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For The Love of Punk has humble beginnings – We started this whole thing on a couch in Denver in 2011. Co-founders Johnny Wilson and Dawn Wilson were looking for a way to promote the local Denver scene they loved so much. Realizing most punk-centered music sites focus on “the big guys,” they decided to go for it and put the locals they loved into the limelight. Eventually FtLP caught on, and dozens of Colorado punk rock lovers wanted in on the action and started writing not just news, but album and show reviews and shooting photos of the bands they love. Not long after, in 2012, Managing Editor Krista Gjestland took FtLP to Detroit and the Midwest and Reviews Editor Ross Hostage started beefing up our reviews coverage. Now we have Patrick Houdek and Kendra Sheetz well on their way to conquering Chicago alongside contributors in New Mexico, North Carolina and more. We even have a few Italian friends getting in on it! In addition we now have more than 100 sponsored shows under our belt and have sponsored sever