Google Is Giving Away Its Best Tools for Managers Absolutely Free

Jessica Stillman

Put Google's insights about what makes a great manager to use without paying a penny.

When it comes to developing great managers, Google doesn't leave much to chance. The data-obsessed company famously spent years studying the attributes of effective managers for its Project Oxygen, determining that technical expertise was less importance than less sexy attributes like consistency, delegation, and basic human decency.

Now that they've determined what makes a great manager, what does Google do with that information?

Those hard won insights aren't sitting in a drawer gathering dust. Instead, the company has used them to develop a host of training and support documents to help newer managers learn the tricks of the trade, elicit great feedback, mentor colleagues, and run effective one-on-ones.

And here's the best part: those documents are available completely free online to anyone who might find them useful. Via of the company's HR-focused Re:Work blog, entrepreneurs and bosses can download the following:

Manager feedback survey [Google Forms survey] - Managers need actionable feedback to understand how they're doing and how they can develop. Use this sample Manager Feedback Survey from Google to gather developmental feedback for your managers.

New manager training course materials [slides, facilitator guide, and student workbook] - Learning to manage other people does not necessarily come naturally when someone becomes a manager. Management is a set of skills that can be taught. Review Google's new manager training materials and adapt them to your organization's culture and needs.

Career conversation worksheet [document] - Google encourages managers to have regular, dedicated career conversations with employees. Help your managers structure these conversations with this simple conversation framework.

"One Simple Thing" worksheet [document] - Google's best managers show care for their teams not just professionally but personally as well. Managers can use this popular goal-setting practice to openly discuss non-work goals with team members.

1:1 meeting agenda template [document] - Frequent meetings with individual team members give managers a regular opportunity to provide feedback and guidance. This meeting agenda template can help your managers hold effective 1:1 ("one-on-one") meetings.

The generous data dump is part of the company's ongoing efforts to share its knowledge with the world. (Previously it's also released a treasure trove of tools for better hiring). Don't let the company's generosity go to waste -- test these tools out and see if they can help your managers support your people to do their best work possible.