Featured Collections: Desserts, Friendship, Learning How to Paint

Enjoy these collections, which were created by our community of curators and handpicked by Flipboard’s team. Follow the featured Magazines and curators to see more of their content in your For You feed. This week you'll find collections about copyright law, making art, friendship and desserts.

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Featured Collections: Desserts, Friendship, Learning How to Paint


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    Pick of the Week

    Friendship Advice

    Friendship Advice

    Realistic and relatable advice for navigating the twist and turns of friendship in adulthood

    Do You Copy?

    Copyright law has become a hot topic because of AI. Here are some Magazines that dive into the issues.

    Sweet Hearts

    Recipes for desserts, cakes and other sugary morsels.

    Artistic Licence

    Whether you want to collect art or make it, these curators have ideas for you.

    Magazine Curation

    Anyone can curate on Flipboard! Here's some advice on how to get started by curating your own Magazines.

    Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines

    Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines

    A Flipboard Magazine is an easy way to organize favorite articles, videos, photos, podcasts, and ideas, not just for yourself but so others can follow along. Almost anything that exists online can be saved and shared, plus you can write original content in the form of short notes. Magazines can be used in so many ways — from planning your next road trip to sharing industry news. Here's how to get started and a few tips to help your creations shine.

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