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#OccupyHongKong by Aksel Coruh on Foto8

#OccupyHongKong documents the Occupy Central demonstrations during the October National Holiday of 2014. Shot at the protest sites of Mong Kok in …

Hong Kong

Through Me - Iñaki and Asperger by Andrea Lamount

Iñaki is a highly gifted 10-year-old from Badalona with Asperger Syndrome. For two years he invited me into his life, this is his story by Andrea …

Women of the Peshmerga by Maryam Ashrafi

Kurdish Peshmerga women fighters have seen off many enemies throughout history, today they can be found on the frontline of the urgent conflict with …

Maidan, Ukraine: Chapter 2, what remains by Petr Toman

Maidan. From November till February, a war raged in Kiev. Hundreds of people died, thousands were injured or disappeared without trace. This is what …

Forcella, Naples, by Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentini Piccinni

Forcella is stabbed into the deepest guts of Naples, the oldest and fiercest neighborhood in the city. A photostory by Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina …

Calais, Port of Hope and Despair by Salvador Banyo

The port of Calais, with links from the European continent to the United Kingdom is the last milestone for migrants fleeing strife, seeking a better …

I will walk along the Huveaune – Chris Garvi

"I will walk along the Huveaune” is an on going project. It should have been the Mississippi, like Alec Soth, but the Huveaune was more convenient.

Ukraine by Nicola Bertasi and Anaïs Poirot-Gorse


Syrian Refugees in Istanbul by Turjoy Chowdhury

Since the start of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, an increasing number of refugees from Syria have sought asylum in Turkey. An escalation in …


Dealing With the Dead – the Troajan by Nat Wilkins

Ancient traditions die-hard in the highlands of Tana Toraja, in the South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. The Troajan are proud of their Christianity

Syria: Refugees and Rebels by Russell Chapman

Syria: Refugees and Rebels by Russell Chapman, a personal photographic journey through Syria and the surrounding refugee camps.

The Syriacs of Tirbespiyeh by Yann Renoult

Yann Renoult documents the ancient community of Syrian Christians and the resistance of Syriacs in Tirbespiyeh against the advance if the Islamic …

Mosconi, an Indomitable Village by Los Ojos de Anita

A crumbling world, an uncertain future looming - a story that transcends borders, but meet Jose Fernandez Pepino, a "Piquetero" from the indomitable …

Coal miners of the Jiu Valley, Romania by Gabriel Amza


Post-Revolution Tunisia by Tom Szustek


Fieldwork Italy, the Basilicata by Alessandro Penso

Each year in Italy undocumented migrant workers, Basilicata travel for miles from east to west and from south to north of the country following the …

The Wall of Europe by Sergi Cámara

The border between Europe from Africa, Morocco and Spain, is 12 km long, seven meters high, guarded by the army and police on both sides, 24 hours a …

The Roma of Greece by Rapakousis Dimitris


Suhrawardi Uddyan, Bangladesh by Kazi Riasat Alve

Suhrawardi Uddyan park has become more than just open space for refreshment, it's a sanctuary to many who find themselves abandoned or destitute in …

Snowed-In: Frozen Nomads of the French Alps by Laure Maugeais

Seasonal workers park up for the winter in the French Alps and find themselves snowed-in until the thaw of spring.

Femen - The Naked War by Leo Novel

Femen, a Sextremist topless protest group. Founded in 2008 , Ukraine, Femen fights against patriarchy, dictatorship, religion and sex industry.

Getaway and The Light Above, by George Charisis

Getaway and The Light Above are two stories by George Charisis that look at the experiences of Greece in the financial crisis and the loss of …

Forcados, the Portuguese Bullfighters by Eduardo Leal

Portuguese forcados lie somewhere between the bull riders of the Americas and the bloodier bullfighters of Spain...

Havana, a Slice of the Fifties by Graciela Magnoni

Havana, Cuba: Lovers glance into each others eyes and not down at their blackberries, neighbors chat in the streets...

The Spanish Crisis by Joupin Ghamsari

Ever since the real estate bubble burst in 2008, Spain has been on a downward spiral sparking a financial crisis that has spread throughout the …

Abkhazia Turns Twenty by Guillaume Poli and Frederic Delorca

The Black Sea nation, Abkhazia, celebrated 20 years of independence. Only a few, including Russia, recognize its existence. Photos Guillaume Poli

Just Another Sunny Day in Damascus by Sergey Ponomarev

Daily life in Damascus during the Syrian civil war photographed by Sergey Ponomarev / LightMediation

REM Days, Cuba, by Sergio Leyva Seiglie

Fifty-two years after Cuba last came under attack, its government maintains a policy called All People’s War. Inspired by Cold War policies, All …

Guardians of the Stones: The Tatars of Crimea by Alban Kakulya

Crimea is an in-between world, a peninsula still tied by a thread to Ukraine yet on the verge of drifting away at any moment. In its attempt to sail …