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Photo by @GerdLudwig. Sheep on a hill near Kawakawa on the North Island of New Zealand, where the people are outnumbered by sheep 7 to 1, or 4.4 million people and 30 million sheep. I'm happy to have my archive now represented by National Geographic Creative. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @theimagereview @LensCulture #agriculture #landscape #sheep #island #newzealand #travel #hills #farming #livestock #kawakawa


You, Me and the Universe

Last Snow

31 Incredibly Captivating Flower Photos by Wei-San Ooi

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Sand Falls

Rêve Orange

Spring breeze


Glorious view of the Marble Saloon ceiling right now at Stowe #architecture #instagram #classical

#autumn #leaves #garden #denmark #westernaustralia

Huntington Beach

Climb a roof & enjoy the sun

Home is where the heart is.

The Wheel

Palouse Hills

Kyoto Bamboo Forest

The old light ox caravan from the jog this morning #instagood

“Sunset refracted: shot from the twilight shoot with @marshallartss last night #goodmorning #photoserotonin”

Misty Morning

Hidden Realm


Sharp edges

green time

Easter Sunrise

sunset at the dana nature reserve, southwest jordan. met a local family of 8 who, after staring at this pale new yorker running around with all his camera gear, welcomed me into their tent for tea and asked if I'd photograph their children playing with pistachio shells. so human and warm, even with the language barrier. they offered a plate of the most incredible homemade breaded desert as payment, before heading off by truck, all of them waving furiously and calling out the one English word they felt comfortable saying loudly. "Byeeeeee!" #dana #shareyourjordan #litely @ Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan

Wildflower bouquet by Elena Elisseeva

Albatros III

#Sunset from Point of the Arches at #Olympic #NationalPark (#Washington). Part of the park's remote Shi Shi Beach, Point of the Arches features rock formations -- called sea stacks -- that stretch into the #PacificOcean. The best time to visit this #beach is April through October, but the beach can get busy during the summer months. Photo by Andy Porter ( @ Olympic National Park