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The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep

Sleep deprivation may speed up development of Alzheimer’s disease.


Memo From the Boss: You’re a Vegetarian Now

WeWork is no longer a safe space for carnivores.<p>Earlier this month, the co-working juggernaut announced that it was essentially going vegetarian. The company will no longer serve red meat, pork or poultry at company functions, and it will not reimburse employees who want to order a hamburger during …


'Death traps': Federal officials have warned about dangers from duck boats for two decades

Federal officials have warned tourists for nearly 20 years about the dangers posed by amphibious tour boats, which have spotty and sometimes contradictory safety regulations because they are neither entirely boat or bus.<p>“Duck boats are death traps on both on water and on land,” said Andrew Duffy, …

Ride the Ducks

The Best Stand-up Specials of 2018 (So Far)

Seven months into 2018 and there’s been enough stand-up specials streaming across nonlinear platforms to hold us over until next year. But it’s hard …


Yara Shahidi on Art, Activism, and Making Red Carpets Meaningful

Yara Shahidi says she’s nothing like Zoey Johnson, the character she plays on <i>Grown-ish</i>. “Quite honestly, I’m a square,” she tells me one recent sunny morning at a café in Pasadena. “There are a lot of story lines on the show that just wouldn’t have been touched had we gone by ‘You know what? Zoey …

Arctic Monkeys

Generation wealth: how the modern world fell in love with money

The value system changed completely. It wasn’t about who you are, but about what you are worth<p>You have to have £20m to live on The Boltons, no real people live here. You have to be an Arab prince, or an oligarch<p>There has been a sea change. We’re all complicit in generation wealth<p>Documentary …

Reality TV

See 200 Years of Immigration in the United States as a Graphic of a Growing Tree

Culture & Exploration<p>200 Years of U.S. Immigration Looks Like the Rings of a Tree<p>These data visualizers imagined each era of U.S. immigration as a ring in a growing tree trunk.<p>U.S. immigration by origin at birth, 1830-2015<p>1950<p>1850<p>1900<p>2000<p>Each dash<p>represents<p>100 immigrants.<p>Each ring represents<p>one …

United States

A Comprehensive Guide to the Physics of Running on the Moon

One day humans will have a permanent presence on the moon. Right? One day it's going to happen. So, how are we going to live on the moon? And maybe a …


5 Metabolism Myths You Should Stop Believing

To those of us not well-versed in the world of fitness and nutrition, metabolism is this strange enigma: It can go up; it can go down; it can be …


Why Funko Pop figures reign supreme at Comic-Con 2018

If you have new content to put on that platform, then you're never going to run out of ideas to keep it fresh.<p>Funko CEO Brian Marrioti<p>The idea of chasing things you love based on fandom is really, really important.<p>Brian Marrioti


Inside the meditating mind

In late 1971, Navy veteran Stephen Islas returned from Vietnam, but the war continued to rage in his head. "I came very close to committing suicide …


Pictures of the Week 7.19.18

The Wild and the Wonderful at Comic-Con: Pictures

You'll Really Miss Robin Williams After Hearing The Voicemails He Left For Billy Crystal

Marina Zenovich, the director of "Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind," explains the bittersweet experience of making her documentary.<p>“Hello, Bill, it’s Lord Sisley,” says a man in a posh English accent. “I’m in Africa. And dear God, man, you should be here. There’s creatures who would adore you. I …

Robin Williams

25 70s style clichés by ABBA

FASHION INSPIRATION<p>ABBA’s universally recognized disco-pop is emblematic of the 70s and early 80s era. In 2008, the musical film Mamma Mia! was …


Watch: the biggest movie and TV trailers released at Comic-Con

From Doctor Who to M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass.<p>San Diego Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of nerd culture — which is now mainstream culture — and the 2018 event is officially upon us. Hordes of fans are lining up inside the San Diego Convention Center to celebrate their favorite TV, movie, comic book, …

Comic Books

The day LeBron became a Laker: Behind-the-scenes stories

LOS ANGELES -- She woke up at 4 a.m. on July 1 with nothing to do but wait for the sun to rise. With as much as Jeanie Buss and the Los Angeles …


The power of self-awareness: How to build successful teams

Self-awareness has become a management buzzword — let’s hope for the right reasons.<p>Self-awareness is not something new. Throughout history, the most …


The Jackie Robinson of Rodeo

Eight seconds were all Myrtis Dightman needed to make history. It was 1967, the first weekend in April, and the lean 31-year-old cowboy lowered …


The Last Days of Blockbuster Video

He was the manager at Blockbuster and looked forward to coming to work. He loved his job, in all of its obsolescence. The silver name tag fastened to …


Meet the NBA’s king of summer, who saw opportunity in Vegas when pro sports didn’t

LAS VEGAS — The concourse is quiet. On the eve of the NBA Summer League, workers are putting the final touches on the Thomas & Mack Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A vendor hangs posters while the son of an NBA head coach, here as an intern, adjusts a sign. As these duties are …


Your guide to navigating the anti-plastic straw movement

At last, the great straw reckoning is upon us.<p>Last week, Starbucks announced it would phase out plastic straws by 2020, replacing them with a plastic …

Green Living

Cher's Fabulous Journey From Camp Diva To Serious Actress And Back Again

In "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again," Cher plays a heightened version of herself -- and she's in on the joke. Here's why that's significant.<p>Of all the pop stars who have attempted to act, Cher’s track record is arguably the best. “Silkwood.” “Mask.” “The Witches of Eastwick.” “Moonstruck.” “Mermaids.” …


Foodborne illness may be on the rise. Here's why

<b>(CNN) —</b> One child drank apple cider at a Connecticut farm, another a glass of juice during a road trip in Oregon; later, both were rushed to emergency rooms as they struggled for their lives. A middle-aged woman became sick more than a decade ago after enjoying a salad at a banquet hosted by a …

Public Health

In search of perfect pastrami: Your guide to the Jewish delis of Los Angeles

My life began in the tufted brown leather booth of a deli. In the fall of 1985, my mother went into labor mid-bite through a knackwurst at Nate ’n Al deli in Beverly Hills. I spent my childhood kicking the vinyl booths at Langer’s near MacArthur Park. This is where my father, a real estate broker, …

Los Angeles

Look up at the moon every night—not just during the lunar eclipse

On July 27, a blood moon will glow an eerie red ahead of the longest lunar eclipse that Earth will experience in the 21st century. For one hour and 43 minutes, the moon will disappear from the sky, entirely obscured by the shadow that our planet casts upon it.<p>Unfortunately, not all Earthlings will …


Daily Edition Top 10 (July 16, 2018)

The presidents of the United States and Russia met one-on-one at a summit in Helsinki, Finland, amidst global concern over Russian interference in elections across the world, as well as their military activity in Syria, Ukraine and the Crimea. However, President Donald Trump defended Russian …

Goldman Sachs

The Tunnel That Could Break New York

How politics, and Donald Trump, turned America’s most important repair job into a $30 billion grudge match.<p><b>President Donald Trump was in an unusually</b> bipartisan mood on September 7, when he convened a White House meeting about a massive project to build a rail tunnel under the Hudson River. He was …

New Jersey

“Not the C.E.O.-Type of Thinker He Needed”: Sumner, Shari, and the Greek Tragedy Set in a Delaware Court

At the heart of the battle for the future of Viacom and CBS is, naturally, a thorny, roller-coaster father-daughter dynamic.<p>A decade ago, when he was still somewhat spry, Sumner Redstone had an existential crisis. The shocking collapse of Lehman Brothers was still reverberating through the capital …

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