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10 Quotes for Mindful Living

Last year when my wife Stefanie Goldstein, PhD and I started The Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, our intention was to provide a space for …

What 15 top meditation experts struggled with the most at the start

Like playing golf or making the perfect boiled egg, meditation sounds a lot easier than it actually is. After all, you just sit there with your eyes …


Healing Through Understanding: How a Simple Meditation Can Transform Your Mind and How You Relate to Others

Each day, we’re presented with challenges associated when interacting with other people.

It’s inevitable, there’s no way to get around it: when two …


Daily Meditation: The River Is Flowing

Gary Weathers via Getty Images

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that theseDaily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life.

Today's meditation features a song derived from goddess-based spiritual …


Rare the ones who don’t destroy vegetation Rare the ones who do not harm living beings

What Mindfulness App Is Right for You?

How do you choose from the hundreds of mindfulness apps out there? There are over 500 mindfulness apps available, but some are better than others.

A new study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research sorted through hundreds of mindfulness mobile apps and ranked 23 of them. Now it'll be a …


Clean Yoga Mat Tips | Learn Easy Ways to Wash a Yoga Mat

If you’ve lost the manufacturer’s directions or aren’t sure who made your yoga mat, here’s a primer from Sara Chambers, founder of Hugger Mugger yoga …


Mindful Recovery: How to Add Meditation to Your Routine

This recovery method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment.Zhan zhuang, or standing meditation exercise,


9 Powerful Life Lessons From Studying With A Monk

by Robert Piper,

When I was 18 years old, I suffered from anxiety and stomach problems. A compassionate physician and practicing Buddhist referred me …


Yoga for Bedtime


Japanese Garden Meditation

#meditationanswers - Friday Q & A How do I find time to medit…

#meditationanswers - Friday Q & A How do I find time to meditate when I am so busy?

This may be cliche, however, if you really want to do it, you will do it. Life is about choices. Now having said this, let me give you a hand with making the choice to meditate. When making decisions, you have to consider the pros and cons of it. Well, meditation has many pros. Meditation relieves stress and anxiety, helps to clear your mind, makes you more productive and improves your physical and …

Relaxing Tibetan Flute and Bowl Meditation Music

Energising Morning Yoga Routine | Madeleine Shaw

Headspace - 'Blue Sky' animation

Meditation May Help Ease Symptoms From Gastrointestinal Problems

While meditation is good for relieving stress and other psychological conditions, it is also an effective means of easing away symptoms that arise …


How the Brain Changes When You Meditate

Not too long ago, most of us thought that the brain we’re born with is static—that after a certain age, the neural circuitry cards we’re dealt are …

The Brain

40 Questions that Will Quiet Your Mind

Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answers … because asking the right questions is the answer.In a recent ‘subscribers only’ email …


Power of Meditation

I have been meditating for years. My morning ritual started in the midst of chaos over 20 year ago. It was a way to start my day with intention and …


5 Famous Artists Who Meditate

The practices of meditation and art have long gone hand in hand; art itself is often described as a meditative experience. However, there are also …


The One Thing That Will Make Your Yoga Practice Better

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at yoga instructor school where the masters of Zen perfect their poses and study the secrets to (yoga) …


You Can Meditate While Moving -- And It Totally Counts

I first tried to sit still and clear my mind in college, after a nasty breakup where I was consumed with heartache. For weeks, I moped around the city playing whack-a-mole against all the feelings of betrayal and hurt that were popping up in my head, but I had taken enough yoga classes at that …


Butterfly Pose - Baddha Konasana

• Start in Staff Pose (Dandasana). If you find it is difficult to sit up straight in Staff Pose, elevate your hips slightly by placing a soft foam …