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When We Fled Peru, My Mother Took "Green Noodles" With Her

<i>Good food is worth a thousand words—sometimes more! In My Family Recipe, a writer shares the story of a single dish they've inherited, and why it's meaningful to them.</i><p>My mother may have been a white woman who grew up in Texas, but she could talk your ear off in Spanish, sprinkled liberally with …

South America

There Are 4 Types of Managers. One Is More Effective Than the Others

In a utopian corporate world, managers lavish a constant stream of feedback on their direct reports. This is necessary, the thinking goes, because organizations and responsibilities are changing rapidly, requiring employees to constantly upgrade their skills. Indeed, the desire for frequent …


Royal baby: What's it like growing up as a third child?

<b>There will be many things that set the new royal baby's life apart from others, but something the prince will have in common with lots of us is siblings. With an older brother and sister, his is fifth in line to the throne, but what other effect can being third-born have?</b><p>The Duke and Duchess of …

Khloe Kardashian

The New Royal Baby Arrives: Pictures

How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize It—for Good

In the realm of "things I'd like to do on a Saturday," cleaning out my spice rack ranks just higher than doing my taxes and washing my third-floor apartment windows. But keeping your spices organized and fresh matters. Doing so may not automatically make you a better cook, but it <i>will</i> make you a …


Inside the World of Amal Clooney

A sudden late snow is falling, bright with just a touch of magic, as the automatic gate to Aberlash House opens. It’s an afternoon in March but, in this powdery landscape, could be January. Footprints lead a few steps down a drive, between a row of trees, and climb to a small colonnaded entryway. A …

Human Rights

The story of life in photographs | Frans Lanting


Earth Day 2018 in Pictures

The 25 Best American Screenplays of the 21st Century, From ‘Eternal Sunshine’ to ‘Lady Bird’

From the Oscar-winning to the criminally underrated, it all starts on the page for these knockout scripts.<p>You’ll often hear directors say that each …

Toy Story

Pictures of the Week 4.19.18

I'm a Deaf Actress. Here's Why A Quiet Place Means So Much to Me.

"I’ve been on what feels like a million casting calls, and I constantly worry that I’m more a distraction or problem for casting directors than I am a serious contender."<p>I am not gonna lie — it’s not easy as a deaf actress. People don’t always take a chance on you, even if you blow them away in the …

Middle School

22 'Westworld'-Themed Recipes for Your Premiere Party

Whether you love the show, hate the show, or hate that you love that you have no idea what's going on in the show, you probably have some type of …

Pizza Hut

The urban design project sneaking puzzles and hopscotch into abandoned lots

Most kids only spend about 20% of their time in the classroom. The other 80% is spent outside the classroom—not just at home, but at bus stops and supermarkets, accompanying parents on errands and hanging out at libraries and parks.<p>Researchers agree that at least part of that time is a wasted …


Germany’s Unicorn Craze

The mythical creature rises in uncertain times.<p>Sometime in 2016, as Germany was reeling from disagreements over migration, politics, and national identity, the country received a magical visitor. The unicorn appeared on hats, liqueur bottles, cereal boxes, condom wrappers. By last summer, it seemed …


Big Wave Surfing in Portugal: Pictures

Avicii – a life in pictures

The death of the 28-year-old Swedish DJ and producer cuts short a globally successful career, filled with arena tours and big star collaborations


Avicii's 10 Best Songs: Critics' Picks

Avicii may have retired from touring, he may have just announced a break with his long-time manager who helped make him a superstar and he may be one …


Meet The World's Fastest Backwards Runner

His backwards mile is way faster than your forward-facing one.<p>Aaron Yoder is one fast dude. Or maybe that’s <i>edud tsaf eno</i> to him.<p>You see, Yoder is the world’s fastest backwards runner, holding the record for the fastest backward mile, which he ran in an absolutely insane time of 5 minutes and 54 …


The 'Scandal' Crew on Their Favorite Scenes of All Time

As we say a teary goodbye to Olivia Pope, the people behind your favorite show take us on a trip down memory lane.<p>Raise your hand if you're devastated that <i>Scandal</i> is coming to an end tonight. 🙋For seven years, we've witnessed the dramatic evolution of nearly every character—from Olivia to Cyrus to …


I Traveled to 60 Countries in One Year—Here's Where I Loved | MyDomaine

It's a scenario many have dreamed about but never dared turn into reality: Stacie Flinner and her husband, David, ended their lease, put their …


The Best Pastries in Paris, According to Top Chefs

It’s been the world’s favorite destination for luscious baked goods since forever. Now the French capital is outperforming even itself.<p>By Kate …


24 Questions with Carol Burnett

The iconic actress, comedian, and singer is getting her own Netflix series.<p>The legendary comedian whose Netflix series, <i>A Little</i> <i>Help With Carol Burnett</i>, premieres this month loves good news and enchiladas. The paparazzi? Not so much.<p>1. <b>IF I WEREN’T AN ENTERTAINER, I’D BE:</b> A cartoonist with my own …

Pop Culture

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 engine failure (courtesy LiveATC.net)

Southwest Airlines

62 Ideas That Will Beautify Your Backyard (Without Breaking the Bank)

It doesn't take a lot to have a beautiful backyard.<p>If you long for a more beautiful backyard space, but lack the funds to hire a landscape designer, …


This House in Austin Has a Tree Growing Right Through It

After an architectural epiphany, a family of traditionalists builds a monument to organic modernism in Austin.<p>During their 15 years of marriage, Chris and Julie Hill have lived in many homes, most of them large and traditional. But it wasn’t until after they retired and changed cities that they …