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Using Multimedia to Power Up Classroom Magazines on Flipboard

Recently I’ve become aware of dozens, maybe hundreds, of Flipboard Magazines that have been curated by educators for students. This isn’t…Continue …

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#FlipboardFriday is a Way to Share the Mags You Love Most

Our friends at the unofficial Flipboard Club have developed a wonderful tradition: Every Friday, they spread the word about Flipboard magazines they love by sharing a magazine on Twitter, along with the #FlipboardFriday hashtag. With their permission, we’d like to extend that tradition to the rest …



Don´t say goodbye

Evening melody

A path to the Mordor

The Bartender

Alley of Venice at night

Bloom Sarah Bowman Photography Shannon Alce


Dark days of childhood

Daily shopping


Me and you

LookDownBlink 2


Variola Vera

Ice cave dream

Desperation - Verzweiflung

Speaking eyes...

Flipboard magazines not just for mobile anymore

PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) — Smartphones and tablets have been pushing the personal computer aside, thanks in part to popular apps made by mobile-first entrepreneurs like Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

Just don't tell McCue the desktop is dead.

In fact, the PC remains the mode of choice for many readers, …

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Flipboard flips its focus to web browsers

Flipboard brings its gorgeous magazine app to the web

Flipboard has taken the leap from mobile to desktop. What started as one of the first iPad apps is now accessible through any modern browser via Flipboard.com, a beautiful web interface for consuming online content.

Like the iPad and iPhone app, you can not only read articles from sites you follow, …

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Flipboard is coming to your desktop

Flipboard, the hugely popular (and very good looking) personal news app is making the jump to desktop computers.

Going from a free service only …

Flipboard Finally Lands on the Web

The mobile news app Flipboard isn't just for smartphones and tablets anymore. Five years after first launching on the iPad, the service is finally …

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60fps on the mobile web

Flipboard launched during the dawn of the smartphone and tablet as a mobile-first experience, allowing us to rethink content layout principles from the web for a more elegant user experience on a variety of touchscreen form factors.

Now we’re coming full circle and bringing Flipboard to the web. …

Flipboard makes its way to the desktop with Flipboard for the Web

Flipboard, the popular news aggregator, has just announced Flipboard for the Web, allowing you to view all of your news and stories from the desktop. …

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Introducing Flipboard for the Web