Featured Collections: Awesomeness, Cycling, Mystic Stuff, Space Travel

Enjoy these collections, which were created by our community of curators and handpicked by Flipboard’s team. Follow the featured Magazine and curators to see more of their content in your For You feed. This weekend you’ll find collections about "mixed awesomeness," cycling, mystic practices, and space travel.

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Featured Collections: Awesomeness, Cycling, Mystic Stuff, Space Travel
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    Pick of the Weekend

    Gosomer is Awsomer

    Gosomer is Awsomer

    Mixed Awesomness:-)

    Crazy for Cycling

    While April 19, called Bicycle Day, actually celebrates LSD, we're going to stick with the more innocent meaning and celebrate Magazines about cycling, mkay?

    Mystic Accoutrements

    Tarot cards, crystals, astrology and more. Let us put a little "woo" in your weekend!

    Space Cadets

    These Magazines boldly travel beyond our earthly plane.

    Magazine Curation

    Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines

    Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines

    A Flipboard Magazine is an easy way to organize favorite articles, videos, photos, podcasts, and ideas, not just for yourself but so others can follow along. Almost anything that exists online can be saved and shared, plus you can write original content in the form of short notes. Magazines can be used in so many ways — from planning your next road trip to sharing industry news. Here's how to get started and a few tips to help your creations shine.

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