Everything You Need for Adopting Your First Dog

Thinking of adopting a dog or already deep into the process? Make sure your furry friend is comfortable in their new home with these must-haves for first-time pet owners. Shop for walking accessories, beds, eating necessities and cleaning items. We may receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

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Everything You Need for Adopting Your First Dog


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    Walking Essentials

    Make your walks stress-free with these handy walking accessories. Buy a dog harness and leash set, a hands-free retractable leash, eco-friendly poop bags and a pooper scooper.

    Dog harness walking kit and leash set

    Dog harness walking kit and leash set

    Cozy Beds

    Dogs deserve restful sleep just as much as we do. Help them catch some Zzzs in a bed appropriate for their body size and muscles.


    Make feeding time easier with a bowl set, travel with a collapsible bowl and water bottle or use an automatic feeder for when you're away from home.

    Sanitary Needs

    Keep your home clean with these sanitation and hygiene essentials. Use washable pee pads to avoid accidents, clean up dog hair with a vacuum attachment, spray away stains and odors and wipe your dog's paws before they walk inside your house.

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