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A Former Ferrari Designer Unveils His Own "Rosso Corsa" Supercar

The kode57 looks familiar and with good reason: the car's creator, renowned industrial designer Ken Okuyama, cut his teeth at Italian car design firm Pininfarina, supervising projects like the Ferrari Enzo and the one-off P4/5 before establishing his own eponymous outfit, Ken Okuyama Design. So it …



DJI Osmo Plus Camera

Give your videos a professional look your smartphone just can't provide with the DJI Osmo Plus Camera. This handheld gimbal provides powerful …


Explore The Hidden Worlds of our National Parks

website<p>Explore The Hidden Worlds of our National Parks<p><p>Follow rangers on a journey to places most people never go in …

National Parks

This Insane Mega Yacht Concept Has Its Own Private Beach

<i>Visit the original post to see all 8 images from this gallery.</i>The majority of yachts are designed with introversion in mind, as to be all-inclusive. …

Automotive Design

Lamborghini Centenario Roadster - 217mph drop-top debuts in Monterey

Lamborghini will make just 20 examples of its new Centenario Roadster, unveiled during Monterey Car Week.<p>The Italian brand whipped the covers off its …


Flowing Paper Collages Panels

Amy Genser travaille le papier d’une manière obsessionnelle et depuis la fin de ses études d’art, elle en explore la souplesse et le potentiel dans …


Enchanted Walls in Russia

Avec son bon coup d’oeil et ses bombes de peinture, Nikita Nomerz peuple les villes de Russie de créatures étranges et merveilleuses. Tout est …


My name is Niek Pulles, graduated in 2009 at Design Academy Eindhoven / Man and Identity.<p>Blurring boundaries between product design and fashion while investigating the interacts between body and material is the core of my work.<p>Childhood inspiration, archetypes, primitive forms with a hands on technique describes my creative signature. If you would have to give it a name I would prefer researcher and visual designer always with an unorthodox approach towards new processes. HEYNIEK

Guerrilla Artists Disrupt the Art Gallery

Avant-garde designers are rewriting the rules and making the world their art gallery.<p>To make your way into the art world, you have to work within the …

Aston Martin's Vanquish Zagato Volante Will Take Your Breath Away

| By<p>|<p>Comments:<p>ShareRedditPinTweetPlusEmail<p>Hot off the heels of the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato's launch, the British marque has unveiled the Volante …

Aston Martin

lamborghini huracan spyder emerges with camouflage finish

lamborghini huracan spyder emerges with camouflage finish<p><b>‘ad personam’ is lamborghini’s in-house customization department, responsible for catering</b> …


Here’s how Ford’s self-driving cars will work

Ford has big plans to get into self-driving cars.<p>On Tuesday, the automaker announced that it aims to roll out an autonomous taxi fleet in at least one city in 2021. Ford said its driverless cars will have level 4 autonomy, meaning they will not have a steering wheel, gas or brake pedals.<p>While this …

Henry Ford

Beautiful Houses: Floating Home on a Lake in Seattle

Beautiful Houses: Floating Home on a Lake in Seattle GisMullr Aug 19, 2016Today we will show you an inspiring floating home in Seattle, a project …



How Tesla's Self-Driving Autopilot Actually Works

Review: Bose QC35 Headphones

I take sick joy in flying. Most people hate air travel. I get it—the atrocious lines, the cramped seating, the overpriced gum at Hudson News. I …

Audio Quality

AMADAS Smart Lock: The Truly User-Centric Security Solution


Cadillac Reveals New Design Direction With Escala Concept

Cadillac wowed visitors to Monterey Car Week with the unveiling of its Escala Concept, a large four-door design study that points the way for the …

Automotive Design

mclaren 570GT MSO concept 562hp monochromatic supercar

mclaren 570GT MSO concept is the 562hp monochromatic supercar<p><b>mclaren 570GT MSO concept: mclaren have released details of the new ‘570GT’ ahead of its</b> …

Carbon fiber

Interactive Dynamic Video

North American Debut For Ferrari's GTC4Lusso At Monterey Car Week

As the 2016 Monterey Car Week gets underway, Ferrari has chosen Casa Ferrari Carmel, which is the brand's "home away from home", to display the …


Cadillac Escala Concept Debuts At Pebble Beach With Company's Future Style

| By<p>|<p>Comments:<p>ShareRedditPinTweetPlusEmail<p>The Cadillac Escala Concept is the latest in a line of show cars the company has launched at the Pebble …


‘Wireless fiber’ could give us gigabit Internet speeds with no cables at all

So, you're on the hunt for a new home-Internet provider. The one you like seems to offer fast, reliable service, but its footprint ends just short of where you happen to live — and there aren't many other options in your area. Too bad: Looks like you'll be sticking with slow speeds and lackluster …


Self-Healing Clothing Made From Squid Teeth Can Repair Itself

The technology could be a key to truly sustainable clothing.<p>Scientists have come up with a way to make rips in clothes repair themselves. Teenagers are going to be furious.<p>The self-repairing materials, created by researchers at Penn State University, are based on proteins from a squid's ring teeth. …


Amazon's Alexa Fund joins $35 million funding round for the makers of the Ecobee smart thermostat

The online mega-retailer joined a $35 million funding round for the makers of the Alexa-compatible Ecobee smart thermostat -- a top rival of …


10 Amazing Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Consider us ​ink-spired (I'll see myself out). ​<p>While we may not all be blessed with the courage to ask for a body of tattoos like Rihanna (we're more of the Kendall Jenner "tiny ink dot aaaaaaand we're done" mentality), we're always here for a vicarious glimpse into the lives of the brave souls …



M O S<br>————<br>[En] The object group MOS (Moss) is the first part of Borgman | Lenk‘s permanent installations at EAL Lillebælt Academy in Odense DK. The …