Devices to Beat the Summer Heat

Stock up on fans, personal cooling gadgets and air conditioners before the warm weather really takes hold. We may receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

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Devices to Beat the Summer Heat
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    Wearable Solutions

    A portable neck fan is ideal for cooling you down while working in hot summer sun. For instant heat relief, reach for a cooling tube. The mini waist fan blows cool air directly into your shirt.

    Portable neck fan

    Functional Fans

    Circulate air more efficiently with the small but powerful Vornado fan. Cool down entire rooms at the press of a button with a quiet tower fan. The fan with a flexible tripod is perfect for attaching to a stroller or your work desk.

    Cool Sleeping

    Shredded foam makes this pillow breathable while you sleep. A memory foam mattress pad helps reduce trapped body heat. Sleep better with a temperature-controlled and on-demand cooling system for your bed.

    Air Conditioners

    WiFi-enabled window air conditioner allows you to conveniently control cooling. A portable air conditioner helps save on electricity bills by cooling only the room you need. This powerful air cooler works as a fan and dehumidifier as well.

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