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4 Powerful Mantras to Help You Deal with Fear and Anxiety

“Trust that, when you are not holding yourself together so tightly, you will not fall apart. Trust that it is more important to fulfill your

Panic Attacks

Meditation Poll: Coping Strategy

Take our fun meditation poll to see where you stand, then join us for our upcoming Stepping Into the Heart meditation guide!

Meditate with Gaiam …


Which parts of the brain are most resilient to change?

Do you have a question about the science and research behind mindfulness and meditation? Each month Dr. Claudia Aguirre will answer a handful of your …

The Brain

Thich Nhat Hanh: The Power Of Walking Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness – the art of focusing your attention to the present moment - is a way to develop peace and happiness in our lives according to Thich Nhat Hanh.

Hanh is a spiritual leader who has published more than 100 titles on meditation and mindfulness, and his most recent book – Silence – focuses on …


5 Meditation Styles for Every Personality

Find your own path to inner peace.

Dating all the way back to ancient times, meditation is a practice that teaches you how to connect your mind with your body to reach a state of calm and stillness in the present moment. From dedicated yogis to CEOs to celebrities, the practice has become a part of …


Is 10, 15 or 20 minutes better?

Each month, Andy answers a few questions from our community on Headspace Daily. Today, Andy talks about finding your sweet spot when it comes to

Sweet Spot

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

By Charles A. Francis

These days, mindfulness meditation for beginners is a subject that gives rise to a great deal of confusion. With the rising …


7 ways mentally strong people take advantage of solitude

Spending time alone might seem useless and boring, especially with unlimited entertainment readily available on your smartphone, tablet, or TV.

But solitude can be highly beneficial to your mental health, creativity, and productivity, psychotherapist Amy Morin writes in her book "13 Things Mentally …


How Meditation Can Help Us Heal from Pain and Loss

“In the midst of conscious suffering, there is already the transmutation. The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness.” ~Eckhart Tolle

I …


Meditation, Stress and Being More Creative

Why bother with meditation? Aren’t we too busy trying to get stuff done?

“My morning meditation is like taking a shower for my brain.” Emily …

The Brain

Meditation isn’t about suppressing your thoughts and emotions.

As someone who teaches (and writes about) mindfulness and meditation, I spend a lot of time addressing misconceptions.

There are many out there, and …


How to Slow a Racing Mind

By Charles A. Francis

Do you ever find it difficult to slow down your mind? For some of us, a racing mind is a serious problem. When we’re agitated, we …


Want To Find Your Dharma? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

The Buddhist concept of Dharma has a central philosophy that all is whole and complete as it is. There is no accident in the entire universe. Even …


Yoga for Bedtime

Need help sleeping? Doing yoga exercises before bedtime can be just what you need

Need help sleeping? Doing yoga exercises before bedtime can be just …


10 Beginner Yoga FAQs Answered | Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices …


The Science of Breathing: Discover the Breath's Power in Yoga and Life

Your body breathes on autopilot—so why worry about how to inhale and exhale when you could be mastering an arm balance? For one thing, breath …


How Meditation Heals Your Mind and Your Home

The practice of meditation will not only heal your mind, it will also heal your home, turning it into an organized oasis. Source: AiaSf Home …


We all must breathe in order to live, but not many of us know how to really breathe. It’s a bit of a conundrum. Breathing is an automatic bodily process, so most people naturally believe it should be left alone to take care of itself. It seems counterintuitive and even ludicrous to think that something as […]

We all must breathe in order to live, but not many of us know how to really breathe.

It’s a bit of a conundrum. Breathing is an automatic bodily …


Relaxing Yoga Sequence

Here is my first yoga video – It’s super simple and relaxing.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and also subscribe for my YouTube …


6 Steps To Get Your Coworkers To Meditate With You

In one of my recent articles, I wrote a response to a man who complained about not being able to find a decent place to meditate in or around work. …


“Photo ”

Mindfulness: 7 Reasons to Implement Meditation at Work

Years ago, our CEO had resigned and we were left with very little strategic direction. Rumors were floating of the company selling and the uncertainty was inducing fear amongst the troops. Would we have a job next month? Is the company going to downsize? Who is going to run the company? I sat idly …


The Science of Meditation: How Meditation Helps You To Relax and Boost Productivity

Over the past few hundred years the power of organized religion has steeply declined in the west. State & church and science & religion are separated …


6 Yoga Poses For Anyone Who Sits At A Desk All Day

You may have heard the expression "sitting is the new smoking."

That's because too much sitting is associated with higher heart attack, metabolic syndrome, obesity and type 2 diabetes risk as well as earlier overall death. But for anyone with a desk job, sitting all day is hard to avoid.

There are …


The best modern meditation spots in New York City

As more and more of New York City's busy young professionals add a half hour of stillness to their weekly wellness schedules alongside workouts and …

New York City

40 Common Sanskrit Words Every Yogi Should Know | Sanskrit + Yoga








(eight-limbed union)




(life science)


(love + …


The Only 2 Yoga Poses You Need For Mental & Physical Balance

In our increasingly busy world, where the many things pulling our attention are seemingly never-ending, we have limited time to do a practice to keep …


Chopra Center Meditation

In today’s world, being present in the moment has become a challenge we all face. A joyful, meaningful life – a life filled with grace – seems …


8 Lessons We Can Learn From The Dalai Lama On His 80th Birthday

In his lifetime, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has become the quintessential example of what it means to live each day with the utmost compassion. He is able to look at the world -- and all of the individuals it encompasses -- without filters or biases, and wholeheartedly believe in a communal …