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somewhere in Death Valley

Golden hour #Verbier #verbierfestival

Nighty night Princess's wherever you are. May your dreams be eventful. May you travel so far. To a place full of magic landing on a sparkling star . May you dance with such beauty and twirl with delight . When you wake in the morning having enjoyed such a night.... You will find glitter on your toes .... Oh what a sight!

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“Turneresque sky from the train this morning”

Romantic of North

Shutter Speed

“Corinthian #goodmorning #architecture #classical”

“cream on chrome // @ratatat 🎶”

When they aren’t shooting for magazines and mainstream children’s companies, photographer couple Ken Kinzie and April Riehm (@kinzieriehm) turn their cameras on something much more familiar: the adventures of their three children as they grow up in balmy Orlando, Florida. “School’s out and we’re all together in the summer — that’s where the magic begins,” Ken says of the backyard adventures and beach excursions that provide the backdrop for the moments they capture. “It’s not all sunshine and popsicles. We have the same struggles as other parents. But we’re probably not going to show the tantrums and nose-picking,” April says. “We’re not trying to portray a perfect lifestyle,” Ken adds, “when there is a breakdown or a trauma we put the cameras down and deal with it.” The children are often eager participants in their parents’ photos, bringing their own creative ideas to their activities. And for all of them, their photos tell a story. “They look at these images and they can remember what happened last week and last year,” April says. “They talk and ask questions. It’s like time traveling. We get to go back — we get to experience those tiny little moments again and again together as we’re flipping through the feed.” Photo by @kinzieriehm

Moonlight wild camp, Garnedd Ugain


Early morning horse ride in Middleburg, Va. (Photo by @cariotir/ The Washington Post)

Wonderful country scenes. From a story about Indiana HS hoops. #nikonusa #smalltown #photooftheday #thephotosociety

These Tiny Homes Will Convince You to Go Off the Grid

The completely sustainable Ecocapsule offers the ultimate in small space living — anywhere.

The tiny home trend is entering new territory, both in terms of style and sustainability, thanks to Ecocapsule, a compact, environmentally-friendly portable house.

According to Bored Panda, the Ecocapsule, …

Prefab Homes

Golden stone, golden days #goodmorning #light #architecture

silhouette sunset

Fire Breather


Despite the unrelenting heat, I forgot how beautiful the sunsets are when driving through central Florida. #PassengerSeat

#paddle boarding @ Potomac River

Photo @ladzinski / Light beams dancing and illuminating the #Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland. One of those mornings that you just want to go on forever, for me however it was a parting shot and the end to my time at the Alps #NatgeoStudentExpedition. I'm grateful for another fun season of working with budding photographers and enthusiastic students. @passepartout87 @larsonharley Until next year!

Beauty-an eternity that lasts a moment

Shutter Speed

Celestial Cypress


Golden hour, Ibiza - like an 80's LP cover

Holy Lights.

Shutter Speed

A Little Lovin' In The Sunlight

Landscape Photography

Telluride's Last Dollar