Easy One Pot Recipes

Delicious flavor combinations, simple recipes and minimal washing up. What's not to love? Here are recipes for pastas, rice dishes, hearty stews and casseroles — think hot honey pork chops with escarole and white beans, smoked haddock and cheddar gratin, and beef tamale pie.

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Easy One Pot Recipes
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    Spaghetti, tortellini or penne, all cooked in a single pan.

    One-Pan Pasta

    One-Pan Pasta


    The classic one-pot dish: Risotto, plus a yummy Puerto Rican favorite and a simple skillet chicken.

    Oven-Baked Dishes

    Easy cheesy gratin, chicken in a pot with lemon and orzo, and sausage bake with spuds.

    Hearty Stews and hotpots

    Enjoy sukiyaki, Irish stew, and doro was (spicy Ethiopian chicken).

    Cast-Iron Favorites

    Yes, you can cook a pie in a skillet.

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