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3 Quick And Easy Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

By Jason Fitzgerald, founder of Strength Running, for Life by DailyBurn

We get it. You want to get better at your sport while keeping running injuries at bay -- but you're busy. You don't have time for an extra 30-minute strength session on top of your current training plan. And forget about that …


10 high-tech gadgets that will improve your tennis game

The sport of tennis is no stranger to incorporating new technologies -- from the electronic line judges of the early '70s to today's Hawk-Eye system with its multi-camera array. These days, players at all levels have a variety of high-tech tools to help them up their games. We've already taken a …


10 Abs Exercises Better Than Crunches

Sayonara, situps! Kick your abs workout into overdrive by trying one of these killer tummy-toning moves



9 Running Shoes with High Tech Soles

9 Running Shoes with High Tech Soles Running shoe manufacturers toss around fancy terms to describe their unique, "proprietary" technology that they …


The Mental Trick to Make Exercise More Comfortable

Corbis ImagesFirst, this story comes with a disclaimer: Exercise should never hurt to the point where the pain limits or changes the way you move …


5 Quick Exercises for Fat-Blasting Cardio

Ditch the treadmill! This 10-minute fat-blasting series from fitness coach Erin Stutland, creator of Shrink Session, gives you all the benefits of a …


The 5 Exercises Most Likely to Cause Injury


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Moves to Perfect Today

The benefits of strength training are …


The Best Workout to Avoid Gaining Weight

The experts at Shape share the perfect workout to keep the pounds off.

If you tolerate the gym only because you are thisclose to ditching those last 10 …


The Single Tweak to Fix Knee Pain While Running

Corbis Images Good news: leaning into aches after running may help fix the pain. Tilting your torso forward when you run can help reduce knee …


5 Health Benefits of Swimming

Kaitlin Gardner is guest posting today, sharing 5 healthy reasons why you should add swimming to your fitness routine.I have been in love with the …


Eight ways to improve your cycling for the spring

Spring is well and truly on its way, and with the first hint of warmth in the air, it’s time to get ready and raring to go. It will soon be time to …


6 Months to Race-Ready

Guess what? Your best race starts now.

by Mike Ricci

Leading into race-specific training, you need to make sure you're ready to train for the distance …


3 Best Exercises For Forearms.

Obviously, in some measure forearm involved when performing any exercises that require the involvement of the hands - deadlifts , pull the belt , …


What You Need to Know if You Want to Start Running | Sacha DeVoretz

I started running in 1991. After a year of backpacking and partying through Europe, I was not in good shape. At this time the Internet wasn't …


Food Supplements for Bodybuilding: Multivitamins

For anyone interested in food supplements will become a way of life. Most will start using protein powder and other supplements designed to improve …


Jump! 3 moves to get lean legs without hitting the gym

Adding jump or “plyometric” exercises to your workout plan is a great way to bump up calorie burning and tone your legs and butt at the same time. Plus, it adds a little variety! In a pinch, these moves can also be done as a quickie workout when you don’t have time to get to the gym.

Do these …


Reach Your Best Climbing Weight

Ready to boost your metabolism, fly up hills, and achieve your ideal cycling weight? As the world’s leading cycling publication for over 50 years, Bicycling has been at the forefront of training, nutrition, and high performance for cyclists. This 8-week weight loss plan is an exclusive …


10 Body-Sculpting Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV


Carving out time to drive to the gym and sweat for an hour is hard, especially when the choice is between that and your favorite TV show. …


Get Fit Your Way: How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance Work, Life and Boost Your Productivity

Matthew Beason is a well-respected executive at a non-profit with a multi-billion dollar endowment. On top of continual domestic travel, countless …


Reach Your Fitness Goals In 7 Easy Steps

Let's say you have career aspirations to be a doctor. Likely, you'll take pre-med classes in college, get your hands wet working in a medical …


Top 5 Knee Problems: How to Fix Them and How to Avoid Them

Photo credit:

Someone once said that once you reach 50, you will miss your knees more than anything else. In a typical year, more than 10 …


5 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

There are few things that make me happier than lacing up my kicks and hitting the pavement for a nice long run. But, with fewer hours of daylight …


30 Convincing Reasons to Start Running Now

What promises a healthier body, a sunnier outlook, and the perfect opportunity to catch up? This is no infomercial. Running is one of the best …


12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners


15 Fitness Habits You Need to Establish In Your 20s


A Workout Plan for Every Type of Guy

C. SIMONETTIYour Perfect WorkoutFrom the newbie to the gym junkie.


What To Eat After You Work Out

As a sports nutritionist, I consult for pro teams and privately counsel professional and competitive athletes in numerous sports, as well as fitness enthusiasts. Pros and weekend warriors definitely have different nutrition needs, but they do have one thing in common: In order to get the most out …


13 Brand New Running Shoes for Spring 2015

During the past few months we logged hundreds of miles testing new shoes for 2015.New introductions, new versions, new editions… one thing is for …