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A Look Inside Bob Dylan's Secret Archives

Rolling Stone browses 50 years of hidden history in Tulsa – from an unknown love song to Mavis Staples to video of Dylan recording "The Man in Me"<p>The …


The Unique Museum of Stuffed Frogs in Switzerland: Pictures


The Science Behind Firecrackers and Sparklers

Fireworks have been a traditional part of New Year's celebrations since they were invented by the Chinese almost a thousand years ago. Today …


Artificial algae could help save our oceans

Using mimicry to fight climate change.<p>The Smithsonian Institution calls coralline algae “the unsung architects of coral reefs.” These pink-colored seaweed, with skeletal structures that resemble honeycomb, live in harmony with coral.<p>They strengthen the corals’ foundation by growing over and between …


9 Things You Never Knew About 'My Best Friend's Wedding'

It's been 20 years since the beloved Julia Roberts favorite "My Best Friend's Wedding" hit theaters, and you probably still have "I Say a Little Prayer" stuck in your head.<p>The classic rom-com was released June 20, 1997, and earned some critical acclaim and box office success. It catapulted Cameron …


Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something

The ways some “healthy voice hearers” cope might be able to help people with psychotic disorders.<p>Jessica Dorner was lying in bed at her cousin’s house when her grandmother, a “pushy lady” in an apron who had been dead for several years, appeared in front of her. “I know you can see me,” Jessica …

Mental Health

This Summer’s Best Pop Music Page-Turners

Released last month, the longtime <i>Rolling Stone</i> critic’s <i>Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World</i> (Dey Street, $25) has …


How Wimbledon is using Artificial Intelligence to enrich the fan experience

Automated highlights, augmented reality and an all-knowing chatbot called ‘Ask Fred’ are among the new innovations from the the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) and IBM at this year’s Championships.<p>The AELTC and IBM announced on Tuesday that they are introducing a raft of innovations for the …

Artificial Intelligence

No Frills, No Crowds, No Money: The Lonely Road to Tennis Glory

Less than a half-hour after a crushing defeat in front of two spectators, Aleksandra Wozniak paced the hallways of the municipal tennis center in Dothan, Ala., pleading on the phone with an airline representative.<p>Wozniak, a former top-25 player, had hoped to stay longer at the small tournament, but …


T.J. Miller Says Leaving 'Silicon Valley' "Felt Like a Breakup"

The actor who plays Erlich says he turned down the reduced season 5 role HBO offered him: "They didn’t imagine that I would be in a position of being …

Silicon Valley

You Can Get Your Whole Genome Sequenced. But Should You?

There are 3 billion ways for something to go wrong with your DNA. But diseases caused by an error to a single gene—what geneticists call "big ticket" …


14 Luxury Camping Trips Around the World

We all love camping...at least in theory we all love camping. In practice, some people take pleasure in the exhaustive prep work, set up, and break …


What CEOs are reading in 2017

Leaders of some of the world’s biggest organizations share which books will keep them occupied in the weeks ahead.<p><b>Whether you’re heading</b> to a …


How Exercise May Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s Disease

Regular exercise may offer some protection against Alzheimer's disease, even for people who are genetically at risk, according to recent research.<p>In …

The Brain

What Is Career Mapping, and How Do You Do It?

Taking the time to actually plan out all the steps of your career probably doesn’t sound particularly enticing. After all, who knows what could …


Despite money and effort, homelessness in SF as bad as ever

On the face of it, San Francisco’s homeless problem should have improved dramatically over the past year.<p>After all, last summer Mayor Ed Lee formed …

San Francisco

Indian prime minister is a serial hugger

NEW DELHI — President Donald Trump should have been ready as he met with India’s prime minister, an unabashed hugger.<p>Smiling widely at a news …


‘There’s no camera on, Jim.’ Sean Spicer’s untelevised news briefing, annotated.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer prohibited cameras from his press briefing on June 26, and faced a barrage of questions about why. Listen to some of the exchange here. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post)<p><i>White House press secretary Sean Spicer once again barred TV cameras from a media</i> …

Sean Spicer

7 Tips For Creating Your Own Home Meditation Zone

With all the benefits that come with meditation, it makes sense to set aside a place in your home for this life-enhancing practice, even if it's a space that's technically made for something else.<p>5. Use calming colors


Where to go in August for wildlife and nature

From hordes of wildebeest in the Masai Mara to singing humpbacks in Tonga, Iceland’s expansive lava fields to the ecological wonder that is Madagascar, opportunities to experience wildlife and nature in August are larger than life!<p>Check out these four epic adventures to see Mother Nature at her …


41 Breathtaking Views From Above

Experience a bird's-eye perspective of places around the world from the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.<p>Humans always dreamed of flying. Thanks to the Wright Brothers, we're able to hop from one destination to the next in just a few hours. People take to the air to …

Marina Bay Sands

Emirates New Zealand Beats Oracle USA to Win America’s Cup: Pictures

United States

Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr as Ramadan Ends: Pictures


Cool Dinners for Hot Nights

These five chilled recipes prove that staying cool doesn't have to mean sacrificing flavor.<p>As summer temperatures rise, and the willingness to cook …