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Celebrate 4th of July With A Patriotic Craft

Here's a super fun patriotic craft to get your kids pumped about upcoming 4th of July celebrations.Read more here - Celebrate 4th of July With A …


Celebrate the Great Outdoors with Nature Bingo

BINGO! See who can find a whole row of nature finds with these adorable printable game cards.Read more here - Celebrate the Great Outdoors with …


Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Every birthday party should include the classic ice cream cake: ice cream, cookie crumbs, chocolate fudge, some candy, and more ice cream. Yum!Read …

Ice Cream

Bite-Size Raspberry Candy Melts

These melt-in-your-mouth candies won't last long around sugar loving littles. Perfect for entertaining, gifting, or just popping on the go!Read more …

Food & Dining

Build A City In Minutes With Printable Magnets

Kids become the architects of their own little worlds with easy magnetic printables. A great excerise in visual storytelling.Read more here - Build A …


7 Purrfect DIY Crafts for Cats And Their Humans

A collection cat-approved crafts to make and enjoy with your little purring machines.Read more here - 7 Purrfect DIY Crafts for Cats And Their Humans


Reinventing The Ice Cream Sandwich

7 creative ways to update this classic frozen treat - from pie to chai to cookie dough!Read more here - Reinventing The Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream

Recycled Pizza Box Car Garage

Vroom! Transform a cardboard pizza box into the perfect place to park all your little one's favorite little rides.Read more here - Recycled Pizza Box …


Hit The Recipe Runway With Sugar Wafer Dress Cookies

Dress up dessert with this simple, stylish recipe that combines food, fun, and fashion!Read more here - Hit The Recipe Runway With Sugar Wafer Dress …


DIY Cardboard Unicorn Ring Holder

Unicorns are real! Make a magical recycled ring holder to keep watch over your kiddo's most prized possessions.Read more here - DIY Cardboard Unicorn …


How To Make Flower Petal White Chocolate Bowls

Edible chocolate bowls are the best way to serve up springtime desserts! It's a treat in a treat :)Read more here - How To Make Flower Petal White …


DIY Shaggy Dog Is The Easiest Pet Ever

Meet your crafty kid's new best friend! All he needs is a little bit of time and a whole lotta love.Read more here - DIY Shaggy Dog Is The Easiest …


3-Step Blueberry Puff Pastry Tart

Fresh berries in warm, golden crust? Yes please! Fruity recipes are the best way to keep dessert healthy and summer sweet.Read more here - 3-Step …

Puff Pastry

6 Cute Kid-Friendly Cactus Crafts That Won’t Hurt

Paper, knit, and cupcake cacti are the way to go! Lovely, low-hassle crafts to celebrate our favorite southwestern friends.Read more here - 6 Cute …


DIY Coloring Placemats

A colorful plate is a happy plate! Paper Placemat Printables make it fun and easy to teach kids all about the wonderful world of food.Read more here …


Learn How To Line a Drawer Like a Pro

The party continues! See how we used fabric to create a beautlful drawer liner and to add the perfect finishing touch to our DIY dresser.Read more …


Popsicle Art Is The Best Kind Of Art

Fruit juices make great paints! A fun and healthy way to turn that popsicle in your freezer into your little artist's next masterpiece.Read more here …


6 Butterfly Projects to Make Your Imagination Flutter

Butterflies are like living art! Use their eye-catching colors to help kids spread their own creative wings with these time-flying DIYs.Read more …


Fun Fruity DIY Coloring Stickers

Using your shirt to wipe away juicy watermelon as it runs down your chin. Picking bright red strawberries from a roadside field. Squeezing lemons …


Candy Bar Party Pups Are Best In Show

This little party animal knows how to please a crowd! A super easy treat that's almost too cute to eat.Read more here - Candy Bar Party Pups Are Best …

Food & Dining

Easy Breakfast Bagel Bunnies

Bunnies are my little one’s favorite animal, so you can imagine how excited she gets when all the cute Easter stuff starts trickling into stores. …


Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

Last week, we finally had a stretch of mild days bathed in spring sunshine. The kids were happy — their cheeks sporting the rosy glow that comes from …


Simple Hot Cross Cinnamon Rolls

I sort of have a thing for cinnamon rolls. I find them to be the perfect breakfast indulgence and like to make them for special (and non-special) …


Root Beer Float Pops

Minnesotans often get teased for always talking about the weather — and looking back at all my previous posts here on Handmade Charlotte, it’s clear …

Root Beer

Turn Your Collections into Clutter-Free Wall Art

Wrangle up kids’ collections from around the house and create an interesting art piece that cuts down on the clutter. This dual-purpose DIY art …


DIY Mail Carrier Bag for Kids

This simple cereal box mail carrier signs, seals, and delivers hours of imaginary play.Read more here - DIY Mail Carrier Bag for Kids


Carrot and Beet Sorbet

A healthy dessert to keep kids cool and happy during the warm summer months.Read more here - Carrot and Beet Sorbet


Design Your Own DIY Eraser Jewelry

Kids will have a ball transforming everyday school supplies into precious gems!Read more here - Design Your Own DIY Eraser Jewelry


Create A Cup-and-Ball Bouquet

Cut paper petals turn this classic toy into handfuls of flowery fun.Read more here - Create A Cup-and-Ball Bouquet