Blunt Force Trauma

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Scientists swing corpses on a pendulum to test whether humans are evolved for punching

Scientists have swung human corpses around on a pendulum to establish that the human body evolved so that we could punch each other.<p>Our hands didn’t …

Lmfaooo ain't no way she survived this hit that fist had the power of 600 Selena bidi bidi bum bums it melted her face

Floating in the Face of Danger: MaxFax injuries in the ED

You put an adult trauma call out and start preparing for the patient.<p>You feel a bit like you have taken the blow yourself, but preparation is key, so …

Facial tripod fracture - lateral orbit, zygoma, and maxilla. Requires surgical management. #EMConf

Print your own 3D Lucy to work out how the famous hominin died

Digital scans will help researchers test whether she fell out of a tree.<p>The world’s most famous fossil is now open source. 3D scans of Lucy — a …


Family tree fall: human ancestor Lucy died in arboreal accident, say scientists

Researchers claim analysis of 3.2m-year-old skeleton of ‘grandmother of humanity’ shows injuries consistent with those of humans falling on hard ground, but others query findings<p>The ancient human ancestor known as Lucy may have met her death more than 3m years ago when she tumbled out of a tree and …


Hope everyone has a great weekend, for those working here's some #BoxersFracture basics #FOAMed #ortho

Project 2 #Odysseyfieldschool by Winsome Lee: Upper limb fractures - type & distribution in Cypriot males & females

Man fighting for his life after Birmingham 'road rage attack'

Victim remains unconscious with serious head injuries after ‘unprovoked’ attack on Friday evening in Kitts Green area of city<p>A man is fighting for his life after allegedly being punched during a suspected road rage attack. The assault took place on Gressel Lane in Kitts Green, Birmingham, at 6.30pm …



This article is about a type of acceleration. For other uses, see G-Force (disambiguation).<p>This article is about effects of long acceleration. For …

The Physics Behind a Madman’s Parachute-Free Skydive Into a Giant Net

Luke Aikins went skydiving without a parachute. This is crazy—not because it’s impossible, but because really bad things happen if you make a …


Odyssey Fieldschool (season 3 2016) discovering broken noses: antemortem healed nasal fracture - @Larner_Llama

US skydiver jumps without parachute into net from 25,000ft

<b>American Luke Aikins has become the first person to jump from 25,000 ft (7,620m) without a parachute, landing safely in a net.</b><p>Mr Aikins - who has more than 18,000 jumps under his belt - fell dead centre into the 100x100ft net in Simi Valley, southern California.<p>During the two-minute fall aired live …


Skydiver makes history by jumping 25,000 feet into a net without a parachute

A skydiver has made history by becoming the first person to jump 25,000 feet without a parachute.<p>Luke Aikins, 42, a veteran of 18,000 jumps, completed the stunt without mishap, landing almost in the middle of the 100ft by 100ft net.<p>Taking only a few moments to regain his composure, Mr Aikins dusted …

Elephant kills seven-year-old girl by launching rock at her head

A schoolgirl has died after she was hit on the head by a rock launched by an elephant at a zoo in Morocco.<p>The seven-year-old had been standing with …

Fracture with butterfly fragment | Radiology Case

Morel-Lavallee Lesions

<b>Clinical History:</b> A 39 year-old male patient complains of right thigh/pelvic pain and swelling, after being dragged along rocks while parasailing. …


MMA fighter 'captured' with Pokéball suffers fractured skull in brutal KO

The Pokémon Go craze has reached the world of MMA after a British fighter pretended to ‘catch’ his opponent after a KO.<p>British MMA fighter Michael ‘Venom’ Page grabbed a Pokémon-themed hat and a pretend Pokéball which he rolled towards Brazilian opponent Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos after his …

Birmingham wall collapse deaths: All five bodies recovered

<b>The bodies of all five workers killed in a wall collapse at a recycling plant in Birmingham have been recovered.</b><p>Two bodies were retrieved from the rubble at Hawkeswood Metal in Nechells on Thursday, with the third being removed on Friday morning.<p>The men, originally from Gambia, died when a 15ft …


Blowout orbital fracture | Radiology Case

Mid-air skydiving collision kills experienced jumper and injures another

Bond Springer, 32, of Florida, dies during skydiving event in South Carolina The other skydiver landed safely but with a broken leg<p>Deputies in South Carolina said on Sunday a skydiver collided with another skydiver in midair before falling about 14,000ft to his death.<p>Local media outlets reported …

San Diego

Father killed after suicidal student lands on him

A South Korean civil servant has been killed after he was hit by a student who had jumped to his death.<p>Yang Dae-jin, 39, was killed when the …

Public Policy

Emily Davison stepped in front of the king's horse #onthisday 1913. It made her a martyr for women's suffrage

Work at height

This site shows what you, as an employer, need to do to protect your employees when they work at height. It will also be useful to employees and …

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