Careers in forensic pathology, medicine & science

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What it is really like to work at Hull's mortuary

You could be forgiven for thinking dealing with dead people all day would be a depressing and morbid job.<p>But for those working in Hull and East …


David Ranson a forensic explanation of forensics - Breakfast - ABC Radio

When you open the door to forensic medicine, you want to look and you don't want to look, for fear of what you might see. To give us a peep into that …


Should Pathologists Be Physicians??

What I am about to write I am sure will be considered by some as controversial and perhaps likely illogical but after a bit of consideration I felt I …

The Doctors Whose Patients Are Already Dead

Inside the autopsy lab, pathologists talk about the emotional rewards of medicine's most-maligned specialty—and what it's like to work side-by-side with death.<p>It takes five hours to disassemble the body.<p>The dead man—“H: 71 inches,” as scrawled on the autopsy-room whiteboard—is laid out on a metal …


Fact not fiction: five pathology myths debunked

As the ‘black box’ of healthcare, pathology is plagued by perpetual myths and misunderstandings.<p>We’re sharing five of our favourites but we want to …

Why I Became a Pathologist

<i>Justin, Riley, and Ashley Bishop</i><p>I am Justin Bishop, one of the chief residents and a 4th year resident in Pathology. My co-chief, Dr. Julie Karp, …


Attributes of a Pathologist

Choosing a Pathology Subspecialty: Quick Fellowship Descriptions

You don’t need to do a month rotation in every fellowship to get an idea about what each subspecialty is like. Read through these brief descriptions …

The Expert Witnesses: Michael Jackson, firearms

• Vanita Parekh, responses to sexual assault<br>• Philip Herd, fingerprints<p>There is no such thing as magic bullets.<p>Firearms expert Michael Jackson is …

John F. Kennedy

The Expert Witnesses: Providing responses to sexual assault

• Philip Herd, fingerprints<br>• Michael Jackson, firearms<p>It is a common perception that a victim of sexual assault will either fight back or flee, says …

This is what happens when you die

A person's death sets of a chain of events that starts with a phone call.


A doctor for the dead: How Dallas' medical examiner solves crimes

Dallas County Medical Examiner Jeffrey Barnard and his 13 staff members perform more than 3,000 autopsies each year. Most of the time, they do their …

SPECIAL REPORT | Forensic Pathologist Shortage

<b>WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) --</b> An emergency position request was submitted to the Marathon County board for an additional medical examiner because of …

Pathology on the Street E01


Role of the Forensic Pathologist

Silent Witnesses: Why do females make up most of those investigating crime using science?

Some attribute it to the "<i>CSI</i> effect" – the portrayal of intelligent women sampling bodily fluids in stilettos – that attracts so many women to …

Canadian Literature

@DrDLittle Medical students at Cambridge.

Speakers for the dead

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, 20 years after the fact, Hennepin County’s Chief Medical Examiner Andrew Baker was surprised he could remember his first …


The science behind solving serious crime


Victoria, a Forensic Science graduate, uses DNA to prove innocence and guilt!


BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

The entry criteria below shows the qualification range within which the University will make offers. Most offers we make are at the top of the range, …


MSc Forensic Mental Health


Real forensic scientists don't wear stillettos

High drama, hummers and high heels -- oh my, in the Sault?<p>When the crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation first appeared in 2000, and then spun …

UCLan Forensic Sciences

The Forensic Myth: our forensics expert tackles some of TV’s biggest fibs

Forensic science is all the rage in Hollywood. Shows like NCIS, Elementary and Law & Order SVU have made rock stars of scientists, depicting them as trendy experts as quick with a DNA search as they are with a gun or a glib one-liner.<p>The popularity of depicting forensic science on the silver …

A Day in the Life of a Pathologist - MEDTakeovers by Jerad Gardner, MD