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8 Easy Tricks to Be More Present

I've spent just enough time living in the present to know that Deepak Chopra speaks the truth when he says:

Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to doif you stay in the present moment.

But knowing something and doing it are not the same, are they? My motivation for improving this …

Deepak Chopra

A Guide To 'Mental Noting' Meditation

“Thinking can be a powerful force of distraction, preventing us from being mindfully present in a useful way. During meditation, a simple method in …


The 12 Steps of the Mindfulness Meditation Practice

By Charles A. Francis

As you know, mindfulness meditation is sweeping the nation, and for good reasons. Research over the last 20 years has confirmed …


Here's How You Can Quiet Your Busy Mind


Take back control, one breath at a time.

The morning I was to go on a short business trip, my client and friend Barb Schmidt, the author of The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness, shared her TEDx talk with me called, "Is This Seat …


Future Of Work: Mindfulness As A Leadership Practice

I first learned about mindfulness at the moment I needed it the most: I was referred to the mindfulness work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor emeritus of the University of Massachusetts Medical School by my surgeon after breaking both my ankle and top of my foot in an accident. (Disclosure: I am …


The Results of a Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Mindfulness meditation is a funny thing. If you don't have a practice and don't know very much about it, you are hesitant. Leery. A little... concerned. Will this change me? Will this change my relationships? Am I going to turn into someone or something that I'm not?

But, if you do have a practice, …


Mindfulness will help you live in, enjoy the moment

Your head is spinning after another hectic day. You feel stressed, confused, pulled in different directions. You are not living in, much less …

3 Ways to Become More Mindful During Your Workout

You step on a treadmill and get into a groove after a long day at work. Thoughts of your looming to-do list might be racing through your head. Or …


10 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is a wonderful tool for decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety, and increasing feelings of peacefulness, contentedness and connectedness. It helps you stay present in the moment so that you can experience your life as it happens, rather than always being caught up in the past or the …


Wellness Mindfulness on Twitter

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How Mindfulness Has Changed The Way Americans Learn And Work

In cooperation with our longstanding partner Crowdrise, The Huffington Post is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by focusing on the promise of the next 10 years. We're highlighting causes that are near and dear to our ethos -- causes where we believe meaningful progress can be made in the coming


6 Effective, Simple Techniques for Mindfulness Meditation

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• 6 Effective, Simple Techniques for Mindfulness Meditation

Life is filled with changes. Children go to college, parents age, illness …


Mindfulness meditation can boost your career and help you get a job

Like yoga before it, mindfulness is the latest eastern practice to go thoroughly mainstream in the west. Classes are offered by the NHS for mental wellbeing and schools are teaching it to help pupils stay calm and focus on their studies. So what can it offer the workplace and can it help your …


Why 'Calm Is The New Strong'

It goes without saying that the hardest part of meditation is letting your circling thoughts come and go -- especially the worrisome ones. But it's well worth enduring that challenge, according to Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Body for Life for Women.

Peeke joined HuffPost Live host Caroline …


Mindfulness Meditation? Am I Doing It Right?

I teach people how to meditate and the most common statement I hear them utter is: I must not be very good at this. I just can't seem to do it right. My mind keeps wandering!

Actually, hearing them say this always makes me smile. Because, guess what? This is actually a sign that they are doing it …


5 Mindfulness Techniques That Will Improve Your Relationships and Make You a Better Leader


You know that mindfulness can improve your health. Turns out it can also make you a better manager.

Greater mindfulness can make you a much more effective leader. It will give you better insight on both employees and customers, and help you make better decisions. That advice comes from …


Meditation Experts Discuss The Real Secrets To Mindfulness At Work

Once a niche activity for the spiritual set, meditation and mindfulness have made their way into the corporate world, with numerous CEOs opening up about their meditation practices, and more and more companies offering mindfulness training programs for their employees.

So what do the leaders of the …


Just Being Exposed To Buddhist Ideas May Make You Feel More Compassionate, Study Finds

Buddhists are known for promoting a philosophy of nonviolence, compassion and interconnection of all beings. According to provocative new research, simply being exposed to Buddhist terminology may be enough to activate tolerance and compassion among both Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

Researchers from …


A Simple Way for Nonprofit Leaders To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Their Daily Work

Yesterday, I had the honor of being a guest facilitator at a transformative leadership retreat with colleagues Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, …


The Secret to Replacing Agitation with Calmness

“Calmness is the cradle of power.” ~Josiah Gilbert Holland

I was interested, recently, to find that our local supermarket had set up an area with ten …

Text Messaging

On Calming Places

Our societies are guided by a discipline that we can still usefully refer to as…

Many people today instinctively recoil from the concept of a brand. …


When All You Can Do is Breathe

“Don’t try to change anything at all, just breathe and let go. Breathe and let be. Die to having to have anything be different in this moment; in

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Evaluate Your Meditation

After a person has been meditating for some time, it’s important that he or she evaluate how the practice is developing. Is it working? Does it need …


A Yin Yoga Sequence To Boost Your Metabolism & Restore Qi Flow

Spring is a time of renewal, welcoming the opportunity to begin again. By bringing new energy into the light we can let go and detox ourselves from …


10 Things Non-Stressed-Out People Know and Do

"Stress" seems to be an epidemic right now -- emails to answer, activities to attend, houses to clean, groceries to buy, jobs to do... the pressure seems never-ending.

But here's what you need to know:

Stress may be a given in our lives...

but being stressed out doesn't have to be.



In Pain? Try This Mindfulness Exercise | Mindful

By Christiane Wolf
Infographic by Mindful Staff

Chronic pain affects more people in the US than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined: more than …


Mindfulness Training and the Compassionate Brain

There is a gamut of recent neuroscientific studies that support the transformative power of mindfulness and compassion meditation. Different types of …

Establishing a Daily Meditation

First select a suitable place for your regular meditation. Place a meditation cushion or chair there for your use, and add any books or images that …


The Business Case For Meditation

How mindfulness training helps software company Yesware "be more effective, build better software, (and) sell more of it."

Matthew Bellows dropped out of Brown his sophomore year in 1988. His father had gone to Brown; Bellows had a rebellious streak, and this was his rebellion. Bellows wandered the …