Board Games to Try in Quarantine

Stuck inside with your family and roommates? You don't have to be bored, when you can get board. Here are some recommendations for when you have the itch to roll the dice with your friends.

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Board Games to Try in Quarantine


    When You Want to Work as a Team

    Tired of all the arguing and competition? These cooperative board games should cool the conflict and build collaboration skills.



    When You Want to Lie Your Butt Off

    Want to deceive your friends? Want to do crimes? Social deduction games might be the right choice for you. In these games, you'll need to identify a traitor. But when everyone around you claims to be a good guy, who will you believe?

    When You Just Want a Good Game

    Want to outmaneuver your opponents and win bragging rights for the rest of the quarantine period? Try these high-quality games.

    When You're On a Months Long Date

    Quarantined with your significant other? Pick one of these board games for a solid date night.

    When You Need to be Occupied For a While

    Have a lot of time on your hands? Here are some board games to help you pass the day more quickly.

    When You Want to Pretend the Economy is OK

    Economic downturn got you down? Now you can jump into a fake world where everything is temporarily ok.

    When You're By Yourself

    All alone during quarantine? Don't count out board games as entertainment. The following games have great 1p experiences and replay value.

    When You Want to Play Online

    Trying to practice social distancing but don't want to give up board games? Never fear, there are online solutions!

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