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Celebrate 4th of July With A Patriotic Craft

Here's a super fun patriotic craft to get your kids pumped about upcoming 4th of July celebrations.Read more here - Celebrate 4th of July With A …

July 4th

Celebrate the Great Outdoors with Nature Bingo

Summer is a great time to be outdoors more than usual. You might be taking long walks at your local forest preserve, going on a camping trip, or …


Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Growing up, every birthday party seemed to include the classic ice cream cake. It was a perfect combination: ice cream, cookie crumbs, chocolate …

Ice Cream

Bite-Size Raspberry Candy Melts

My four year old is a serious sugar-holic. While my other kids could happily go for a piece of fruit over a sucker, he would happily give every dime …


Build A City In Minutes With Printable Magnets

Is your fridge in need of something new, something fun? Push aside those alphabet letters and weekly dinner schedules to build a magnetic city …


7 Purrfect DIY Crafts for Cats And Their Humans

A collection cat-approved crafts to make and enjoy with your little purring machines.Read more here - 7 Purrfect DIY Crafts for Cats And Their Humans


Reinventing The Ice Cream Sandwich

Ah, the ice cream sandwich – a classic taste of childhood that holds a sweet spot in all of our hearts. I can remember waiting on the front steps as …

Recycled Pizza Box Car Garage

Vroom! Transform a cardboard pizza box into the perfect place to park all your little one's favorite little rides.Read more here - Recycled Pizza Box …


Hit The Recipe Runway With Sugar Wafer Dress Cookies

How about a clever cookie that combines food, fashion, and fun? These sweet treats are just simple, store-bought sugar wafer cookies that have been …


DIY Cardboard Unicorn Ring Holder

They’re real! Unicorns are real! And this DIY Unicorn Ring Holder is proof. Kids will have so much fun making a magical little friend to keep watch …


How To Make Flower Petal White Chocolate Bowls

Edible chocolate bowls are the best way to serve up springtime desserts! It's a treat in a treat :)Read more here - How To Make Flower Petal White …


DIY Shaggy Dog Is The Easiest Pet Ever

Not a week goes by without my 8-year-old daughter bringing up the “can I PLEASE have a dog” conversation. She would be a wonderful dog-mother and …


3-Step Blueberry Puff Pastry Tart

Fresh berries in warm, golden crust? Yes please! Fruity recipes are the best way to keep dessert healthy and summer sweet.Read more here - 3-Step …

Puff Pastry

6 Cute Cactus Crafts That Won’t Hurt

The humble cactus is having quite moment these days. They’re popping up everywhere. At first I was a little meh about the whole phenomenon, but I can …


DIY Coloring Placemats For The Food Loving Little

How many times have we heard (or said), don’t play with your food! Well, I don’t want to totally turn things upside down, but here’s a little secret: …


Learn How To Line a Drawer Like a Pro

The party never stops at Handmade Charlotte! Especially when you’re joined by super talented party people like Barb Blair. Furniture designer, …


Painted Popsicle Art Is The Best Kind Of Art

Who knew that popsicle in your freezer could be the canvas for your next masterpiece? Delicious, nutritious, and so cute to look at – they’re the …


6 Butterfly Projects to Make Your Imagination Flutter

I’ve been waiting all spring for wonderful winged things to start appearing outside our kitchen window – and I think it’s finally time! We spotted …

Arts and Crafts

Fun Fruity DIY Coloring Stickers

Using your shirt to wipe away juicy watermelon as it runs down your chin. Picking bright red strawberries from a roadside field. Squeezing lemons …


Candy Bar Party Pups Are Best In Show

These candy canines are so doggone cute, I had a hard time giving them away! I surprised my daughter’s second grade class with a great big litter of …


Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

Last week, we finally had a stretch of mild days bathed in spring sunshine. The kids were happy — their cheeks sporting the rosy glow that comes from …


Simple Hot Cross Cinnamon Rolls

I sort of have a thing for cinnamon rolls. I find them to be the perfect breakfast indulgence and like to make them for special (and non-special) …


Root Beer Float Pops

Minnesotans often get teased for always talking about the weather — and looking back at all my previous posts here on Handmade Charlotte, it’s clear …

Root Beer

The Purrfect Birthday Cake

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Tell me I’m not alone on this one. My kids insist on having a party for our cat every year. She’s a very sweet, …


Turn Your Collections into Clutter-Free Wall Art

Wrangle up kids’ collections from around the house and create an interesting art piece that cuts down on the clutter. This dual-purpose DIY art …


DIY Cereal Box Mail Carrier Bag for Kids

One of my preschooler’s favorite afterschool activities is to check the mailbox with me. I’m not sure why he loves it so much. Maybe it’s the fact …

Kids Crafts

Carrot and Beet Sorbet

A healthy dessert to keep kids cool and happy during the warm summer months.Read more here - Carrot and Beet Sorbet


Design Your Own DIY Eraser Jewelry

Kids will have a ball transforming everyday school supplies into precious gems!Read more here - Design Your Own DIY Eraser Jewelry


Create A Cup-and-Ball Bouquet

Cut paper petals turn this classic toy into handfuls of flowery fun.Read more here - Create A Cup-and-Ball Bouquet