The Perfect: At-Home Wine Tasting

By Leah Melby Clinton

A thought-of-everything shopping list for DIY sipping.

Welcome to "The Perfect,"'s new weekly franchise, where we lay out exactly what you'll need for the perfect outfit, shopping list, Saturday night, or whatever it may be. In a shopping landscape where the options are endless, consider it a complete snapshot of must-haves.

Wine tasting is one of the great culinary pleasures—and a shame that it's typically experienced only during trips to wine country. Bring the bottles into your own house, along with chic tabletop accessories, the perfect hostess outfit, and, of course, friends aplenty. Food too: Sommelier Charles Ford weighed in with pro guidance on all things wine-tasting, including what snacks to buy and how to truly make your tasting "blind."

"Keep it simple. Charcuterie, cheese, and bread are the best all-around pairings. Research where the wines you're providing are from and find out what food specialties or delicacies they're known for," he said. When hiding the label, don't try to be fancy. "A simple aluminum foil wrap job is acceptable. Putting bottles in brown sandwich bags with a rubber band on the top works too."