WWDC 2017’s biggest moments in sketchnotes

Andy McNally

All this week, illustrator and senior UX/UI designer Andy McNally will be sketchnoting Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference for us.

My markers and pens worked overtime to capture all of the news and announcements in this year’s WWDC keynote. I captured three pages of notes on watchOS 4, macOS HighSierra, the iMac Pro, the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro, and iOS 11. The artist in me is excited about trying out the new iPad Pro to test the improved Apple Pencil latency. You can check out all of Apple’s announcements and details here.

16 million developers, WatchOS 4, macOS High Sierra and new iMacs, Oh my!

Here’s a recap of the first third of the keynote, which saw Tim Cook and his fellow presenters cover a lot of ground, from Amazon comping to AppleTV to High Sierra, the latest version of MacOS.

iMac Pro, person-to-person Apple Pay, and spiffy new look for the App Store

Following on, Apple talked up the crazy hot new iMac Pro in sexy space grey, followed by Siri’s new capabilities and friend-to-friend payments coming to Apple Pay.


Machine Learning got a lot of play with a new API, as did Augmented Reality, which with iOS 11 will give Apple the biggest AR platform on the planet. Last but not least Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker will “reinvent the way we enjoy music in the home.”

Check in all this week for sketchnotes from WWDC’s technical sessions, which should be fascinating.