Handy Home Repair Items

Home improvement can be frustrating and time consuming, but these useful items can help ease the load. Shop for essential tools, screws and bits, touch-up paint, plaster and glue to tackle all the DIY projects on your list. We may receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

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Handy Home Repair Items


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    Screwdrivers, Drills & Hammers

    Start with the basics and have a different screwdrivers, a cordless drill and hammers on hand.

    10-piece magnetic screwdriver set

    10-piece magnetic screwdriver set

    Screws, Bits & Anchors

    You can't use the tools listed above without proper screws, bits, nuts, bolts and anchors. Hooks are also a staple for easy hanging and framing.

    Touch-Up Paint & plaster

    Get rid of any paint mishaps with easy-to-use touch-up paint and applicators, and use plaster to cover up any rough patches throughout the home.

    Glue & Adhesives

    Sometimes all it takes is a little glue to get the job done. Shop for Gorilla Glue, wood glue, Super Glue and cabinet adhesives.

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