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Past Mortems by Carla Valentine – a love of the dead, maggots and all

Valentine relished working in a variety of mortuaries and now curates a pathology museum. She presents all the grisly details<p>When well-meaning adults asked young Carla Valentine what she wanted to be when she grew up they generally recoiled in horror. From the age of nine she was adamant she wanted …


Mortuary tour

Forensic medicine unlike C.S.I. says Saint John pathologist

Saint John pathologist Dr. Ken Obenson says there is a shortage of trained pathologists across the country<p>In books and on television, forensics looks …


The right skills for a job few would want

The bodies arrive at the Royal Inland Hospital’s morgue by 10 a.m. One of several body-transport companies typically delivers the child from whichever part of B.C. they’re from.<p>Dr. Lisa Steele and an autopsy assistant get to work quickly.<p>The babies are first weighed and measured. Then, Steele takes …

Death's companions: Meet Nova Scotia's forensic pathology team

The medical examiner's office never stops dealing with the dead. It's a living. In a modern glass and steel building, embedded in the Burnside …

Nova Scotia

'It's Not About the Dead Body:' Forensic Pathologist on 'Working Stiff' - Crime Watch Daily

How to become a Medical Examiner (Forensic Pathologist)

A day in the life of a forensic pathologist

Author Jonathan Hayes: ‘Pathologically interested’

Maybe the least interesting thing about Dr. Jonathan Hayes is he’s the author of two novels.<p>Born in England, he spent time as a child in Jamaica and …

A forensic pathology pioneer | Tabaret | University of Ottawa

By Mike Foster<p>Kona Williams (MD ’09) had no idea what kind of doctor she wanted to be when she started medical school in 2005 as part of uOttawa’s …

Margaret Pereira obituary

Forensic scientist who shattered glass ceilings to become the last controller of the service in England and Wales<p>Margaret Pereira, who has died aged 88, was a distinguished forensic scientist with an international reputation. Early in her career, she developed a highly sensitive method of …


The “real” CSI: not as seen on TV

For some, binge watching all 11 seasons of <i>Criminal Minds</i> in a matter of a few weeks can be considered a remarkable feat. For others, watching an FBI …


The CSI Guide To Getting Into Forensic Science

Unsurprisingly, forensic science has become an increasingly popular career choice for young people over the past 15 years or so, thanks to TV dramas …


BBC Radio 4 - Today, Do women make better doctors?

A US study claims that female physicians kill fewer patients than their male counterparts. Dr Ashish Jha, author of the study, suggests women use medical evidence more effectively.<p>Dr Scarlett McNally, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon says after years of trying to prove women doctors are just as …


Linear A Levels

Medical Schools & AS Levels For 2017 Entry<p>How will Linear A Levels affect your medical school application? With the new Linear A level system coming …

Who Should Take the Test

<b>The information below is subject to change.</b><p>The UKCAT is a compulsory entry requirement for our Consortium Universities. Candidates are required to …

Getting Into Medical School in the UK

Alberta appoints new chief medical examiner to 'maintain stability' in office

Dr. Elizabeth Brooks-Lim has been acting chief medical examiner since July of this year<p>Forensic pathologist Dr. Elizabeth Brooks-Lim has been …

Godfrey Oettle, forensic scientist with international reputation

Dr Godfrey Oettle, former director of forensic medicine in Sydney, has died at the age of 89.<p>Oettle, variously described as the Scarlet Pimpernel and …

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The NYPD Unit That Speaks for the Dead

NEW YORK—There are a few ways a person can go when, on a daily basis, they witness horrific deaths and violence. Some people may start developing …

Medicine MBBS

Medicine at Oxford University

A Day in the Life of MBChB Students