How to Make Polenta

Got a bag of cornmeal in the back of a cupboard and no idea what to cook with it? Here are 12 recipes for polenta dishes, from a simple creamy bowl to fries, soup, lasagna and even pizza base. Plus, ways to incorporate cornmeal in cakes, puddings and desserts. Bonus: Cornmeal is usually gluten free.

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How to Make Polenta
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    Know Your Grains

    FYI: Polenta is the dish, not the grain. Here's more on everything from the difference between grits and polenta to a Caribbean cornmeal dish called fungi (pronounced “foon-ji,” with no relation to mushrooms).

    Grits Vs. Polenta: What's The Difference?

    Grits Vs. Polenta: What's The Difference?

    9 savory Polenta Recipes

    Make a delicious creamy bowl, add Italian flavors or use your polenta as the starting point to make crispy, delicious fries.

    Cornmeal crusts

    Cornmeal can be used instead of breadcrumbs to add a crispy and gluten-free coating to fish or meat,

    Sweet Cornmeal Treats

    Polenta cakes are a classic Italian dessert — they are usually cornmeal-based, rather than polenta, and citrus flavors are often used.

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