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28 Streaming TV Shows You Can Binge Watch in A Weekend

Stay home, get cozy and settle in with these great streaming shows you can wrap up over the course of a few easy-going days


The Most Inspiring Muslim Beauty Gurus From Around the World

<i>At Byrdie HQ, it's our MO to celebrate beauty from every corner of the world. The beauty customs of different cultures are unique and steeped in</i> …

Skin Care

Green Beauty 101: Where to Start and What to Avoid

Once relegated to the shelves of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, green beauty is now big business. The natural personal care market has been growing by …

Skin Care

33 Movies to Watch When Your Brain Is Completely Fried

There's a certain level of tiredness that overcomes all of us in the hours between coming home from work and going to bed. You're beat, sure, but not <i>quite</i> ready to pass out. This glorious period is what many call the "zone out" time, when eating, reading dumb listicles, and watching mindless …


The New Street Style Stars to Watch, From Off-Duty Models to Sasha Lane

Remember when street style was a brand-new fad and you didn’t know who Anna Dello Russo was? Yeah, neither do we. In the decade since Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, and Phil Oh began photographing models, editors, and buyers outside the shows, the genre has exploded into a stand-alone, money-making …


Pictures of the Week 3.23.17


Stuart Weitzman Talks to FN About Calling It Quits After 50 Years

For a man whose brand has appeared on the feet of nearly every big Hollywood star, who’s flipped his business several times for hundreds of millions …


5 'Chappelle's Show' Sketches That Still Hit Home 12 Years Later

Dave Chappelle is back. The acclaimed comedian debuted a pair of stand-up sets on Netflix this week, marking his first televised comedy specials in a …


Insane Light System Blasts the Energy of 10,000 Suns

German scientists have constructed a powerful new light system that can focus energy equivalent to the radiation of 10,000 suns <b></b>onto a single spot. …


This Woman Makes Breakfast by Taking Apart Her Computer

When it comes to eating breakfast at work, you have to be creative. We’ve stirred up Mason jar parfaits, sliced into spongy microwaved egg muffins, …


These Workout Moves Are Like Espresso Shots for Your Metabolism

First, let's get a better understanding of what metabolism actually is. Put simply, it's the bodily process needed to maintain life, wherein the body …


How much water does your food drink?

You're not the only one who gets thirsty<p>When you eat, you use up every drop of water your food required to grow. And depending on your choices—roasted bro­ccoli versus a juicy steak—a meal might consume a few liters of water, or a few hundred. Some plants sip gingerly from the soil, while others …


12 Stunning Cafés Every History Buff Needs to Visit

You don’t have to be a caffeine addict to appreciate a coffee house with historic décor. Cafés are also wonderful places for a break in a busy travel …


You Can Make Your Home Look Expensive Without Spending Big—Here's How

Unless you're a seasoned interior designer, making décor decisions can be a daunting process: <i>How high should these curtains be hung? How big should</i> …

Home Decorating

A Smarter Way to Make Almond Milk (No Soaking, No Straining)

Almond milk is sort of a pain to make and the stuff that comes from the store, no matter how pricey, sort of tastes like mucky water.<p><i>Phewf!</i> Felt good to get that off my chest.<p>But in <i>The First Mess Cookbook</i>, the new book from the wildly popular plant-based blog by the same name, Laura Wright reveals <b>a</b> …


12 Dog Clothing Brands That'll Have Your Pup Winning Best Dressed

Canines and dog-lovers alike can rejoice today. Our favorite gift-giving holiday is here at last—National Puppy Day!<p>To celebrate the most adorable day of the year, we searched out the absolute best designer dog brands. There is no reason why your pup can't be as fashionable (or, let's face it, <i>more</i> …


Word up! This is the story behind The New York Times’ most famous tweet (which is 10 years old today)

In March 2007, New York Times developer Jacob Harris had some spare time and decided to create a Times account on a fledgling service that is today the preferred communication platform for the president of the United States.<p>Harris set up @nytimes and wrote the code that powered it in an afternoon. …


Start Small, Start Now: Daily Ways to Build Resilience

“Most people define resilience as recovering from a hurricane or a divorce, a big thing. If you define it as small, you can improve.”<p><b>Amy Cuddy</b> is a …

Wonder Woman

The 5 absolute best running apps

Type “running” into the search field of any app store and the results are overwhelming: Do you want to lace up your sneakers to lose weight? Or …


The beautiful theatre in the heart of the Amazon rainforest

The city of Manaus is home to a remarkable cultural monument: a majestic 19th Century opera house that brought the grandeur of Europe to Brazil. Benjamin Ramm steps inside.<p>The tributaries of the Rio Negro are teeming with music. On the outskirts of Manaus, capital of the Amazonas province, there is …


Simple Steps to a Healthy Home This Spring

Giving your home a thorough spring cleaning can certainly make it shine. But a few other steps will help you make sure you're living in a healthy …

Consumer Reports

Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in South Africa: Pictures

These amazing photos document the iconic Summer of Love in San Francisco

100,000 hippies descended on San Francisco in 1967. Jim Marshall captured it all.<p>The summer of 1967 in San Francisco was a magical time and …

San Francisco

Reimagining the French Waterfront: 10 Revitalized Dock Designs

Evolving to meet current lifestyles while reflecting cultural values, urban centers around the world dramatically shape daily life. Tied to geography and regional connections, each city has a character and spirit that transforms alongside the built environment. In France, this evolution is clearly …


10 Weird and Wonderful Biographies on the Music of the 1970s

Elton John's Stellar Trip Through the '70s<p>In <i>Captain Fantastic</i>, Tom Doyle charts out Elton John’s path through the decade that established him as a significant force in pop music. Along the way, he explores John’s complex personality, and folds in appearances from a host of well-known public …


Your Japan Skiing Adventure Photos

Adventure Travel

A Tribute to the Late, Great Barrier Reef in Pictures


Read This Letter Written to Chuck Berry by Carl Sagan in 1986

Rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry died at his home near Wentzville, Missouri on Saturday. And while Berry leaves behind an immeasurable musical …


Meet 'Sesame Street's' muppet with autism

<b>(CNN) —</b> The newest resident of "Sesame Street" has orange hair and a fondness for her toy rabbit.<p>She also has autism.<p>Julia has been a part of the "Sesame Street" family via its storybooks and was so popular that the decision was made to add the character to the TV series.<p>On Sunday viewers got to …