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Eight Reasons to Sip on Coffee

A cup of joe jolts your mood, reduces disease risk, and adds a kick to workouts.<p>A morning cup of coffee is a must for many runners. It wakes you up, energizes your workout, and—how can we say this nicely?—gets your systems moving, too. But there's more reason to indulge in that second or third cup. …


How Exercise Helps (and Hurts) Sleep

A single workout won't fix your sleep problems, but a consistent habit might.<p>Exercise helps you sleep better, right? That's the conventional wisdom, and has certainly been my experience. But for others, the opposite seems to be true. An interesting new study in the <i>Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine</i> …


Four Gym Workout Alternatives for Runners

When the treadmills are occupied, 2:13 marathoner Budd Coates, has these suggestions.<p>With cold weather and icy pavements moving a lot of people indoors, gyms can get pretty packed. So packed, in fact, there may not be a treadmill available to do your planned workout.<p>If your workout plans are …


Smart Restaurant Choices

RW Nutrition Editor Joanna Golub shows you how to enjoy a night on the town without sabotaging your diet.

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Running and Walking on the Treadmill

An introduction to running or walking on the treadmill.<p>Not ready to step outside? Treadmills offer a safe, convenient way to get your workouts even when it’s dark, snowy, or dangerously hot out. And the music, the TVs, and the company of other people can make the miles roll by much easier.<p>Running …


Do You Make These 5 Running Mistakes?

If you're feeling worn out, read this.<p><i>I’ve been running for about a year with great joy and success. This spring I’ve hit a detour in that joy. The past few weeks my legs have felt like lead, and getting through my normal 4-miler feels like torture. Any thoughts on how to get the joy and health</i> …


Fully Fit

Improve your form and avoid injury with this elite coach's fast head-to-toe workout.<p>I am a marshmallow. After enduring two grueling days of dynamic stretching, strength training, hurdle and sprint drills—all under the exacting eye of Olympic coach John Cook—muscles I didn't know existed ache and …

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Training advice - The Running Bug

Impress Your Valentine with Red Velvet Gnocchi

Serve the special runner in your life this beet-and-flour pasta.<p>This week, why not treat your valentine to a homemade dinner that may just boost his or her performance?<p>(We're talking about running performance, of course.)<p>Beets, which are packed with fiber and antioxidants to begin with, have been …


How to Stay Safe on the Run

These basic self defense moves will help you defend yourself if attacked.<p>Running alone can be a great way to start off your morning or detox after a long day at work, but it's important to be safe when hitting the roads solo. We set out to get the best safety tips from Officer Thomas DeFrank, crime …


How to Start Walking | Runner's World

Follow these steps and weight loss won’t seem impossible.<p>How to get moving again after being sidelined.<p>We're dedicating March 10-14 to beginners.<p>It's important to consult a physician before beginning a new exercise program.<p>"I weighed 400 pounds…and I knew I wouldn’t be able to be around for my son …

Weight Loss

Let’s Keep It Real About Our Bodies

I wrote a viral post revealing the truth about my glamorous runway shots. Now I’m posing a similar challenge to you.<p>A few months ago, I posted a blog that went viral. It didn’t go “McKayla’s Not Impressed” viral, but close to a million people read it in over 200 countries (apparently I’m a big deal …

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Rehab the Right Way

Runner's World Articles Editor Katie Neitz and her physical therapist Craig Souders show you the right way to do 5 common exercises


Treadmill Workouts

Use these treadmill workouts to keep fit in the winter months.


Monday Minute: Calf Self Massage

In this video we offer you a cheap alternative to getting a deep tissue massage on your lower legs. Known as “self myofascial massage” this technique …

Does Attractiveness Predict Endurance Performance?

People found top finishers at Tour de France more attractive than slower riders.<p>There may be some science to support the Belle and Sebastian song that the stars of track and field are beautiful people.<p>Eric Postma, a research associate at the University of Zurich, had people look at portraits of …

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Proof That Crash Training Doesn't Work

Several hard workouts in three weeks caused runners' fitness to decline.<p>A new study backs nine-time New York City Marathon champion Grete Waitz's advice about the best way to progress as a runner: Hurry slowly.<p>In the study, when runners did 24 hard workouts over an eight-week period, their fitness …


Run More Mileage Without Getting Injured

Do low impact workouts to stay healthy when adding more miles to your weekly routine.<p>In theory, you're supposed to be slower at 44 than you were at 41. But Nick Berra's winning time in the masters 800-meter race at this year's USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships in Des Moines–1:56.27–was his …


Miles and Meals

Why marathon training doesn't always help runners shed pounds.<p>If you've ever trained for a marathon, you probably expected to lose weight. And why not? Long runs that last two, three, and four hours burn a serious number of calories. But many runners step on the scale just before race day and …


Study: Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplements Don't Help Marathoners

No difference in performance or muscle soreness after race-week supplements.<p>You can cross branched-chain amino acid supplements off the list that might make your next marathon easier, according to new research published in the journal <i>Amino Acids</i>.<p>Although branched-chain amino acid supplements are …


Eat - The Running Bug

Easy Upgrades

Get more nutrition out of already healthy foods by adding one ingredient.<p>If you're like most runners, you eat right most of the time. Maybe you have oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt as a snack, and whole-wheat pasta to refuel postrun. All smart choices—but there's a way to transform these stalwarts …


How Exercise Helps with Work/Life Balance

Working out increases the sense of being able to accomplish things despite busy schedules.<p>"If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person" goes the old adage. Even better, give it to a busy person who regularly exercises, because she's likely to be better than a sedentary person at …

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Recipe: Chickpea and Cherry Frittata

A runner, surfer, and type 1 diabetic, chef Sam Talbot makes this dish for a hearty pick-me-up breakfast after a morning workout.<p>All runners (not just diabetics) benefit from the abundant carbs, protein, and antioxidants in this tasty dish. "It's big and bold-flavored," says Talbot.<p><b>Ingredients</b><br>8 …


Stay Injury-Free on the Treadmill

Be fit and healthy when running indoors this winter.<p>Tera Moody, 34, is coming off one of the strongest years of her racing career. In 2013, she set personal bests in the 8-K, 10-mile, and 25-K distances and tied her 5-K PR. Her secret weapon: the treadmill.<p>"It's been absolutely huge," says Moody, a …


Eat - The Running Bug

How to Pick the Best Energy Bars

Choose the right snack before, during, and after your run.<p>Energy bars are one of your favorite snacks for good reasons: They're tasty, convenient, and relatively healthy. But with hundreds of brands and flavors to choose from, which is best? That depends. "You need to consider when you plan to eat …


Quick, Creamy Chicken Lasagna

"Short of buying it premade, this lasagna is about the simplest there is," says Anderson. The protein in chicken helps speed muscle recovery. Also try the spinach-mushroom filling, found at runnersworld.com/spinachlasagna.<p>Ingredients<p>15 oven-ready, rippled-style lasagna noodles (soaked in piping hot …

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Second Chance

Rehab not working? Here are six signs you should seek out another expert's opinion.<p>John Mayer had been an avid runner since high school. But at age 45, in 2005, a pain in his knee was getting worse, so he went to see a physician. "This fellow came highly recommended," says Mayer, of Chicago. After …

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Recipe: Pork Tacos - Women's Running

Photo by Jennifer Dery<p><i>Need a quick but healthy weeknight dinner? Try this pork taco recipe – sure to satisfy your tastebuds without sabotaging your</i> …