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Surviving the Transition - Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension



<i>by Kevin Daley, The Daily Caller:</i><p>Former CIA Director John Brennan seemed to promise a lawsuit Sunday after President Donald Trump revoked his …

Donald Trump

Archaeologists Have Removed And Analysed The Black Egyptian Sarcophagus Contents

There are a few surprises.<p>Archaeologists have had a closer look at the bones inside that mysterious black granite sarcophagus, and now have a better …


If You Read Between The Lines, Global Economic Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming

Sometimes, a strongly-worded denial is the most damning evidence of all that something is seriously wrong. And when things start to really get crazy, …

Stock Markets

Be informed: Comprehensive list of dangerous chemicals you must avoid

(Natural News) Manufacturers of food and body products deliberately add toxic chemicals to their merchandise, putting the general public at risk of …

Are omega-3 foods the key to protecting yourself against toxic air pollution?

(Natural News) Researchers at <i>Harvard Medical School</i> have found that taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements may mitigate the negative effects of air …

Have British Spies Been Hacking the EU?

The European Union has accused British intelligence agencies of disrupting Brexit negotiations—creating a new public dispute that could poison …


Fireball lights up night sky over Alabama, 40 times brighter than the moon

<i>Courtesy: NASA TV</i><p>NASA says a fireball that streaked across the US SouthEast was traveling about 53,700 miles per hour (86,422 kilometres per hour) …

Researcher Joseph P Farrell How the Secret Space Program Really Works

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits that Make It Superior to Table Salt

By Dr. Axe Pink Himalayan salt is often said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt available on this planet today. It has all kinds …

University of Washington

Was Hillary The Real Colluder?

You know the 'Russiagate' narrative is wearing thin on America's thinking public when mainstream media are prepared to run such opinion pieces as …

Donald Trump

Pismo The Kid: The Big Wave Surfing Goat

"Serious Incident" Unfolds As NATO Jet Accidentally Launches Secret Missile Near Russian Border

<b>Estonia’s defense minister has halted a NATO war exercise</b> in Estonia pending an investigation after a <b>fighter jet deployed in northeast Europe</b> …


ET Extraterrestrial Structures on the Moon - Sgt Karl Wolfe

Bill Tompkins Last lecture at MUFON 2018 - Secret Space


Charlie Brown Explains How to Demand Your Choice of Mercury Free Dentist

Charlie Brown

Bloomberg: A Challenge to the Biggest Idea in Behavioral Finance

A Challenge to the Biggest Idea in Behavioral Finance Two professors make an interesting argument, but the theory of loss aversion isn’t dead yet. …

Northwestern University

New Emails Reveal Steele Had "Extensive" 2016 Contacts With #4 DOJ Official While Compiling Dossier

The former British spy who used Kremlin sources to assemble a Clinton-funded anti-Trump dossier, which the Obama administration used to spy on the …

Donald Trump

MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents

This is very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia … or would have been stealth if it were up to the …

Clinton Foundation

Rudy Giuliani: Robert Mueller is Now Implicated in Collusion and Soft Coup Attempt

<b>Interesting. As previously said: the biggest takeaway from the documents today, showing the 2017 communication between Christopher Steele and Bruce</b> …

Americans Are Begging The Government And Corporations To End Free Speech

<i>Authored by Carey Wedler, op-ed via TheAntiMedia.com,</i>This week, internet giants like Facebook, Youtube, Spotify and others banned the notorious Alex …

Rights & Freedoms

Two stock-market ‘broken legs’ set stage for ‘significant’ correction: Morgan Stanley

For years, one of the primary factors lifting the U.S. stock market has been the fact that some of the economy’s biggest, fastest-growing names just …

Stock Markets


Dolphin Bow Riding in the Clear Sea Water - 997272


Moon Could Have Been Habitable Once, Scientists Speculate

by Ryan F. Mandelbaum July 24, 2018 (gizmodo.com)<p><b>• The Moon appears to be dusty and dry. However, scientists Dirk Schulze-Makuch from TU Berlin and</b> …


How To Build And Trust Your Intuition

by Meashenu, Guest writer, In5D.com Building my intuition and trusting it has been a process. Throughout most of my life I really treasured ration …

Astrology & Energy Forecast August 2018

A New Symmetry in Decision-making by Aleiya Hunter, Guest writer, In5D.com August will feel a bit like you’re in a rushing river holding on to a log …

The Ascension Rollercoaster Continues To Move Forward In Full Speed

by Adeana M. Slater, Guest writer, In5D.com The Ascension roller-coaster ride continues to move you forward in full speed. There is no doubt that you …