Fun Pool Accessories to Lounge and Play This Summer

Look forward to your next pool day with these must-have items to help you relax, spend time outdoors and cool off. We've handpicked pool floats, noodles and games to turn your swimming sessions into interactive fun with your friends and loved ones. Ahead, shop for everything from flamingo-shaped cupholders to foam noodles to pool volleyball and more. We may receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

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Fun Pool Accessories to Lounge and Play This Summer


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    Chill in the water and snap some fun photos on these fun and quirky floats. Choose from traditional donut floats, designs for multiple people, animal-shaped floats and more.

    Four-pieces round pool float set

    Four-pieces round pool float set


    Use pool noodles as floats for adults and children. Choose from classic foam noodles, extra-large noodles and slings.


    Pause swimming for a quick game with family or friends. Shop for a volleyball net, basketball hoop, paddle ball and cornhole all designed for the water.

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