The 26 Highest Moments In The History Of Humanity

Dave Stopera

AKA the peak of humanity.

1. You know you're super high if your noodles keep disappearing:


2. You see hidden meanings in everything:

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3. And you start to have some SERIOUS toast issues:

4. You know you're stoned as hell if flies start to disrespect you:

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5. Your sleeping schedule is calculated:

6. And you have one of those life-changing conversations:

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7. You know you're high as hell when you start making fine art:

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8. Or make a list to beat all lists:

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9. Or make your first Oscar-winning film:

10. You're absolutely high as shit if you get trapped like this:

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11. Or if you start to see too much in your sink:

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12. And especially if this happens to you:

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13. You know you're high when you start seeing nugs:

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14. Or you start trying to see as much as you can:

15. You know you're high when you start having thoughts like this:

16. And start having existential crises over potatoes:

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17. You know you're high when you try to charge your water:

18. Or your plug:


19. Or your wallet:

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20. You know you're high when you become a master engineer:

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21. And a master magician:

Twitter: @Fleurfurr

22. And a master actor:

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23. You know you're high when you subvert space and time:

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24. Start dropping truth bombs:

25. Answer questions like this:

26. And make literally the most inexplicable meal in human history: