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Can You Hack Coral to Save It?

On September 10, 2017, as Hurricane Irma drowned the Florida Keys with a five-foot storm surge and shredded houses with 130 mph winds, David Vaughan, a 65-year-old marine biologist, and Frank Slifka, a 67-year-old maintenance man, huddled inside the Elizabeth Moore Center for Coral Reef Research …


Match.com for Mullet Lovers (and Other Obscure Dating Sites)

There's no two ways about it; dating is very, <i>very</i> difficult. You'll always find someone who is <i>too</i> into themselves, <i>too</i> into their job, <i>too</i> into their ex, <i>too</i> into the gym, <i>too</i> into feet, or <i>too</i> into you, which makes things especially hard because you're perfect and deserve the best, right? But what do …


How to Not Get Sick While Traveling

Nobody wants to suddenly come down with the flu on day 1 of vacation.<p>It’s cold and flu season, and if you didn't notice that by looking around at your dripping, sneezing friends and family, you’ll definitely become aware of the situation if you’re passing through an airport. There may be nothing …


Meet the Sacklers: the family feuding over blame for the opioid crisis

Philanthropic heirs to OxyContin fortune have a ‘moral duty to help make this right’ says the widow of one of Purdue Pharma’s founders<p>US drug companies accused of being ‘cheerleaders’ for opioids<p>The Sackler Drug Rehab Facility, unlike the prestigious Sackler art galleries of New York and London …


How presidents spent their birthdays

<i>What’s the deal with Presidents' Day?</i><p><i>It started as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday on Feb. 22. But in the 1970s, the holiday was moved to the third Monday in February to create more three-day weekends. To help kick off the celebration, The Post’s Lillian Cunningham, host of the</i> …

Calvin Coolidge

The strange power of the ‘evil eye’

From the Eye of Horus to Gigi Hadid, ‘for thousands of years the eye has maintained its steady hold on the human imagination,’ writes Quinn Hargitai.<p>When it comes to warding off the mystic malevolent forces of the world, there is perhaps no charm more recognised or renowned than the ‘evil eye’. …

Ancient History

Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

As accounts of past sexual indiscretions threatened to surface during Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, the job of stifling potentially damaging stories fell to his longtime lawyer and all-around fixer, Michael D. Cohen.<p>To protect his boss at critical junctures in his improbable political …

Donald Trump

The latest brain hack to get ahead in Silicon Valley: flashcards

Eager to keep up with the pace of change, some Silicon Valley researchers are embracing a grade-school technique to enhance their cognition and memory.<p>Michael Nielsen, a research fellow at Y Combinator Research, a division of Silicon Valley’s top startup accelerator, took to Twitter last week to …

Silicon Valley

A crisis counselor on the struggle to respond to mass tragedies

In the wake of the Florida shooting, a chaplain explains how she helps survivors cope.<p>In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people, officials had a message that’s become a common refrain in the wake of these tragedies: Grief counselors would be available.<p>These …


The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM

A new study explores a strange paradox: In countries that empower women, they are less likely to choose math and science professions.<p>Though their numbers are growing, only 27 percent of all students taking the AP Computer Science exam in the United States are female. The gender gap only grows worse …

World Economic Forum

Big Air Meets Big Hair on Day 10 at the Olympics: Pictures

Winter Olympics

22 Cottage Decorating Ideas

1 of 22<p>Earn Your Stripes<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 22<p>Love Island Life<p>3 of 22<p>Go Retro<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 22<p>Line It Up<p>Advertisement<p>5 of 22<p>Be Bold in a Small …

Small Spaces

See 100 Years of Presidential Portraits, Leading Up to the Unveiling of Kehinde Wiley’s Inventive Barack Obama

On View<p>Show of the Day: "America's Presidents" (plus Barack Obama's presidential portrait) at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, …

Kehinde Wiley

9 quotes from U.S. presidents we can apply to our careers

On the third Monday of February, people around the United States close up shops, companies, and schools to honor the past presidents. As many of us …

Lyndon B. Johnson

Royalty and Movie Stars attend BAFTA: Pictures

Award Shows

BAFTAs 2018: Moments You Might Have Have Missed

#AskHerMore was no more a hashtag<p>Sisters Uncut called Time's Up on Theresa May<p>The Duchess of Cambridge's non-political statement<p>Frances McDormand …

Frances McDormand

Pictures of the Week 2.16.18

Winter Sports

Dramatic Whale Hunts Depicted in Ancient Rock Art

The paintings match historical artifacts that suggest hunters set out on small boats with makeshift harpoons.<p>Using makeshift harpoons and rafts, a hunter spears a large whale.<p>It would have been a welcome kill for hunter-gatherers living in one of the world's driest regions, Chile's Atacama Desert, …


Colorful Paper-Cut Sculpture Captures the Diversity of a Coral Reef

French paper designer and illustrator Mlle Hipolyte creates colorful sculptures out of intricately cut paper shapes. Previously mentioned for her three-dimensional animal masks, the artist’s latest piece of paper art is a magnificent, three-dimensional representation of a vibrant coral reef. Titled</i> …

Modern Art

A Sense of Place in PyeongChang on Day 9: Pictures

Winter Olympics

How Canada Goose Went From Outdoors Outfitter to Fashion Force

The brand has changed a lot in 61 years.<p>Dani Reiss never wanted to be the CEO of Canada Goose. It was way outside his comfort zone. In fact, no one thought he would be—it was never in the plan for him to take over the family business. “I wanted to be a writer, so this is the last thing I ever …


The Story Behind JFK's Official White House Portrait

When Barack Obama's official portrait by Kehinde Wiley was revealed earlier this week, it stood out immediately from previous depictions of …


A Literary Road Trip Into the Heart of Russia

Russia is a land of stories. Stories of the czar and his people, of Lenin and the revolution, of the Great Patriotic War; of the transformation of a backward land into a mighty, modern industrial state; of Sputnik, of Laika, of Gagarin. Then the story of Stalin’s reign of terror, the story of a …


One day without plastic. Can you do it?

Take the pledge to go plastic-free on Feb. 21.<p>Like it or not, plastic is everywhere. We sit on it, store our food in it, drink from it, text with it, …


Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army

In most respects, Jong Hyok looks like any other middle-aged male tech worker you might see on the skyscraper-shadowed streets of Seoul’s Gangnam …

North Korea

The students at Florida’s Douglas High are amazing communicators. That could save lives.

Telegenic and media-savvy is one way to describe David Hogg, a lean and dark-haired senior at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.<p>But maybe a better way is this: Change agent.<p>And what could be more sorely needed than a change agent right now? Because the mass shootings in America have …

Robert Runcie

The Thriller That Predicted the Russia Scandal

David Pepper’s 2016 novel is eerily similar to recent real-world political events. But wait until you read the sequel.<p>David Pepper recently had to block someone on Twitter for the first time in his life, because he was tired of being accused, repeatedly, of hiding his real identity as a Russian spy.<p>…


Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity

One woman’s account of clandestine meetings, financial transactions, and legal pacts designed to hide an extramarital affair.<p>In June, 2006, Donald Trump taped an episode of his reality-television show, “The Apprentice,” at the Playboy Mansion, in Los Angeles. Hugh Hefner, <i>Playboy’s</i> publisher, threw …

Donald Trump

How Protein Conquered America

<b>My bodega is only a little bigger than my studio apartment</b>, and sells no fewer than 10 kinds of Muscle Milk. In the drink cases, crowded with bottled water, Snapple, and Arizona iced tea, Muscle Milk occupies prime, eye-level real estate, protein counts splashed across the front of the bottles in …


Fashion Week Newbies to Know About

Whether they're brand spanking new, expanding or collaborating, these were the freshest kids on the block for Fall 2018...<p>Feb 16, 2018<p>From international sensations to artistic collaborations, these were the names to watch for Fall 2018...

Adidas Originals