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Your hand gestures can help make you more charismatic

Research into public speakers suggests hand gestures can powerfully change the way you are perceived. David Robson explains.<p>Next time you watch a TED talk or a political speech, take a moment to look closely at the speaker’s hand movements. Is the motion slow or energetic? Is it subtle or …


JF Kennedy's childhood photos published – in pictures

Images have been released as part of a year-long effort by the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to make 1,700 vulnerable nitrate negative photographs available online. They provide a glimpse of the Kennedy family from before JFK’s birth through to the early 1950s

John F. Kennedy

How Russia’s Skate Culture Found Its Own Unique Sense of Style

Though they were initially influenced by America, skaters from Moscow and beyond now present a truly local take on fashion.<p><i>Some people will tell you that the internet killed style subcultures—or a least turned them into a global, universally accessible phenomenon. We say that’s bullshit. Even as</i> …

Ralph Lauren

Pictures of the Week 9.21.18


The Beerfest That Is Oktoberfest: Pictures


The people making bags out of worthless money

Hyperinflation has ravaged Venezuela’s economy, and its old bolivar notes are worth next to nothing. But for some enterprising artists, these useless notes are an economic opportunity.


Where a Sore Throat Becomes a Death Sentence

KIGALI, Rwanda — Neighbors whisper that she is pregnant, a disgrace for a young, unmarried woman. The rumors mortify her. She hates her swollen belly.<p>But Florence Ndimubakunzi is not pregnant. Her heart is failing. It pumps so poorly that blood backs up in her veins, bloating her liver and spleen, …

How NAFTA Destroyed the Mexican Diet

<i>This story was originally published on</i> <i>Civil</i> <i>Eats</i><i>.</i><p>When Alyshia Gálvez’s mother was growing up in California in the 1950s, she traveled to Michigan every winter to visit family. When she returned home, she would march into a grocery store, buy a head of lettuce, and eat it while sitting on the curb …

Public Health

Why a ‘Memory Town’ Is Coming to Your Local Strip Mall

Weeks after opening near San Diego, a model town for treating dementia is set to be replicated around the U.S.<p>On August 13, a brand-new town in Southern California welcomed its first residents. They trickled through the doors of a generic beige warehouse on a light-industrial stretch of Main Street …

San Diego

A High-End Mover Dishes on Truckstop Hierarchy, Rich People, and Moby Dick

<i>Finn Murphy</i>| The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road | <i>W. W. Norton & Company</i> | <i>June 2017</i> | <i>22 minutes (5,883 words)</i> <i></i><p><i>The following is an</i> …

Long Haul

She reported her rape. Her hometown turned against her. Can justice ever be served?

Part One<p>About that night<p>Aug. 11, 2006, was a sweltering Friday night in the midst of a long, fatally hot summer. A 16-year-old girl reported that she was raped that night, in a storage shed off a dirt road in my hometown of Arlington, Tex. Nobody was ever prosecuted for it, and nobody was punished …

Fort Worth

The Hollywood Reporter 100: The Most Powerful People in Entertainment 2018

The annual pecking order of showbiz power is revealed as Disney CEO Bob Iger leads the list, the Murdochs tumble from the Top 10 and LeBron James …

Lebron James

Marijuana Stocks Are the New Bitcoin

By<p>Updated Sept. 21, 2018 4:23 p.m. ET<p>Marijuana stocks had a short strange trip this week. Led by Tilray,the U.S.-listed grower that just went public …


Solving the genome puzzle

With advances in gene technology helping to diagnose very rare diseases, has the new era of personalised medicine finally arrived?<p>Evie Walker sits on her mother’s lap, playing a game she never grows tired of: turning her mother’s hand over and over, stroking and examining it. When she takes a break …


The Many Legacies of Gilda Radner

The first words of the rest of Gilda Radner’s life were, “It’s John Belushi. Do you want to be the girl in the show?”<p>The show in question wasn’t</i> …

Bill Murray

The Re-reinvention of Chris(tine and the Queens)

In her third act, France’s Héloïse Letissier is playfully muddying the gender lines. But under the name Chris, she continues to make pop’s brashest, queerest records with absolute clarity.<p><b>A petite Chris</b> (née Christine and the Queens) lounges in New York’s Standard Hotel. Dressed in a white polo …

Short Hair

There are now more $100 bills than $1 bills in the world

A funny thing happened on the way to a world of cryptocurrencies and mobile payments. Cash became more popular than ever. The main reason? The one hundred dollar bill.<p>In 2017, for the first time ever, the one hundred dollar bill became the most popular US bill in circulation, beating out the one …

Mobile Payments

The epic rise and fall of the name Heather

When people think of endangered species, they tend to think of the giant panda, the blue whale, or maybe the snow leopard. We need to add another group to the list: women named Heather.<p>A Quartz analysis of US baby-name data that goes back to 1880 finds that no name in history has become so popular …

Giant Pandas

Silicon Valley thinks everyone feels the same six emotions

The world is being flooded with technology designed to monitor our emotions. Amazon’s Alexa is one of many virtual assistants that detect tone and timbre of voice in order to better understand commands. CCTV cameras can track faces through public space, and supposedly detect criminals before they …

Papua New Guinea

Ice Surveys and Neckties at Dinner: Here’s Life at an Arctic Outpost

<i>Want climate news in your inbox?</i> <i>Sign up here for</i> <b>Climate Fwd:</b><i>, our email newsletter.</i><p>For the past 40 years, thanks to satellite measurements, scientists have known that sea ice coverage in the Arctic is shrinking. Global warming has reduced the extent of ice in the region in summer, when it is at its …

The Arctic

Daily Edition Top 10 (September 17, 2018)

The controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s former classmate who has accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers, escalated this week. Congressional Republicans are reportedly offering to hold the hearing Wednesday …

U.S. Supreme Court

The Coach Says He’s ‘Built for Football.’ His Parents Worry About C.T.E.

A 15-year-old high school football player made a play and was tackled. He walked off the field and didn’t recognize his own mother, who snapped his photo.<p>“I thought he was looking tough,” Kim Gavigan said of her son David, “but he didn’t really know who I was.” It was the second concussion of his …

High School Football

How Puberty Kills Girls’ Confidence

In their tween and teenage years, girls become dramatically less self-assured—a feeling that often lasts through adulthood.<p>The change can be baffling to many parents: Their young girls are masters of the universe, full of gutsy fire. But as puberty sets in, their confidence nose-dives, and those …


How Far Have We Really Come Since Anita Hill?

Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh present a test that the Senate very well may not pass.<p>With a Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation hearings thrown into chaos by accusations of sexual misconduct, the <b>Brett Kavanaugh</b> drama feels like a familiar spectacle. During <b>Clarence</b> …

Brett Kavanaugh

Chevy Chase is 74, sober and ready to work. The problem? Nobody wants to work with him.

Chevy Chase is sitting on the porch, outside his home in wooded Westchester County. He takes a drag off a Marlboro and casually mentions that he ran into Donald Glover backstage at “Saturday Night Live.”<p>This is striking on multiple levels. Chase, one of SNL’s founding fathers, last appeared on the …

Chevy Chase

'I follow a different person every day': using strangers to explore the city

There’s a vulnerability to people because they would never think these routes are worth anyone's attention Alisa Oleva, artist<p>Two days after I arrive in Belgrade, I’m being shown the outskirts of the city by a man in pink trousers. I think he must be a local: he knows exactly where he’s going, …

The Man Behind Trump’s ‘Invisible Wall’

USCIS Director Lee Francis Cissna is the son of an immigrant, the son-in-law of a refugee and a man who says he’s just obsessed with the fair implementation of laws. So why is he making them so much harder for immigrants?<p>This summer, as anger over the separation of migrant families at the border …

Homeland Security

What happens when you let employees pick how much they want to be paid? This company decided to find out.

"It's not as cool as it sounds," said Jason Trost, CEO of the London-based betting company Smarkets, when asked about his company's unusual policy of letting employees pick how much they'd like to be paid.<p>"It's a crazy process," he said. "But it does work."<p>It was about three years ago that Trost …


See How the Fall Equinox Is Celebrated Around the World

Culture & ExplorationPhoto Gallery<p>From early-morning gatherings at Stonehenge to torch-bearing revelers parading through a city in Spain, people around the world herald the seasonal change in myriad ways.<p>As the autumn equinox approaches, days begin to shorten in the Northern Hemisphere, and people …

National Parks