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Explore Your Favorite Movie Worlds Through Beautiful, Hand-Painted Maps

See the geography and plots of Star Wars, Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings and more laid out from start to finish on these hand-painted maps.<p>Illustrating everything that happens in an action adventure movie like <i>Star Trek</i> on one page is like playing Tetris, according to artist Andrew DeGraff, who …


Who cleans up after hurricanes, earthquakes and war?

Natural disasters can reduce entire cities to rubble, leaving streets littered with debris, bodies and toxic material. Modern warfare’s devastation also brings the hidden dangers of unexploded weapons, landmines and booby traps. Who clears up the wreckage of natural and man-made catastrophes and …


How to View Uranus Without a Telescope as It Nears Earth Tonight

Sky-gazers will have a good chance of seeing the icy planet Uranus from just 1.7 billion miles away Thursday night — without the help of a …


Museum of Illusions in Vienna: Pictures


Last-Minute Trips to Catch the Fall Foliage

An Indian summer on both coasts has kept leaves on the trees later than usual, and since the possibility of foliage-ending snow is never far from our …

Blue Ridge Mountains

Here's Some Short Ombré Hair Inspo

It's a built-in highlighter that makes your cheekbones pop.<p>Ombré color pairs well with Victoria's Secret-length hair, but the look also complements shorter styles like no other. With a cropped hairdo, the gradient starts at your temples and the lightened, bottom half of your hair will accentuate …


9 Spooktacularly Good Halloween Audiobooks for Families

Halloween brings many fun traditions for families to share in together: pumpkin carving, getting decked out in costumes, telling ghost stories. It’s …


Lego is finally celebrating the women of NASA with their very own set

Some of NASA’s most influential women have finally been immortalized in an iconic toy set.<p>Today (Oct. 17), Lego announced that it would start selling its “Women of NASA” collection on Oct. 28 in New York and Nov. 1 globally. The set includes 231 pieces, which can be used to build models of the …


Here's the tech you shouldn't buy on Black Friday

Wait! Before you fight the crowds to plunk down your hard-earned cash, make sure that a Black Friday deal is really a deal.<p>It's a truism that the best tech deals of the year happen on Black Friday.<p>It's also woefully inaccurate. Yes, there will be some bargains worth considering -- maybe even …


Waves from Hurricane Ophelia Batter UK, Ireland: Pictures


The 27 Best Books on Writing

An Editor's Advice to Writers<p>For both established and prospective authors alike, the publishing house can seem like a jungle. Luckily, Betsy Lerner is here to lead a safari, citing her vast collection of experiences as an editor as her field guide. <i>The Forest for the Trees</i> motivates writers by …


Is it better to live on the moon or on Mars? A scientific investigation

Elon Musk wants humans to live on Mars. NASA wants, at the very least, to send some astronauts over to the Red Planet to check it out. But the Trump administration has recently signaled that it’s more interested in sending astronauts back to the moon.<p>As a space science professor, I believe this is …


10 STEM Toys That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Whether you’ve got kids who already love science or kids who would rather play music or sports, these 10 STEM toys are so irresistibly cool, they’ll …


These are the hardest-working cities in the U.S.

No rest for the weary.<p>Our nation’s employees are some of the most hard working in the world — working an average of 1,763 hours per year — …

Time Management

Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibit Opens in Milan: Pictures

The Arts

Photos: The secret Swiss mountain bunker where millionaires stash their bitcoins

Attinghausen, Switzerland<p>I’m being driven along the eastern shore of Lake Lucerne when my guide points out our destination. “The bunker is in one of those mountains,” says Maxim Kon, gesturing at a fog shrouded peak on the opposite shore as he pilots his BMW convertible.<p>Kon is taking me to see one …


The 50 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2017

We’ve tracked the red carpets, stalked the stars of street style, scoured the photos, and scored the gowns, all in the name of creating the only …


See the Most Luxurious Medieval Manuscripts in Existence

Feel free to judge these books by their covers.<p>There are treasures to be found inside many medieval manuscripts, from pointing hands to menageries of …

Atlas Obscura

The 50 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in America

Eating vegetarian at home: Endless options. Eating vegetarian while traveling: Do you want the side salad or the cheese pizza? But if you do a little …

4 Surprising Facts About the Universe We Just Discovered in a Cosmic Breakthrough

News from space always arrives late — and in a discovery announced Monday, that meant 130 million years late.<p>It was that long ago that two neutron …


'The Walking Dead' Season 8: Everything You Need to Know

From how the upcoming 'All Out War' storyline will change things to why this may be the 'TWD' comeback season we've been waiting for<p>Last October, <i>The</i> …

TV Series

The Eerie Light in the London Sky: Pictures


‘Bone Music’: The revival of making albums made from X-rays

Music etched onto the film of X-rays was the only way some rock-and-roll lovers in the former Soviet Union could listen to certain tunes. It’s called “bone music.” Now, people trade these old relics online and visit museums to see them.<p>And one Los Angeles record label is reviving the practice, …

Soviet Union

20 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

Go big in your home's smallest room.<p>A few key design choices can update the vibe of your bathroom in a snap. Want a clean, modern look? All-over …


9 Modern Homes Made Out of Shipping Containers

These shipping containers have left their itinerant lives as vessels that carried goods around the world, only to be reborn as structural and design elements of modern homes.

Interior Design

How the Astros Built a Contender From the Ground Up

HOUSTON — His bumbling team was 40 games under .500. Eleven times, the Houston Astros had pushed a game into extra innings. Eleven times, they had lost. This was an August morning in 2012, and few fans would show up to Minute Maid Park later that night. The Astros would be shut out and lose for the …

Alex Bregman

Here Come the Drones

Our love/hate relationship with tiny mechanical flying things<p>Last weekend, while hiking with my wife on an otherwise beautiful Sunday, a drone buzzed by.<p>I don’t know about you, but these days we’re frequently seeing amateurs flying the things in parks, at the beaches, and in school yards. A few …

A Brief History of Jeff Bridges’ Iconic Movie Style

The Dude is just the beginning.<p>People might think they only know Jeff Bridges for being a Hollywood mainstay, but he's had an impressive amount of cultural influence in other ways, too. Thanks to his acting chops, he's scored a variety of movie roles that have led to some equally entrancing …