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Istanbul from the Sapphire — 1/5


#Wildebeests and #zebras grazing in the fields of the #MasaiMara National Reserve. Each summer, 500,000 wildebeests die along the treacherous migration from the @serengeti_national_park in Tanzania to reserve in #Kenya. And with death come the scavengers — none more important than the vulture. Vultures have evolved into the most efficient cleaners in the natural world. Because of their highly acidic gastric juices, they can eat flesh infected with a variety of diseases without getting ill. When they feast on diseased meat, picking the carcass clean, the threat of wider infection ends. But in recent years, #vulture populations across #EastAfrica have been decimated by poaching, poisoning and other human interventions. @nytvideo journalist @bcsolomon took this photo on #nytassignment. 🌾

#CreativeConnections #Camden50 Thought I'd share this.

Sunset at the beach.

Sober or suicidal - staircase to hospital

We 'sea' a beautiful #huffpostgram by @mark_saldana

Multnomah Falls

Brooklyn Bridge - Sunset - New York City

New York City

Idyllic rooftop view in West Malling, Kent #goodmorning #architecture #instagram

Grand Canal Sunset

Morning Ride


Growing up on the tiny European island of Malta, Kurt Arrigo (@kurtarrigo) was never far from the water’s edge. At 9 years old he was trained to scuba dive. Soon after he picked up windsurfing. Eventually, and almost inevitably, he learned to sail, which progressed into racing yachts. “It was all very accessible for me to do what I loved to do,” he says. That love for the sea, water sports and the nautical lifestyle all came together in a career as a marine photographer. For more than 10 years now, Kurt’s international clientele has sent him around the world to photograph luxury vessels, underwater scenes and premier yachting events. To be successful with racing photography, says Kurt, “One needs to find the right balance between what is going on. What I am trying to capture tends to happen in bursts of excitement.” Photo by @kurtarrigo

The desert storms come and go quickly, bringing an array of colors and beauty not seen anywhere else. Canyonlands #NationalPark Ranger Claudia Castillo captured this photo of a #rainbow appearing after three different storms storms blew through the park last week. 🌈 For more great photos of #Canyonlands, check out our @stellerstories at Photo courtesy of Claudia Castillo. @ Canyonlands National Park

L i g h t i n g

SIC 33 - Waterfall Photography

@fotofacade's Sideclick! — Love this scene of daily life in West Malling,...

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Allestree, Derbyshire, St Edmund by sarumsleuth on Flickr.

Marmelo Mill, an incredible olive factory situated in Portugal, …

Sunset beneath the porch, Salisbury #architecture #instagram

L'elisir D'amore

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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Selfie with the Milk Way, a Perseid Meteor Shower, and the ISS

About two weeks ago, photographer Albert Dros got luckier than any photographer has any right to be, and in the process captured an image that truly …

Milky Way Galaxy

Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz / @thephotosoceity Lao Ji brings our stray camels back to camp. The camels were the only way we could access the roadless wilderness of dunes towering over 350m. This section of the Gobi, known as the Badain Jaran, has he tallest dunes in the world. They are formed by wind sweeping off the steppes of Central Asia that dump their load of sand as they approach the Tibetan Plateau. Photograph by motorized paraglider, with expedition and flight fuel transported by bactrian camel. #DesertAirBook @natgeo

Golden River

All lit up. Salisbury Cathedral last night #goodmorning #architecture #medieval #landscape #instagram

Hollyhocks and Georgian door. The Close Salisbury tonight

Hollyhocks and Georgian door. The Close Salisbury tonight


Golden fanlight, Salisbury #goodmorning #architecture #door #instagram

Small piece of shade on a sunny hike on Mad Creek near Steamboat Springs. #postflower #sun @ Mad Creek Trail

Mystic Sunrise

Shutter Speed

One Man