horror as a long, contentious, and bigotry-filled campaign season ended with Donald Trump winning his bid for the …

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Have Welsh voters changed their view of Brexit? – UK in a changing Europe

The June 2016 referendum result in Wales surprised many.<p>Wales voted Leave by a margin that almost exactly mirrored the result across the UK. It did …

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Introduction to Statistical Learning

Slides and videos for Statistical Learning MOOC by Hastie and Tibshirani available separately here. Slides and video tutorials related to this book …

Data Science

The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’

I teach at a big state university, and I often receive emails from software companies offering to help me do a basic part of my job: figuring out what my students have learned.<p>If you thought this task required only low-tech materials like a pile of final exams and a red pen, you’re stuck in the …

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Word Booster

Article<p>You will also get a re-formatted article for focused reading. The difficult words from the list are highlighted for you to pay attention to …

‘Mad Max’ Brexit and other dystopian visions for leaving the EU

To the undoubted relief of everyone concerned, David Davis, the Brexit secretary, announced on Monday that the UK was not seeking a dystopian “Mad …

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Question charts

Question charts are excellent tools to help both teachers and students to generate a wide range of questions. You first choose one of the question …



READ: Full leaked Brexit letter sent to Theresa May by Tory MPs

AN astonishing letter sent to Theresa May by 62 Tory MPs has leaked to the press, in which they call for an extreme Brexit.<p>Three Scottish Tory MPs – …

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Scaffolding Questions to Develop Deeper Understanding

Over the past couple of months, I have been working with a variety of schools and districts in the role of a coach. Most of this work is focused on …


Digital nomads are hiring and firing their governments

The nation state has survived wars, plagues, and upheaval, but it won’t survive digital nomads, not if people like Karoli Hindriks have something to say about it. Hindriks is the founder of Jobbatical, a platform that allows digital nomads to find work in other countries and helps with the …

New York Times

Global and Cultural Competency | International Affairs Office

<b>Why Global and Cultural Competency?</b><p>The U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) International Strategy lays out its commitment to prepare all U.S. …


Why Intercultural Competence is Essential — and How Schools and Businesses Are Helping People Develop It

When human resources expert Kendal Callison visited her U.S.-based company’s office in Italy for the first time 14 years ago, she set up hour-long …

Human Resources

When it’s playtime, many kids prefer reality over fantasy

Given a choice between fantasy play and doing the things that adults do, children prefer reality-based tasks, studies suggest.


In rural India, wild honey farmers are using bees to fight terrorism

Much of the world's honey is contaminated with pesticides. In a recent study, 200 honey samples from around the world were examined for neonicotinoid …