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Beautiful equations: E=mc² explained in two minutes – video

There’s beauty in simplicity. For space scientist and Sky At Night host Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, there’s nothing more beautiful than the way that Einstein’s theory of special relativity unlocks our understanding of how energy, mass and the speed of light work in the universe

Juventus Reportedly Sign 10-Year-Old Palestinian Rashed Al-Hajjawi After Video

Juventus have reportedly signed 10-year-old Palestinian, Rashed Al-Hajjawi, after his skills videos went viral.<p>According to the <i>Sun</i>'s Andrew Richardson, he has been compared to current Old Lady striker Paulo Dybala and has joined the club's academy in the under-10 side after Juve were impressed by …

This Meditation Exercise Builds Mental Muscle and Cures Procrastination

Coach TonyBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing<p>Sep 23, 2016<p>Imagine always having the strongest mind in the room.<p>That would mean being smart, sure.<p>But more …

Here's why you can't see all twelve black dots in this optical illusion

Optical illusions have a way of breaking the internet, and the latest visual trick looks like it’s well on its way. On Sunday afternoon, game developer Will Kerslake tweeted a picture of intersecting gray lines on a white background. Twelve black dots blink in and out of existence where the gray …