Featured Collections: Black History Month, ChatGPT and Financial Planning

Enjoy these collections, which were created by our community of curators and handpicked by Flipboard’s team. Follow the featured Magazines and curators to see more of their content in your For You feed. This week, you'll find Black perspectives, parenting tips, deep dives on ChatGPT, and advice on money management.

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Featured Collections: Black History Month, ChatGPT and Financial Planning


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    Pick of the Day

    Perspectives on Black America

    Perspectives on Black America

    Collections from our Flipboard community that highlight Black history and culture.

    The Kids Are Alright

    Advice on everything from traveling with children to keeping your home organized. Plus, what the heck is a nepo baby?

    Money Matters

    Tips on investing, creating a financial battle plan and more.

    Featured Curator: Jazz June

    We appreciate this longterm curator's thoughtful approach to food content and highly recommend her coffee, tea and chocolate Magazines for a real insight into the world of all things caffeinated.

    Time for a Chat?

    How will ChatGPT and other artificial-intelligence-powered technology affect education, journalism and creativity, and how can they be regulated?

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