iOS 8.4 also brought an iBooks update and solved an annoying Apple Watch issue

Nate Swanner

Apple Music is the attention grabber this morning, but there was more to the iOS 8.4 update than just that. In addition to Beats1 and streaming iTunes, there was an iBooks update as well as one key Apple Watch fix.

You can now browse, download and listen to audiobooks from iBooks, and play them from a refreshed Now Playing feature designed just for audiobooks.

To help with those who like to read on their iPhones, Apple made iBooks available for those devices as well.

If you’re anticipating a new book from a favorite author, you can also pre-order from within iBooks, and optionally hide any purchase afterward.

Also in the iOS 8.4 update is a fix for a specific line of Unicode characters causing devices to reboot. Apple patched a bug that prevented some GPS accessories from providing fixed location data, and solved the issue of Apple Watch apps reloading on the wearable once updated on the iPhone (finally!).